How To Make A Website? 3 Different Ways Showed With Step By Step For Beginners. Choose The One You Liked [2020]

Do you ever wonder how to make a website yourself completely? how to create, run, grow, make money or doing business from your website yourself? I think It is easier than you think..!

After reading this page, you are eligible to make a business website, Musician site, photography site, Portfolio, Hotel, event, institution, social network, selling goods, services, or digital products online, or any general-purpose websites..!

Everyone tries to work hard, but today’s advanced tools made everything easy. Only smart people checks.

Most of the people think hard work is the key to success because they use difficult tutorials or WRONG methods for their personality. If you already read a few tutorials, then I am damn sure that your status is now “confused”. Because most of the website creation courses or guides explain only one way & they slightly different from each other with no clues at the end.  But we know all methods & divided into 3 main categories. In this tutorial, We explained  3 completely different methods of building your own website Yourself. So That You Can Grab The Best Method Fit For You..! You Can Build Almost All Types Of Websites Even You Are a Duck..!

Keep Calm. Read all methods slowly. Because once you know, it will help you forever in your life. Creating websites is very important in these days. You will face many situations to build a website. So, I don’t think you are wasting your time.

Read twice all 3 method’s pros & cons. So that you will know Which one is the best method for you. Know which one is easy for your level of skill & knowledge or which method suit your goal or concept.

Once you read this page completely, you will able to make the decision on when to use which method & when NOT to use this or that method?

Most of the webmasters teach the method suited for him & not for you.
Those ways may not suit your level of skill. Few ways may not able to fulfill all your requirements.
In some ways, You can’t make a website according to Your dreams and imaginations

But here you will get everything. You will get the total sense & taste of website creation.

Take a deep breath & Let’s start to know one by one method with its pros & cons. First Method is the most popular in the world.

The 3 Methods To Make Your Own Website Yourself

(Choose The One Method You  Liked)

  1. Content Management Systems (CMS)(Most Popular & Recommended)  – Just 3 days needed learn even you are a duck. You can do almost anything. No coding Skill Required.  E.g. WordPress (Not
  2. Website Builders – The easiest one, 30 minute is enough to build a website. You can create all common types of sites. E.g. Wix
  3. Coding – 2-3 years to learn. E.g. PHP

Let’s see a quick intro of those 3 methods, There is no difference in the outcome or end website. They all existed for different specific purposes. So choose the one method you liked.

  1. The first method is so advanced You can do almost anything you imagine..! No coding skill required. You can learn, create, publish, run, manage & promote your website within 2-3 days.
  2. The 2nd method is too easy. You can make a website within  50 minutes. It is Quick & Easy. No Skill required. Easier than photoshop. But it is not as advanced than the first one.
  3. The last method is coding..! You need to learn web programs & it takes at least 1 year. or you need to hire web developer (Oh..! wait, even web developers use the 1st & the 2nd method. Because those methods automatically generate the code on the backend & 99% of the time, the above 1st & 2nd methods SATISFY ALL YOUR NEEDS.)

Why This Post Special For You?

  1. These 4 ways are the best methods in the world. So you no need to worry about the end-website & technical aspects.
  2. From Easiest to tough methods are explained. So any one of the methods will fit your level of skill. So No Hard Work.
  3. World's Total % Of Websites Created Using 1 & 2 Methods - 98%
     that is more than 2 Billion Websites Already Created Using the 1st & 2nd Methods..! So you no need to worry about Reputation or Trustworthiness.
  4. I explained step by step with no step skipped. So No Confusion.
  5. If you got any problem, you can comment below & get a response within 24 hours directly from the Author or send your problem to the contact page. If you want to contact me, you can send to my personal email So No Fear.
Method – 1

Content Management System or CMSs are the most popular as well as the best website creation method. CMS can be a software or web application or a small tool. There are 1000’s of CMS’s available..!

The most popular CMSs are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. But don’t try all of them & waste your time.

WordPress (Not is the only CMS that can fulfill all your needs.

Visit SiteGround – WordPress
(This Is 60% OFF Link)

It is NOT Never Ever Go For It. Because included only 100+ themes & 50+ plugins. But the Open Source Self Hosted WordPress (Bluehost-WordPress) included 70,000+ Plugins..! For FREE!, 60,000+ Themes..! For FREE! + Uncountable Millions of plugin/templates/themes/apps from third-party marketplace + Growing..!

How Windows operating system outperformed all 1000’s of operating systems & How Google is the only King in search engines, in the same way, WordPress is the King In the Website Creation & it holds 61% of the market share. It is not IPO/ICO market share, because it is FREE..! It is an open-source website creation platform & In CMSs, 61% of the websites created using WordPress. & it is growing faster than ever before..!

WordPress is more powerful than website builders like Wix. Beginners think WordPress is only for blogging. But you can turn it into an easy drag & drop website builder more than Wix for FREE..!(I explained how to & everything in this post). You need just 3 days to learn everything. But once you learned, you can create almost any type of website..! It is not a joke. Now you are in 2021 dude..! Today’s advanced software made it true. There is no difference between coded by hand & WordPress in the end website result. It just auto-generates codes on the back end. Front-end you just add any web elements just by clicking on the icon.  Here you no need any coding or program knowledge.

You can create a WordPress website using Bluehost WordPress Hosting. SiteGround already inbuilt WordPress and made special hosting, particularly for WordPress. (Below Explained its step by step with screenshot + video. But before let’s see why WordPress?)

Why WordPress?


  1. -Usage Stats For All Website Existed Or Created In The World
    WordPress Alone - 39%..!!!
    All CMSs -66%
    All Site Builders-32%
    Usage Stats For CMS
    WordPress - 61%
    Rest Of The CMSs
        39% of all websites created in the world is created using WordPress & 66% Of all of CMS websites in the world are created using WordPress..!  Rest of the 1000’s of site builder sharing the remianing part…! E.g.  Wix- 3%, Weebly – 1%  & others percentage even below 1%. So WordPress is the only one King in website creation method or platform or software or industry.
  2. It is easy to use & included a lot of functions
  3. + Plugins,
    + Themes..! + Uncountable Millions of plugin/templates/themes/apps from third party market place + Growing..! 
     & more functions with huge free support tutorials, forums, FAQ’s.
  4. Once you learned how to use WordPress, then you can try any other CMSs.   (aah..! But you don’t need)
  5. You Can Turn WordPress Into Drag & Drop Website Builder More Powerful & Easier Than Wix In 5 Minutes..! (See “How To” In The Step 5)
  6. Even Big Brands like Microsoft News Center, Walt Disney Entire Website, Facebook Newsroom, Star War blog Harvard Gezzet Online, & all the following entire websites created using the WordPress – Mercedes Benz, Time INC, Tech Crunch, Bata, The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, & Celebrities like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Usain Bolt and almost all popular entire websites created using the same method..!
  7. Obcourse, This entire site is created using the WordPress.

Okay.. Let’s see how to build a website using wordpress in n hour without knowing anything..! & almost free..!

How To Make a Website Using WordPress? (No Step Skipped)

Now you are in

Method – 1:- Using WordPress (NOT

Visit SiteGround- WordPress
(This Is 60% OFF Link)

WordPress is an open source website creation free tool. So only you pay hosting charges. You can make almost any type of website in 7 steps under 1 hour even you are a duck..!

the 7 steps included purchasing a hosting plan, creating WordPress website, putting it into online, Getting On Google search, Getting more visitors etc. Here is a complete guide to making a WordPress website From the beginning to the end step by step with no step skipped for beginners.

Here Is The 7 Steps Outline

  • Step 1: Sign Up For a Good WordPress Hosting (SiteGround WordPress Hosting)  & Register a Domain Name.(2 minutes)
  • Step 2: Install WordPress. (One Click Is Enough..!) (5 Seconds)
  • Step  3: Fill Your Website Details. (1 Minute)
  • Step 4: Create Pages and Blogs. (depends on how much you write. Just 1 minute is enough to create & publish pages or blogs)
  • Step 5: Get a Drag & Drop Editor. Turning The Basic Editor Into Amazing Drag & Drop Website Builder More Powerful & Easier Than Wix.  (Appx. 5 Minutes)
  • Step 6:Install Themes from 50,000+ Collection. And Install Ready Made Web Functions (Plugins) From  60,000+ collection ..! (Within Plugins a lot of web function collection there.. Literally anything you imagine, you can do in a minute & a few clicks are enough..!) (Appx. 15 minutes)
  • Step 7: Get On Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. (In The Next Tutorial I explained how to get more visitors easily & quickly without using any illegal ways)

STEP 1: Sign Up For a Good Hosting

Time Required: 2 Minutes.

You need a hosting account with WordPress. I recommend SiteGround WordPress Hosting. 

(Some people recommend A2 WordPress Hosting or Bluehost. Those are also good hosting. But we already tried & tested. In 2020, SiteGround outperforming all other hostings in every sense like speed, support, technology etc.)

In this example, I took the SiteGround company. Because it is the best company right now & they provide unlimited free WordPress support with rated 4.8 stars & 99% customer satisfaction.

Go to SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Don’t Confuse. Just Click On The Above Link. Never Ever Go For Why I am Saying Again & Again because There Is a Big Difference.

In SiteGround, You Will Get The Open Source WordPress & It included 60,000+ plugins and 50,000+ themes for different purposes…! 90% of them are FREE..! But in, you will get nearly 50 plugins and 100+ themes & its plans are too costly. So Don’t Confuse. Just Click This Link –  SiteGround WordPress Hosting (You will get 60% OFF from this link)

You will see a hosting plans page. You no need to understand all the plan terms on this page.  Just concentrate on the number of visitors & space.

Note: You don’t need too much space. 10 GB space is more than enough. (Over the past 4 years I posted 100’s of tutorials on this site. Still, My entire site is 1.2GB including photos & everything. ..!) 

Choose startup Hosting plans to create your own website
Hosting plans to create a website

Order Start-Up Plan. If you feel, your website will get more than 10,000 visits/month, then choose the middle one plan or 3rd plan. If you want your website to load faster than the normal, then choose the 3rd one GoGeek plan. Don’t worry, you can upgrade or downgrade from any plan to any plan at any time without losing the remaining credit or money.

Once clicked on the Order button, you will see, enter your domain name field.

type your website domain name
choose your website domain name

Type what name you want to give your website. This name is called the domain name or your website URL. You no need to choose .com  for the last extension. In olden days, only .com .org & .net were available. That’s why most of the website ends with .com, but Nowadays 100’s of domain extensions are available like .club, .company, .agency, .photos etc. For example, you can take your website name as instead of

Remember – Most of the times your typed domain name may not available. (Because someone already took that) Then it will show available domains, You can choose the best that fits your website.

Here is an example. One of my clients needed a website for his hotel. His hotel name was Taj. He wanted  I typed to register the domain name.

different domain name to find the available one
different domain name to find the available one

After clicking the proceed button

unavailable domain name example choose alternative
unavailable domain name example was not available. That means someone already registered this domain name. So I can’t register now. But I don’t worried. Because I see alternative similar names like, .biz, .us etc. If you need more domain names, click on .com drop down.

My client liked, Because of his hotel located in the USA. He also liked He thought it will fit his website. Finally, he chose

you can choose different top-level domain extension other than dot com,
you can choose different top-level domain extension other than com

After selected.

proceed to register the domain name you selected
proceed to register the domain

Click Proceed. You will see this page if the domain name is available.

Domain name is available, so you can register it now.
Domain name is available

Yes. was available. If you want .com only, Then I suggest you put “the” word. That is

available domain name showing registration form
available domain name example

Yes..! is available.

Here is another example

different domain extension example
different domain extension example

I also took a screenshot when I was registering my site Here is it’s screenshot.

(At the time I was registering, the address fields appeared very first, but now email fields appears first)

Enter your details for your hosting account order confirmation
Enter your details for your hosting
  Note: If you really really wanted .com name only, then here is a tool to find it. Go to Lean domain search.  Type the words you want to include in your domain. Then it will show you available .com domain name & don’t register there. comeback & register on SiteGround

After you created your domain name, you will ask to fill your information, password & billing details. Once you created the password, Write it down. Because it is needed to log in & create your website.

Just deselect domain privacy & hack alert monitoring. It is unnecessary. (If you want, you can get it at any time)

Purchase the hosting plan to build your website
get website hosting

Once you fill out the form, click on pay now. Once the transaction completed, it shows this message.

Order successfully submitted message after you paid
Order successfully submitted message

You will see Order successfully submitted message after you paid.

After go to your email & see order confirmation, receipt & admin login information.

website hosting customer details on the email
website hosting customer details

You will see SiteGround Email with all details. Click login to your customer area link.

Once you clicked, you will see a login form.

login to your web hosting to create your own website
login to your web hosting

Type the username that you got on your email

Type the password that you created when you are filling your details on submitting the payment form. Click Sign In. 

If you can’t sign in, you can take SiteGround help. Because now you are SiteGround Customer..!! & you have the email proof.

STEP 2: Install WordPress

Time Required – 2 Minutes.

Once you logged in, you will see start with a new website. Select it & click Proceed. Once you click on Proceed button, you will see This page.

Select wordpress. It is easy to make social network website. Then click proceed
Select wordpress. It is easy to make wordpress website

Select personal or forum or any option, It doesn’t matter. But in the second option, “Do you know which software you are going to use?”- Here you should Select WordPress. Then click proceed. You will see 10WordPress premium themes for free.

select any wordpress theme, later you can change it.
select any WordPress theme

Select Any theme. Don’t worry, you can change it later at any time without losing your previous work, content & everything.

(After you can install any 50,000+ themes or templates, but at the beginning, you see only 10 themes, So that you will not get confused)

Next, you will see WordPress admin username & password with login URL. (I hid with the dark mark)

Your website admin username & password. Login using this info
Your website admin username & password

Copy the login URL & paste into your browser. Then You will see this page. Enter the username & password that you just got.

Login to your wordpress website using given username & password
Login to your WordPress website

Once you log in, you will see this dashboard.

The very first thing you need to do is delete default blog post example & unnecessary pre-installed plugins.

click plugins from the left dark menu
click plugins from the left menu

Click plugins. Deactivate or delete plugins. Because by default unnecessary example plugins pre-installed for demo purposes Those plugins make you confuse at the beginning and load your website slow. Don’t worry. If you feel, you need deleted plugins, then anytime you can install & activate for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

You will see pre installed unnecessary plugins. Delete it
delete unnecessary plugins.

Once you clicked on the delete option, browser popups & ask you “Are you sure want to delete the plugin & its data?”

Click ok

click yes to delete the plugin
click yes to delete the plugin

Next, go to posts menu & hover on the post already published..! SiteGround will automatically post for demo purposes. You don’t need it. They gave some resources like WordPress tutorials.

If you are curious, then Read & delete as soon as possible, otherwise, it will index on Google from your website. It makes the wrong presentation of your website.

trash the default post, because it is not your blog post and unrelated to your website content
trash the default post

STEP 3: Filling Your Website Details

Time Required – 1 Minute.

Now Let’s Start To Build Your Website.

Go To Appearance – Customize

Hover on appearance & click customize to fill your website details
Hover over appearance & click customize

Click Site Identity

click site identity
click site identity

Fill your site title & tagline. So that Google will show your website properly in its search results.

Fill your site title & tagline or upload logo
Fill your site title & tagline

STEP 4: Create Pages & Blogs

Time Required – 3 Minutes. (Depends on how much you write).

Now I recommend post at least 2 blogs. It may be anything. Just write you created your website today or any tiny topic related to your website. In this example, I am creating a Website for a Juice delivery online company called Healthy Juice Me ( So I asked them to post blogs related to healthy juices. But they are not confident about their blog standard. So I hired a freelance writer & got 2 blogs with 2000+ words.

Before you post, I suggest you set post URL or web address structure as post name. So that it looks simple and easy.

Go To Setting -> Permalink

change web page url structure as simple and easy
change web page url structure

Then select Post name & Save.

set page url structure as post name
set page url structure as post name

Now post your first blog.

Go to Posts – Add New

add a new blog post
add a new blog post

Then you see this empty blog template field. Write your blog title and write the description below.

a empty blog field
an empty blog field

After I filled the blog content.

a blog example, publish it
a blog example

You can click add media button to insert photos on the blog.

click add media to insert on the blog
click add media to insert on the blog
Attention: Everyone Must know this note

No website builder or CMSs optimize images for the web. (i.e Decreasing the file size without reducing the quality of the photo. So that web pages load faster and user satisfaction, click pages & spending quality time will increases. Bounce rate will decreases. So more conversion. These all things helps to boost the Google rank. Even you zoom, you see the same quality after the lossless optimization. In fact, it will remove unnecessary generated data & repeated data combination on the photo) Image quality, clarity, dimension & data size are completely Unrelated ..!

Many people think the more those 4 factor, then the more image looks good. But it is a Myth. Optimized Images look better than the photo that has higher factors of those 4. So you should optimize photos before you upload it to the website. We reviewed 100’s of tool to optimize images without losing the quality like TinyPNG, ImageOptin etc. & tested 100’s plugins like Kraken, EWWW, wp smushit etc

But almost all tools reduces the quality. Finally, we found a tool, that passed all our & photographer’s requirements. That best tool is surprisingly FREE..!!. & Unlimited..! Do you want to know what it is? The answer is Facebook..!! Yes. Create a separate Facebook account or make privacy only you, then Upload images to Facebook & download it…! Yup. The downloaded images perfectly optimized for the web without losing the quality.
(Note:- Before upload,  resize the image if you want. But NEVER resize after downloading it from the Facebook or any optimization tool. Because most of the resize tool increases the size & the optimization get destroy after resizing. But you can drag-drop, decrease & increase image length inside the editor.)
If you want to know more about it, then you should check out this guide -> How To Optimize Images For Web? (92%, But lossless & 4 FREE Ways) 

Next, you will see select files. Select related images from your desktop.

add media on the web page
add media to the page

Here I posted healthy green juices, So I inserted its related images.

insert photos to the page
insert photos to the page

Click insert into post. After the image gets inserted on where your mouse cursor is.

blog with image
blog with image

You can also create pages similar way.

Go to Pages – Add new. (Create at least 2 pages)

First, create a Blank page just like the below screenshot & publish it. Then you must & should create another blank page & name it “blog”.

(If you don’t publish at least 2 pages, then the homepage cannot be created. So you must publish 2 pages)

publish a blank home page
publish a home page

Then Create another blank page, name it as “blog” & publish it. Then you can also create essential pages like contact page, about page, privacy policy etc. Just write title & publish as a blank.

Next,  again you need to go to Appearance – Customize – Homepage Setting

click homepage setting option
homepage setting

Next, you will see your homepage displays option. Select a static page.

home page and post page setting
home page and post page setting

Next, come back to pages. You will see post page & front page labels. Because you just selected front page & post page on the homepage setting.

essential web pages
essential web pages

Now whatever you edit on the home or front page, appear on your website home.

Ok. Now Let’s create a homepage.

But..   Wait..! This blog & page Editor Is Boring Right? It is Too Simple with MS-Word like the text editor with bold, italic and only a few options. Oh.. !This is a website. You need a lot of web functions
Don’t worry. You Can turn This simple basic boring editor into east drag & drop website builder with lots of function in just 1 Minute…! Read Step 5 Below

STEP 5: Use Drag & Drop Website Builder

Time Required – 10 Minutes to learn, after that it depends on how you build. Generally 15 Minutes enough to create an amazing web page.

You can Install many website builders on Site Creation platform & turn it into easy drag and drop site builder more than Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc put together..!

One of the best free site builder plugin is Elementor.

Go to Elementor

Then download the plugin. & It is FREE…!!! (Do you want more options, more drag & drop web ready-made functions? Then you should download its premium version plugin – Elementor Pro)

For more info:  See Elementor 100’s Of Features

download free wordpress website builder plugin elementor
download free wordpress website builder plugin

Next a popup will show you to submit your email & download. BUT DON’t Give your email. Just click below option “No thanks, I just want to download elementor” Once you clicked, then automatically it starts to download.

download wordpress free website builder plugin
download wordpress website builder plugin

Its size is just 2 MB. It will be in Zip file. But don’t extract. After the download, go to plugins – add new

add a new plugin
add a new plugin

next click upload plugin

upload plugin
upload plugin

Next, you will see choose file. Click Choose file, then select element zip file that you just downloaded. Then click install.

upload wordpress web site builder plugin
upload wordpress web site builder plugin

It takes some time to upload & install. Once it is installed, you will see activate button. Click Activate.

activate wordpress website builder plugin
activate wordpress website builder plugin

Once it is activated, go to pages & hover on the front page. Then you will see Edit option. click Edit.

edit website homepage
edit homepage

Then you will see again the same boring editor, but you also see one new option – “Edit with Elementor”

Click “Edit with Elementor”  to get an easy drag and drop web editor with lots of ready-made web functions & templates for FREE.

click edit with wordpress website page builder elementor to get drag and drop web editor
click edit with elementor

It takes some time to load.

Then click the setting icon.

click setting icon
click setting

Click Page layout – Elementor Canvas

click elementor canvas to make a blank web page
click elementor canvas

After you selected Elementor Canvas Page layout, update it. A blank web page will create and default pre-loaded contents & everything will be removed. Next, you can create anything with your imaginations.

start building your website using site builder wordpress plugin
Start creating your homepage

Drag & drop elements from the left menu to right page editor.

website builder editor
website builder editor

You should update whenever you made changes. If you close your browser without the update, then your work will delete.

You can install pre-designed pages by clicking add template

install pre-designed web pages
install pre-designed web pages

After you can edit the pre-designed pages as your wish. You can change or add or delete anything.

Watch this video for full

See Healthy Juice Me website’s  Final homepage

website final home page
healthy juice me website’s final homepage

If you want more features, then you can buy Ultimate Addons for Elementor  (bundled premium ready-made features)

STEP 6: Install Themes & Plugins

Time Required – 5 Minutes

(Oh..! How 5 minutes Enough.??!! Because You need to search on 50,000+ themes & 60,000+ plugin Collections, right?  No..! We already listed Important & the most useful plugins list with category-wise. or You can Google it whatever you want. For example, if you want a photography website, just search on Google “photography themes or plugin for WordPress”  or “Music themes or Plugin for WordPress”You will find a lot of related plugins.)

You can add various plugins for different purposes.

Go to plugins- Add New

type which function you want to add in your website. for example, if you are a photographer, then you need photography related web functions.

install photography plugins
install photography plugins

Or search in Google

you can also search photography plugins on Google
search photography plugins

Here is another example.

different plugins example a booking system
different plugins example

If you want to change your website main theme or structure or template, then you should install different themes. Don’t worry. Your all previous contents, pages, blogs, work & everything will automatically set to the new theme. So you no need to worry about your website.

Go to Appearance – Add New

add new theme
add a new theme

You will see unlimited free themes. install or preview before installing it.

see different website templates or themes, preview or install
see different themes

STEP 7: Get On Google, Bing Yahoo etc.


Just wait…!!

Google and all other search engines are evolved so advanced, you no need to submit your website..! They will automatically crawl your website. But it takes some time.

Whenever new pages and posts published, slowly it will get index. It takes more than a week for new websites. Once your website started to receive traffic, then your small changes will also get index quickly like within a day or  if your website is a news site, then you can use submit to google index button plugin. It will automatically ping Google whenever a new post/page published.

In general, You no need to do anything.

Yes. you are done…!  now your website is available online. Sometimes Google takes at least 2-3 weeks to show in its search results. You can share your website link with your friends.

See all options available on the dashboard. You will understand slowly. If you don’t understand, then search for tutorials. there are 100’s of FREE tutorials, videos available. You can master WordPress without any previous knowledge. If you got any problem, comment below & get a response within 24 hours.

Note: If you want to make a photography website, then we made a very deep & step by step tutorial particularly for photographers. If you are a Photographer, then you must check out -> How To Make A Photography Website, Portfolio, Photo Blog & Everything In 2020 (You can also create using this page method. In this page, we explained general purpose websites. However, if you want to create really a great photography website, then check out this tutorial. Everything is similar to this page tutorial, But we added many photography features & functions tutorial with automated photo frame, canvas or any prints on things online store & much more exciting latest photography business things)

Here is some great easy tutorial, I wish you should checkout –

I recommend The Above Method 1: SiteGround-WordPress . If you liked that method, do it now, But if your goal is just a quick website and you don’t have at least 1 week to learn & build it, then only Go for Method 2 Below.

Method – 2

Website builders are advanced applications to make websites easily without any knowledge. There are 1000’s of website builders available. Using site builders, any school kid or your eldest grandmother can create their own website using easy ready-made web functions. You can add, drag & drop any web elements. It is easier than photoshop. You can connect different apps to your website & almost any type of website you can create yourself.

we created, analyzed & reviewed almost all website builders. Finally made a top 10 list. See best 10 website builder reviews 2020

Wix is the only one website builder that has all the latest web functions with an easy interface and A.I. automated site creation for you just in front of you..!  Surprisingly its prices are affordable..! Even you can try & build completely free..!

See Below Step by step to make a website yourself using Wix in 10 minutes.

How To Make a Website With Wix?

Visit Wix & Try For Free!

You want to build a website yourself,  but you have no time, right? And also you want to make your website as your imagination and amazing. Then Wix is the best solution for you.

Wix included much-advanced drag and drop tools and software. Also, It is a standard method. Using this method already 100+ million websites are created.

STEP 1: Create An Account

Required Time:-30 → 40 Seconds

Create an account in Wix

Once you clicked the above link, It will carry you the best service, instead of hundreds of confusing services & you will see this page. See below screenshot.

Wix homepage

Click on Start Now Button.

  1. Sign Up box will pop up.
  2. Enter your email and enter a strong password. You can also sign in with facebook or google plus.
  3. Click go.
  4. It shows again enter the same email & the password to confirm.
  5. Type again the same email & the same password to Confirm it.
  6. Then you will see two option. Create You Website With Wix ADI Or Editor. Click on Start with Wix Editor. (You can also click on Wix ADI, But you may get confused if you don’t know the editor.)
    choose a method to make your website
    choose a method to make your website

STEP 2: Select Which Type Of Website You Want?

Time Required:-2 → 3 Minutes 

Once you clicked on Wix editor,  you will is this page.

What Kind Of Website Do You Want To Create?
What Kind Of Website Do You Want To Create?
  1. Just Select, What kind of website you want.
  2. If you want to build a website for your hotel, then click Restaurants.
  3. If you want a website for your business, select the business option
  4. If you want to sell something on your website, you No need to Select online store, because you can add the online store to any website. If you want only to sell items, then only click Online store.
  5. If you don’t know, what to select, just select “Other” option. Because you can add anything or change completely at any time.

Visit Wix & Try For Free!

In this example, I clicked on design option. Once clicked, you will see this page.

Get Started To Build, Design & Stunning Websites in wix
Get Started To Build, Design & Stunning Websites in wix

Click Get Started. Next, you will see this page.

Pick the design template you love
Pick the design template you love
  1. This is website template collection page.
  2. Here you can select any website template or design.
  3. You can navigate one category (E.g.-Design) to another category (E.g.-Business) at any time.
  4. Within a category again sub-categories and Every Sub-category loaded with different templates for different purposes.
  5. Definitely, you can find the one you want.
  6. If you can’t find any of the templates you want, Select the blank template. You can build anything you want using drag & drop functions. or just select a template randomly & you can change it.
  7. You no need to learn anything here.
  8. I selected the advisor consultant template. Once you hover over the template, It shows two options. click View to see its demo. Click edit to build your own website. See screenshot.
    Click edit to make your own website in wix
    Click edit to make your own website in Wix

    Once you clicked on Edit option, It will load website editor.

It takes some time. Wait Until Loading is completed.

Once Loading is completed you will see website editor.

STEP 3: Enter To The Site Editor

Time Required:- 4 → 30 Minutes (According to your needs)

This is Website Editor Platform for my template advisor consultant.

Build Your Own Website using Ready-Made Drag & Drop Functions

Wix Website Editor Example
Wix Website Editor Example
  1. Click on the text ⇒ Delete the old text ⇒ Edit the text you want.
  2. Click on the text ⇒ Right click ⇒ You will see all options like edit text, Animate, Overlapping items and more. See this screenshot.
    Right Click-All Editing Options
    Right Click-All Editing Options.

    Click On Add Button that I rounded with red mark at the top left corner.

    Add funtions to your web page
    Add functions to your web page
  3. You can add any functionality. Example texts,  gallery, buttons, box, strip, video, Online store, Music, social, blog and hundred more. See This screenshot.
    All Functions tab
    All Functions tab

    Just clicking on button icon is enough to add buttons to your website.

    How to build a website and creating buttons
    How to build a website and creating buttons
  4. Click on More (at the end) and see hundred more amazing functions.
  5. You no need to learn anything.
  6. Just click which function you want.
  7. This will add to your webpage automatically
  8. Then you can Drag & Drop to change its position.
  9. Within all functions Hundreds of different types available & Every type you can make thousands of customization..!!
  10. You no need to worry about anything. Here you will get everything, Your work will be crazy something & the surprising thing is you can make anything with nothing.
  11. You can change or add any images.
  12. You can change the background with stunning designs. Here hundreds of wonderful background design collections will make you excited.
  13. You can also change the color of each design.
    Changing Page Background
    Changing Page Background

You can also add your own images. And you can change the color & designs of your own images. That is the really surprising function.

Visit Wix & Try For Free!

You Will Know The Real Taste Of Building a Website Is In the App Market..!

Click on app market icon (See just below plus icon on the top left vertical) Here You can find more than thousands of different apps made for different purposes.

Wix App Market
Wix App Market

You can also view these apps by category. So that you will get the right apps quickly.

Wix App Market Categories
Wix App Market Categories

The power of adding apps is just amazing. You can make the website like a professional web designer…!

Once you are done, you need to publish your website. You no need to Make everything at first. Publish first. Then you can edit & make any changes at any time. I highly recommend you to publish first, because Once you published Google will get a smell of your website. So Google will index your website quickly. No one can make everything at once. Slowly you will learn how to design beautifully.

STEP 4: Publish Your Website

Once you make something on your web page, you should either save or publish your site. Otherwise, your work will discard..!!

Don’t worry.  Publish means to make your site publicly accessible. No one will get your website at the beginning. Google always index slowly for newer sites.

  1. It needs at least 1 month to make all your web pages into its index.
  2. If your website shared by many people & linked on many sites like news channels or any trusted website, then you must have something good information on your website. So Google gives more importance to your website pages.
  3. Remember, Website age is not the only factor to get higher ranks in Google, but Google considers website age also as one of the factors to give a higher index to your site. So, publish your website first.

Google always index slowly to avoid spam or untrustful websites.

So Publish Now Your Website, before it is too late or before your competitors take your position.

At the beginning you may make several mistakes, that doesn’t matter.

Click Publish button that is in the Top Right Corner that I showed with red arrows. 

Publish Your Website
Publish Your Website

Once you clicked on publish button, you will see this box.

Upgrade Your Website
Upgrade Your Website

Click Upgrade Now, That I showed with a red arrow.

Once you clicked on Upgrade Now Link, you will see this page.

Get Hosting To Your Website
Get Hosting To Your Website

I recommend you to buy the Unlimited plan.

Click on buy now. Fill out the details of your card information.

Click Submit purchase to get your hosting.

Submit Purchase To get hosting & a Free domain name
Submit Purchase To get hosting & a Free domain name

Once you submitted purchase, you will get all the information to your email (The Email that you used to create your account at the beginning)

Read twice your email. click the link that is given in the email.

STEP 5: Get a Domain Name

Next, you will see to get your domain name for completely free. (Usually, domain name costs around $12-$15/year)

Buy a new domain name for free
Buy a new domain name for free
  1. Once you clicked on “Buy a New Domain” You will see a search bar like Google search.
  2. There you just type, which name you want to give your website.
  3. Most of the time, you may see the domain name is not available.
  4. Because someone who already registered that domain name.
  5. Domain name is your website home page URL or your website address. Example:-,, No need to take .com only. there are many wonderful domain exstensions available other than .com. E.g,,,,,,,,  etc.
  6. See below screenshot to see an example of an unavailable domain name
Unavailable domain name example
Unavailable domain name example

In the above photo, is not available, but is available.

Today not only .com extension exists, but also, thousands of different types of extensions are available. I suggest you give first preference to .com. If .com is not available, then try to different names. Most of the times you can’t get .com, then go for other domain extensions like .net, .in, .company. But .company is for particularly, if your website is related to a company, otherwise don’t get the .company extension. At the beginning of the internet boom, only .com, .net & .in are available. But today you can 100’s of different top level domains. Example .org, .club, .london,,, .photo, .xyz, .agency etc..! that means you can get instead of

Here I bought domain name.

Available Domain Name Example
Available Domain Name Example

Once you find the name of your website, Click “Get it” button.

Get Your domain name
Get Your domain name

If .com not available, then get any suggested domain extension you liked. In this example I selected

Wix different domain extension dot design
Wix different domain extension

Now Your Website Complete Setup is Finished…!! 😆  🙂 

Share your website with your friends & Enjoy.

Visit Wix & Try For Free!

You can edit, customize or delete at any time.

Now You made a website without knowing anything about it..!!! Before reading this, you are a duck about building a website. Now you got the Luck to build stunning websites as your imaginations. That is Duck To Luck.

All The Best. 🙂

If you have any doubts or problems, you can comment below or take free help.

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Method – 3




Coding is tough and website builder is the easiest one, then why still teachers & companies are shouting coding are very important? Is Web designers, website developers, Software Engineers, and Programmers are using this method?

Remember: Coding only needed for advanced projects those never exist before.
All methods are using different types of people for different purposes with different requirements & ideas.  But if you track the user database of all web creation platforms, then you will understand which type of people are using which platform.

99.7% of the websites are created by website builders & CMS. That is without coding..!! But to create website builder itself needs codes. I think, now you understand who really needs the code.

Even software engineers use website builders & CMS. They use codes if and only if something can’t create with those site builders & CMS.
In this method,  you need your 2 years hard work. You need to learn web programming like HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, PHP.

Take a diploma in web design or courses. If you are good at math, then try to get a seat for software engineering colleges. If your goal is only to building websites, then first learn the following programming languages

  • HTML-5 (2 months)
  • CSS (1 month)
  • JavaScript (Generally 4 months but Depends on how you good at mathematics)
  • JQERY (1 month)
  • BootStrap (1 month)
  • MySQL (1 month)
  • PHP (1 month)
  • ASP (1 month)
  • Node.JS (1 month)
  • XML (1 month)

After you learned everything, you can develop a website. But even you learned thoroughly you cannot create advanced websites alone. It takes to write & debug code to code using your biological hand & it will slow down the process. So Every category people are using CMSs & website builders.
College students, Graduates, Non-college students everybody use easy ways.
In places like Home, Work, Office everywhere easy methods are famous.

Conclusion:– No one uses the coding method to make a website unless that function is not available. 99.99% of the time the functions you want is available. Even it is not available, you can customize by inserting a small code snippet by taking help of web developers.

Overall SiteGround-WordPress is Better for creating an advanced website & If you are ready to learn a week

Wix is best for a quick & easy website.

All the best for your first website. If you got any doubts, then comment below or directly contact us. We will happy to help you for free.  If this tutorial helped you, then send me your website link. I will happy to check whether you did any mistakes or not.

Good Luck.

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