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10 Best Website Builders Of 2021
Review With Ultimate Comparison Chart

We have tried 100’s of website builders, purchased all premium plans &  reviewed things such as features, ease of use, hosting, templates, editor, support, domain setting, website ownership, and technical aspects. Then we compared & analyzed. Finally made the list of the top website builders. So you don’t have to waste your time, money & energy. Here, we revealed the final winners according to your needs, pros & cons, and the best website builders comparison chart & table (compared side by side).

The Best Website Builders Are:

  1. Wix – Best For All. Easiest Drag & Drop Website Builder
  2. Squarespace – Best For Photographers with cheapest eCommerce Plan.
  3. WordPress – Best For Bloggers & Web Designers
  4. WebFlow  – Best Site Building Platform For Web Developers & Agencies
  5. Weebly – Great Structural Website Builder
  6. Shopify – Best eCommerce Website Builder
  7. Simbla – New Website Builder,  Still developing, Easy But Poor Support
  8. Jimdo – Good website builder, but a confusing editor.
  9. GoDaddy Website Builder – Basic Website Builder


Let’s See The Top 7 Website Builders Side By Side Comparison Chart 2020 

 So That You Can Easily Grasp All At Once. It Will Help You To Make a Better Decision

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Website Builder
Our Rating

Wix Review
4/5 (It is a bit difficult. So, you must read
How-To Tutorial

Squarespace Review

Weebly Review

Jimdo Review

Simbla Review
1/5 GoDaddy Website Builder Review
Users Ratings
Rating: 4.9/5. From 649 votes.
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Rating: 4.0/5. From 422 votes.
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Rating: 3.5/5. From 76 votes.
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Rating: 3.5/5. From 122 votes.
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Rating: 2.3/5. From 159 votes.
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Rating: 2.9/5. From 19 votes.
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Rating: 1.6/5. From 84 votes.
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EasyEasiest -98% (Hover Here To See How?)Difficult (30%) (See How?)Medium (65%) (See How?)Easy (80%) (See How?) Easy (70%)Easy (85%) (See How?)Medium (45%)
It is Famous for Domain Registration & Not for Site Builder
Flexibility100% (See How?)Depend on how you learn.
Up to 100% (See How?)
60%60% (See How?)50%.40%.10%
Best ForSee Here...See here..PhotographersHover here..Nonesee here..None
Speciality.See Here...See here..The cheapest eCommerce planSimple and quicknone.see here..none
Websites Created200+ Million1+ Billion
30+ million60+ Million20+ million32kN/A
Founded Year &
Tel Aviv, Israel
(19 offices all over the world)
Decentralized. Its founder is based on San Francisco, USA
New York, USA
San Francisco, USA
Hamburg, Germany
Florida, USA
Scottsdale, USA
Employees3000May be millions around the world114335019524400 (For the website builder section)
7000 - For the other services
Market Value & Revenue
(In USD)
18 Billion &
1 Billion
Open Source & Distributed Revenue9 Billion &
621 Million
365 Million &
84 Million
N/A &
51 million
20 Million &
4 Million
N/A (From Website builders)
14 Billion &
3.32 Billion
1. Fully Smooth Friction-less Drag & Drop Live Editor With All Features Visible In One Screen
2. Quick Navigations
3. Manage Everything in one dashboard
4. A.I. will build the entire site in a minute according to your goal & likes..!
5. Great Support from real people as well as a huge resources & community discussions.
6. Easy App Settings & Marketing Tools
7. Elemental level undo-redo & you can restore for your every savings with one click..!
(You will know all advantages only after you learned or use it at least 2 weeks. See WordPress 10 minute Guide.)
A massive community support
1. Mobile perfect websites
2. Good Website Speed
3. No element level undo-redo
Not fully drag & drop.
Editor work is not comfortable
It is a new company & still developing its apps
Uncountable third party marketplace Plugins
14200+484A few

& relatively costly or affordable for the business.
(Affordable & Flexible)
$13 (Combo)
$17 (Unlimited)
$23 (eCommerce)
$39 (VIP)
$500 (Enterprise Level end to end solution)
$13 plan is enough to make a great website on Wix with almost all features as well as 100's of free apps for your website like a booking system, Automated chat support, Popup subscribe, discounts and 1000+ functions, Free domain registration & everything. Very cheap for its features compare to other website builders. See Wix Pricing

(Cheap hosting plans)
Monthly plans
$80 - $729 (Cloud Hosting)
You may need premium themes, plugins & site builders. Those prices are depend on your requirements.
(Cheapest eCommerce & Unlimited Plans)
Monthly Plans
Squarespace Pricing review – 3 Pros & 8 Cons [Choose Wisely]

Monthly Plans

There are many apps on Weebly app store. If you want more features, then you can add any web apps depend on your needs. Most of the apps are completely free or give you a free version. However if you want all features, then you may need to pay more.

Monthly Plans

Monthly Plans

Monthly Plans
Free Trial
Free Plan Forever
Money Back Guarantee14 Days30 Days14 Days30 Days14 Days14 Days30 Days
Design Functionalities
EditorTwo types of editor available.
1. Wix ADI - Block editor with A.I. designer.
2. 100% smooth drag & drop live editor.
You can switch from Wix ADI to smooth editor at any time without losing your work.
Depend on which plugin you use. See more info hereblocksblocksblocksblocksblocks
Design Freedom100%100% (But you should know this WordPress 10 minute Guide.)60%75%65%75%55%
Artificial Intelligence Auto Site Design
Wix ADI designs your website just infront of you..!!
Parallax Design
BackGround Effects
True Image Editor
Design Animations
Automatic Mobile Site (Responsiveness)
Mobile Editor.See More Info.No
Mobile friendly score100% ( If you use mobile editor and made unfriendly purposefully, then it will reduce)100% (But if you use the table like this, then the score will reduce)100% (But no 100% design flexibility)100% (But no 100% design flexibility)100% (But no 100% design flexibility)100% (But no 100% design flexibility)100% (But no 100% design flexibility)
Logo MakerNo
Video MakerNoNo
Premium Stock Images for Free
You can insert 1000s of amazing professional web optimized UHD images related from dogs to business.
One Click Entire website Design Structure Change?
ON-Site Features
Essential Features
Sell Your product & Online Store
Transaction Fees?0%
(100% profit is your..!)
It depend on what plugin you use.3% for the cheapest plan.
0% for all plans.
2.9%+$0.30 for Every Transaction.0%Varies.2.2%+$0.30 for every transaction
Worldwide Payment, Shipping & Tax
You can set customized Payment, tax and shipping rules for each destination.

Use WordPress Woocommerce plugin.
Advanced & Complete eCommerce Solution
Business Features
Restaurant Related Features No
Best Photography Website builder (With Pros & cons)

Visit Wix Photography
Complete Musician Website
20 Best Musicians & Band Websites & How They Created?
1.Wix Music Review
2. How To Make a Music Website On Wix?
3. Wix music features
4. Visit Wix Music
Blogging Features
Portfolio Features
Forums, discussions, comments & Knowledge base features
You can Embed external forum software like Website Toolbox

You can Embed external forum software like Website Toolbox

You can Embed external forum software like Website Toolbox
Events Related FeauresNo
Marketing Tools
All In One Business Solution
See Wix Complete Business Automation Example
Inbuilt Email Marketing Automationbasic level
But you can integrate Mailchimp like email marketing tools

But you can integrate Mailchimp like third party services
Same as jimdo
Complete Popup Box Marketing
See 1,2,3 Features

All Features included Plus advanced features available

All Features included Plus advanced features available

Only included a few features

All Features included Plus advanced features available
Countdown Timer & One Time Discount Coupons
Complete eCommerce Corporate level Marketing
Heatmap & User Interaction
Crazy Egg, VMO Wix app
There is no inbuilt feature or app. You need to inject codes to use external heatmaps Crazyegg, VMO etcsame as Squarespacesame as Squarespacesame as Squarespace
Complete Website Analytic Report, Google Analytics, Facebook PixelsSame as SquarespaceNo analytics. You can inject codes to use Google Analytics & FB PixelSame as Squarespace
Latest SEO Manager
& adding rich result like snippet, reviews etc

Inbuilt SEO Manager in the Wix Dashboard as well as several SEO Wix apps

Yoast Plugin
Live Chat Automated Replies
1. See Wix live chat example
2. Wix live chat, free calls, video calls, call back, marketing automaton apps
Social Marketing
Getsocial and so many plugins
No app or inbuilt functionalities. You need to inject codes to use Getsocial
Getscocial app
POWr plugin may help a little bitsame as Squarespacesame as Squarespace
Easy Inbuilt A/B Testing tools
A/B testing A.I. Tools that automatically change which one performs well.

No A/B testing. However you may rely on Google analytics, but it is not good compare to easy inbuilt tools. Also you don't get heatmap like important features.
Monetization or Ways to make money from your websiteAll available online income generating ways are possible with Wix.
You cab Sell Products, Services, Sell Digital Goods like Software, Music, eBooks, Graphics, Photos, Videos, Designs, Greeting cards etc.
Subscription & Recurring Payments to anything, Online courses, Host Webinars, Job Board, Ad Manager, Google Adsense, Accepting Donation.
Same as WixSame as WixSame as WixSame as Wix, but not as easy as WixPayment system is not matured hereSame as Wix, but you may find little difficulty.
Technical Stuff
Web Hosting1. SSD Cloud hosting & storage for all sites
2. Wix is powered by World's #1 Cloud hosting AWS
3. Wix CDN with so many locations all over the world. So Wix site loads faster in any given location
4. Quick Scalable & Unlimited bandwidth
1. SSD Storage. Cloud hosting available from $80/month plan only
2. Four servers across the continents
3. CloudFlare's Free CDN with premium Railgun for free on 108 locations
4. Auto Scalable only for higher cloud hosting plan
N/AN/A (Weebly does not disclose its hosting specifics. But we found it is using a shared hosting for all its sites.)N/AN/AHDD storage
Transfer Website
Use to transfer your website from Wix to WordPress
or use to transfer Wix to squarespace or Weebly or anywhere..!

You can't transfer WordPress website to Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc. However you can transfer one WordPress hosting to another.

You can use the same method as mentioned in Wix

You can use the same method as mentioned in Wix

You can use the same method as mentioned in Wix
Export/Import Website contents
Backup-Restore Website
Free SSL Security
Website Speed
(First Byte Time or Server Response Time In Seconds )
(Lower value is better)
(But the perceiving or total rendering speed is very slow)
Can You Write Your Own Code?
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Database builder at the same easy drag & drop page. Or you can use developers friendly Wix's open rapid web development platform Corvid Also you can use PHP, MySQL or any program you want by creating applications on Wix app market.
UL library, HTTP API, Stats Dashboard, Meetups, support and a huge community.

It is an open source software. So you write any program you want.
You can even host locally on your computer.

Only HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Same as Wix except Corvid like platform

Same as Squarespace

HTML, CSS, JavaScript & database builder.

Same as Squarespace
OFF - Site Functionalities
Domain Name
Wix domain more info

SiteGround domain more info

Squarespace domain more info.

Weebly domain more info
View More Info..

view more info..
Business Emails
Inbuilt G-Suit powered by Google cloud.
or you can use Zoho mail.
(One click, FREE & Unlimited, but it is not good as Google's G-suit. However you can purchase G-suit & connect to your domain. or use Zoho mail
Use G-suit or Zoho

Use G-suit or Zoho
(For additional $10/10 emails from Rackspace)No
Use G-suit or Zoho. But there is no inbuilt. So you may find difficulty to configure your business mail.
($9.99/month/5 Mails from GoDaddy's Own WebMail)
Advanced SEO
Mobile App
Support24X7 live chat, phone, ticket & email support in English. All supports are FREE & UNLIMITED..!

callback service is available in English 24X7, French (Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm GMT+2), Italian (Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm GMT+1), Portuguese (Monday-Friday from 3am-8pm EST) and Spanish (Monday-Friday from 3am-8pm EST).
FREE Unlimited 24X7 Live Chat, Phone, Email & Ticket support from experts.
(Award winning support with just 76 Seconds waiting time..!)
Email & Chat (Monday to Friday
4am to 8pm Eastern Time)
No Phone support
Email, Phone, Chat (Monday - Friday: 6AM - 6PM Pacific Time &
Saturday - Sunday: 8AM - 5PM Pacific Time)
Email only via their contact formTicket (Poor support, Because it is a new company, still struggling for fundrise.)24X7 Live Chat, Phone, Ticket & Email Support
Website Builders
(Editor's Choice)
Website Builder


Why There is No Shopify in the Comparison Table? Because Shopify is only for eCommerce & it is too costly with unnecessary features for general websites. We compared general website builders and it is not convenient to compare niche market builders like Shopify, Pixpa, Webflow, etc with general website builders like Wix or Weebly.

Important Note: You can combine all Wix features like eCommerce, business, blog, music, ADI, portfolio, any third-party apps, etc in a single website or a page! Or, you can even overlap!

Now, let’s see a quick overview and the pros & cons of the 10 best website builders.


 WixBest For All. Easiest Drag & Drop Website Builder.

Visit Wix & Try for Free 

Based on 649 votes
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  • 5 Stars
    626 votes
  • 4 Stars
    8 votes
  • 3 Stars
    4 votes
  • 2 Stars
    1 vote
  • 1 Star
    10 votes

Wix is the easiest true drag and drop website builder in the world.

Wix is best for small business websites, photography, portfolio, personal, music and most of the websites.

There is no other website builder that is easier than Wix.  Here is a quick look at the Wix ADI site editor. Wix ADI uses Artificial Intelligence & designs your entire website just in front of you! Then, you can edit it if you want!

Wix website builder editor block based
Wix website builder ADI editor

Wix ADI 100% mobile friendly. Your all pages & elements responsive and automatically fit on all type of devices.

Here is another view of the Wix ADI block-based editor.

Wix Website builder editor in ADI mode
Wix Website builder editor

You can convert Wix ADI editor into smooth drag & drop editor. But here if you don’t work correctly, then some elements may not appear good on small devices. But it give you design freedom. (However you can use mobile editor right there if your pages doesn’t appear good on the phone).

You can Also use Wix Editor X. That is 100% mobile fit and your website looks like an app!

You can also convert your entire Wix website into iPhone & Android apps using MyMobile Wix market app.

You can select 100’s of templates/themes & all are free.

Select any template to access the drag & drop editor. Here is a screenshot of Wix’s drag & drop editor.

Wix site editor elements
Wix site editor elements

You can change the way you design in different ways. You can see the entire website in a single shot while you can drag and drop entire blocks & layouts. This is very useful for the final touch.

wix website section drag and drop
Wix website section drag and drop

If you want a quick as well as a good website, then you should try Wix. You can create a business, eCommerce, portfolio, photography, design, hotel, hospital, and almost all common types of websites. Here is a quick Wix website builder editor work example:

Wix website builder editor live action
Wix website builder editor

You can manage everything easily from a single dashboard without any skill. Wix is very flexible.

Wix website builder editor flexibility
Wix website builder editor flexibility

You can even add eCommerce features or create an entire online store in a few clicks with no knowledge. Connecting your bank account, Marketing automation, generating revenue and everything you can do it yourself.Wix eCommerce builder

Wix online store feature

15 Pros & 3 Cons Of Wix


  1. Three types of editors. Wix ADI with block-based editor, Wix Editor X, and 100% pure drag & drop smooth editor.
  2. You can switch Wix ADI to the smooth editor or X editor at any time without losing your work & designs. Also, you can switch back. (But Wix ADI restores your last ADI edit not from your smooth editor, however smooth editor restores your ADI also! So I recommend you to start with ADI.)
  3. Wix plans are affordable & flexible. See Wix Pricing & Plans Ultimate Comparison Chart (How To Save 40% Every Year).
  4. Wix grids make highly responsive websites, and at the same time, there is a mobile site editor which is also available! Recently, Wix introduced editor X which is fluid design.  That is 100% advanced mobile friendly. Your website elements are automatically organized based on the size of the screen with speed optimized.
  5. Wix’s Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant creates a website according to your tastes right in front of your eyes!
  6. Modify, add different functions, delete, redesign, drag & drop, undo-redo – auto backup versions – restore etc – you can do all of these with no knowledge! You can also add your own programs or third-party codes. Recently, Wix launched a rapid web development platform called Corvid for web developers. That means Wix is for both newbies as well as techies & it gives you 100% freedom.
  7. Wix’s app market includes 100’s of third-party apps as well as its own apps like an online store, business tools, booking, music, photography, design tools, events, calendar, gallery, popup, blogs, rapid payments, subscription, marketing, social media and many more.
  8. Wix Ascend gives you a complete business solution for small businesses as well as corporate business by giving tools like Advanced Email Marketing Automation, CMS, CRM tools with 100s of third-party apps from the Wix app store.
  9. Monetization or Ways To Make Money – Wix offers you ways to make money online in every possible way. There are no restrictions. Earn money from Google AdSense, by selling digital or physical goods, dropshipping, recurring auto-payments, running your own online store, art store, different types of apps for advertisement networking, marketing tools, and much more!
    Related Post -> How To Start An Online Store With No Money & Without Inventory? 
  10. You can add your blogger, WordPress, Tumblr site to your Wix website! Read How To Add Your Blogger Site With Your Wix Website In 5 min (the same method applies for WordPress & Tumblr).
  11. Wix offers a free trial (Click Here To Try Wix All Features For Free). So, if you aren’t happy with it, then you can leave without losing your money!
  12. Wix automatically optimizes images according to their visible size and non-zoom quality. It uses Google’s web-optimized WebP image format. Of course, you can show the original photos in .png or any higher format.  You can turn off this feature or use galleries. Wix also optimizes entire web pages to speed up websites using the latest technologies like 100’s of cloud CDN points all over the world, serverless auto-scalable unlimited bandwidth cloud hosting, https 2.0, gzipping, minification, object caching, pre-loading, etc for all its sites.
  13. Wix provides you the highest security including HTTPS secure servers, encryption, DDoS protection, spam filters, hack monitoring, etc. In addition, you can report any concerns and they will do advanced scanning and clean your website for free.
  14. 100’s Of ready-made websites & free templates for Online Store, Business Sites, Photography Sites, Portfolio & CV Sites, Restaurant & Food related sites, Musician Sites,  Video sites, Design, Event, Blogs & Forums, Health & Wellness Sites, Fashion & beauty, Community & Education, Creative Arts, Landing Pages and more! So, if you’re busy (or lazy!), then just edit or replace your name or business on that ready-made website. Now, you can even use Wix ADI, which creates a website in a minute with your business name, services, address, interesting themes, colors, etc using Artificial Intelligence in a minute! (Of course, if you have just an hour then you can modify anything on that ready-made site).
  15. 24/7 live chat, phone, ticket & email support in English. All supports are FREE & UNLIMITED! Callback services are available in English 24/7, French (Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm GMT+2), Italian (Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm GMT+1), Portuguese (Monday-Friday from 3am-8pm EST) and Spanish (Monday-Friday from 3am-8pm EST).


  1. If you use Wix  original drag & drop Editor, then your website may not be mobile friendly. In that case you have to edit on Wix mobile editor. that is extra work. (However Wix ADI & Editor X is 100% mobile friendly)
  2. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is still in development. Sometimes, the robot may not make you happy. (However, you can edit it or switch to the Wix original smooth editor without losing your work.)
  3. The support is poor for free trial users.

Try Wix For Free


  • WordPress – Best For Bloggers & Web Designers


    You Must Read This 10-Minute Beginner’s Guide

    How To Make A Website Using WordPress

    If you already know how to install and use WordPress, then directly click the blue button below & Sign Up.

    Visit Bluehost-WordPress

    Bluehost-WordPress Reviews

    Based on 422 votes
    Please wait...
    • 5 Stars
      304 votes
    • 4 Stars
      7 votes
    • 3 Stars
      10 votes
    • 2 Stars
      5 votes
    • 1 Star
      96 votes

    Many people think WordPress is only for business & blogging. But you can make any type of website without any knowledge. It includes a lot of functions. You can turn WordPress into a drag and drop website builder! But the learning curve to have great results from it is 2-3 weeks. Do you want to know how to? Click the following link: How To Use WordPress As An Amazing Drag & Drop Website Builder  Here is a screenshot of its editor. (There are many types of editor; this is just one site builder plugin example).

    website builder editor
    website builder editor

    Don’t confuse it with We don’t recommend it. includes only 100+ themes & 50+ plugins. But the open source, self-hosted WordPress (Bluehost-WordPress) includes 70,000+ plugins – for FREE! 60,000+ themes and uncountable numbers of plugins/templates/themes/apps from the third-party marketplace + growing!

    Plugins mean ready-made web functions or apps and themes are ready-made website structures or templates. Imagine anything, & probably you can find that using WordPress! is an open-source web developing software or platform. It is completely free. But you need a hosting to put your WordPress website online and a domain name for the address so it appears on Google & anyone can search from anywhere in the world. The best hosting for WordPress in 2020 is Bluehost (Don’t get confused here. They have a lot of plans with similar pages & pricing. Before you sign up, just click the link given above. That link directly takes you the right WordPress hosting. Or just follow this step by step guide to create a website using WordPress )

    Don’t worry about the domain name. During the hosting signup, Bluehost will provide a domain & their domain service is also the best. Some people recommend many other hostings. They may also good. I already tried, tested, analyzed & reviewed all the top 20 hosting plans – they are all good, but Bluehost just outperformed the others in every case such as low downtime, speed, support, security, technology, affordable pricing, etc. Here are a few WordPress website examples.

    WordPress website examples
    WordPress website examples

    Your website automatically fits for all devices. That’s the perfect responsive website. Here is an example.

    responsive business website examples
    responsive business website examples


    1. You can create almost any type of website in a day as per your needs and dreams.
    2. 32% of all websites in the world are created using WordPress & 66% of all the CMS websites in the world are created using WordPress! The other 1000’s of site builders are sharing the remaining part! But it is difficult to create and manage for beginners. Thus, it is best for web designers and bloggers.
    3. It includes a lot of functions, more than any other website builder in the world!
    4. 70k+ plugins, 60k+ themes! + Uncountable numbers of of plugins/templates/themes/apps from third party market place & growing! That’s before we mention all of the other functions with huge free support tutorials, forums, FAQ’s, etc.
    5. You can change the template without losing your work. The template sets & fits your content and everything automatically.
    6. The Elementor Plugin turns your WordPress Website into a drag and drop editor.
    7. Even Big Brands like Microsoft News Center, Walt Disney Entire Website, Facebook Newsroom, Star War blog, Harvard Gezzet Online & all the following entire websites have been created using WordPress – Mercedes Benz, Time INC, Tech Crunch, Bata, The New Yorker, BBC America, Sony Music, & Celebrities like Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, and Usain Bolt. Almost all popular websites have been created using the same method! Of course, this entire site,, was created using WordPress.
    8. You can get Free unlimited subdomains & business emails on bluehost.
    9. Bluehost provides you with free WordPress Assistant with unlimited FREE support 24/7. Live chat, ticket systems, support guides, phone, email.  Bluehost live chat has an average wait-time of only 7 seconds & its toll-free number has an average wait time of only 5 seconds
    10. There are millions of pros that I can’t list here.


    1. In the beginning, you may feel it’s difficult to use if you don’t read the tutorial (the link is given above).
    2. There are many image optimization for web plugins available, but no plugins are good enough. So you should optimize photos before you upload it to the website. We reviewed 100’s of tools to optimize images without losing the non-zoom quality like TinyPNG, ImageOptin, etc. & tested 100’s plugins like Kraken, EWWW, Wp Smushit, etc. But the best tool is surprisingly FREE and it is unlimited..! Do you want to know what it is? The answer is Facebook! Yes. Create a separate Facebook account or make privacy only you, then upload images to Facebook & download it! (Before uploading,  resize the image if it is too large. But NEVER resize after downloading it from Facebook or any optimization tool, because most resize tools increase the size & the optimization gets destroyed after resizing). If you want to know more about this, then you should check out this guide -> How To Optimize Images For Web? (92%, but lossless & 4 FREE Ways)
    3. There are a lot of plugins and themes. So, you may get confused as to which one to choose (Tip: For every plugin, you can see all stats. Choose the one that is more downloaded, active, regularly updated and with good reviews)
    4. In very rare cases, different plugins do not match each other. (Solution is here:– In that case, you just deactivate all plugins and reactivate plugins one by one. So you will know which plugin is creating the issues. Just deactivate that plugin and find the alternative to that plugin)

    Okay. Let’s see how to build a website using WordPress in an hour without knowing anything, & almost for free!

    How To Make A Website? 3 Different Ways Showed With Step By Step For Beginners. Choose The One You Like!

    I highly recommend the above guide (12 Minute Easy Tutorial) before clicking the below button. That will help you more than you expect!

    Visit Bluehost-WordPress



    Based on 76 votes
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    • 5 Stars
      30 votes
    • 4 Stars
      9 votes
    • 3 Stars
      17 votes
    • 2 Stars
      6 votes
    • 1 Star
      14 votes


    See Detailed Squarespace Review 2020

    See Detailed Squarespace Review 2020

    Squarespace is the cheapest eCommerce website builder and gives you unlimited storage & bandwidth (Technically it is not unlimited, they have certain thresh hold, but usually they don’t make your website down while the traffic spikes).  Many people recommend Squarespace, because of its attractive themes & features. They give shadow effects and parallax nicely So, the user feels cool at the beginning.

    Squarespace template design info styles included amazing styling settings
    Squarespace template design info styles include limited options.

    14-day trial, and no free site (if you don’t buy their plans within 14 days, then your website will get deleted automatically!) 


    1. You can change templates without losing your old content (see Squarespace Templates | These 7 Things You Should Know)
    2. All templates are mobile-friendly
    3. Automatically optimizes images for the web.
    4. Mobile editors like information bar, call, mobile styles, etc give you the advantage to display your website on small devices effectively.
    5. It offers you unlimited eCommerce features just for $12 per month. For more info – Squarespace pricing – Cost comparsonn chart (Save 40%).


    1. Squarespace is not a drag and drops website builder. It is like CMS. For beginners, it may difficult to edit.
    2. For very small tasks, you may need to open a lot of sub-settings.
    3. Sometimes, you can’t understand where you are editing.
    4. You will not get any dashboard to manage all your website’s main tasks on one page.
    5. Squarespace theme customization & settings are very bad. You need to fill in some fields. You can’t change settings as per your imaginations. It is a very narrow, limited setting.
    6. Squarespace app store has fewer applications compare to Wix & WordPress


    Weebly – Good Website Builder

    Based on 122 votes
    Please wait...
    • 5 Stars
      60 votes
    • 4 Stars
      13 votes
    • 3 Stars
      12 votes
    • 2 Stars
      2 votes
    • 1 Star
      35 votes

    See Detailed Weebly Review By Web Masters 2020

    Visit Weebly & Try For Free

    (If you are a beginner, then see how to build a website using Weebly) Weebly is not a 100% drag and drop website builder, but it is still one of the best companies in this industry. Here is a look at the Weebly builder.

    Click Anywhere on the web page or template loaded with builder to add, edit, modify, replace with text, images, map, buttons and more.
    Drag & Drop editors element box to the web page or right side to add text, images, map, button, slideshow, etc.

    Its apps are very similar to Wix but no better than Wix. If you already tried Wix, then you probably won’t like Weebly. It is getting most of its customers from b2b, not b2c. They made deals with many hosting companies to provide free site builder while disabling premium features. Most of Weebly’s customers are those who already bought hosting. So, people who probably never tried Wix are probably Weebly’s customers.


    1. Responsive website.
    2. Analytics and the dashboard is good enough


    1. It is not a 100% pure drag and drop website builder. Its editor uses strict grids or blocks, so you can’t drag and insert functions or apps anywhere you want.
    2. There is no universal undo-redo option.
    3. Lack of selling or eCommerce feature.
    4. Many apps are paid versions.
    5. No free business emails. You need to connect it from G-suit.
    6. Weebly backup – restore is the worst system.

    Visit Weebly & Try For Free



    Based on 159 votes
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    • 5 Stars
      45 votes
    • 4 Stars
      6 votes
    • 3 Stars
      5 votes
    • 2 Stars
      3 votes
    • 1 Star
      100 votes

    See Detailed Jimdo Review
    By Web-Masters 2020

    See Detailed Jimdo Review
    By Web-Masters 2020

    (If you are a beginner, then see how to make a website using Jimdo. Jimdo is another popular website builder. But it depends on third-party applications like POWr plugins. This means that Jimdo’s team is largely not capable of doing things of their own.


    1. You can’t edit your website style and elements at the same time. For example, if you want to edit & change your headings’ color or any blocks or text background color, you need to go style, then activate edit elements, then you can change its color, but when you are in style, You can’t add new elements or drag the blocks or edit texts or any other such normal site builders functions.


    1. You can’t view the templates’ demo unless you choose the template. That means you need to select templates to edit. After this, it will load with your site builder, and then you can preview it. This is a really time-wasting process.
    2. If you delete any element by mistake, you can’t undo it.
    3. If you are a beginner, you may find it difficult to add its POWr plugins.
    4. No separate eCommerce services and it lacks many modern functions.
    5. Only 40 templates are available



    Based on 19 votes
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    • 5 Stars
      3 votes
    • 4 Stars
      4 votes
    • 3 Stars
      5 votes
    • 2 Stars
      2 votes
    • 1 Star
      5 votes

    See Detailed Simbla Review
    By Web Masters 2020

    See Detailed Simbla Review By Web Masters 2020

    Simbla is an innovative new type of website builder. It allows users to build a website with two different modes. One is easy mode & the other is an advanced mode. You can make a website easily with clear preview. Simbla started in 2013 and it is the newest company on this best website builder list. If you want a quick, easy & affordable website, then you should try it.

    Simbla site builder editing page showing blocks, edit, delete options, background, color & more
    Simbla site builder editing page showing blocks, edit, delete options, background, color & more


    1. Users can switch site builder editing behavior as two types of pro & non-pro modesSo, users can experience two types of website builder mode.
    2. You can switch to the pro mode or non-pro mode at any time without losing your non-pro mode’s or pro mode’s work! Also, you can continue to edit and modify your non-pro mode’s work in pro mode & vice versa..!!!
    3. All Simbla themes are Google friendly. Themes are developed with good structural codes
    4. Easy drag & drop website builder


    1. Simbla web hosting is open (not protected) for Heartbleed Vulnerability.
    2. No free domain name. You need to connect with third-party domain name services.
    3. No backups. If your website is damaged by mistake, you can’t take a back-up.
    4. No professional or business email name.
    5. No import & export options.
    6. No 24/7 customer service help-line.
    7. No phone option to contact and talk with their support team.
    8. This is a new company. So, its community is not active enough.
    9. Guides & tutorials are fewer compared to other website builders.
    10. Most of the community discussion & forum topics are not in English because Simbla is popular in Israel (but you can translate any languages using Google Translate on the Chrome web browser).
    11. To get the ads-free website, you need to have at least the $12/month plan. This is a costly plan for ads free options if you compare with other website builders.


    Godaddy Website Builder

    Based on 84 votes
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    • 5 Stars
      8 votes
    • 4 Stars
      3 votes
    • 3 Stars
      5 votes
    • 2 Stars
      1 vote
    • 1 Star
      67 votes

    See Detailed GoDaddy Review
    By Web Masters 2020

    See Detailed Godaddy Review
    By Web Masters 2020

    Godaddy is so popular because of its domain name services, but not so much for the website builder. They provide a large number of domain extensions at a very cheap price for the first year (but in the 2nd year, you have to pay more). They are leading in the domain name market but in the website builder industry, GoDaddy is still a baby. Their site builder likely won’t make you happy, because if you want a simple and quick website then Wix and Weebly are better and if you want a professional website then Bluehost-WordPress & Wix can help you much better than GoDaddy. See our GoDaddy Website Builder Review.


    1. GoDaddy is a big company.


    1. GoDaddy is famous for domain names & not for the website builder. In fact, its builder is very poor
    2. No pure drag and drop & no flexibility.
    3. Very poor color combinations for email forms and other important features, and there is no option to change universal colors. (On any web page, colors play a very important role in user interactions. So, this is one of the biggest drawbacks.)
    4. Got the worst reviews

    Here are some scam companies. You need to aware of them.

    best website builder info

    They are all the same white labeled website builders and I investigated it. All those four are managed by the same company. In my review, its customer support was very bad. Many people reviewed 1 star because of its bad billing practices and poor customer support. Many users reported their card charged heavily without any reason..! & appear like a Scam Company. All the 4’s site builder’s features also not good compared to Wix.


    Based on our review scores,

    Final Winner – The Best Overall  & Easiest Website Builder is Wix

    Try All Features Of Wix For Free Here

    The Best Website Builders Are:

    1. Wix – Best For All Types Of Websites. Easiest Drag & Drop Website Builder
    2. Shopify – Best eCommerce (Online Store) Website Builder
    3. WordPress – Best For Bloggers & Web Designers
    4. WebFlow  – Best Site Building Platform For Web Developers & Agencies
    5. Squarespace – Cheapest eCommerce Website Builder
    6. Wix Stores – Easiest Online Store Website Builder
    7. Wix Business – Best Website Builder For Small Business
    8. Wix Photography – Best Photography Website Builder
    9. Wix ADI – Best A.I. Website Builder
    10. Wix Music – Best Website Builder For Musicians & Bands
    11. Weebly – Good Website Builder
    12. Simbla – New Website Builder,  Still developing, Easy But Poor Support
    13. Jimdo – Good website builder, but a confusing editor.
    14. GoDaddy Website Builder – Basic Website Builder



    6 Frequently Asked Questions

    1.When to use website builders and when not to use? When to give your project to web designers?

    Almost all web programs are available as ready-made web functions in website builders like Wix. Website Builders are becoming popular in 2020. You can make a website with no codes using easy drag and drop ready-made web elements or functions. Nowadays people don’t hire a website developer or web designer to create a website. If you hire one, it will cost you heavily & the surprising thing is, most web designers even web developers use website builders anyway!

    2. What if you can’t make your website according to your needs and dreams in the site builders?

    If you can’t do what you want, then just go to the Wix App Market. If no app satisfies your needs, then go to the Wix freelance marketplace or Wix freelance services. They will solve your issues or they can even create a new program or app for you! It costs less than hiring traditional web designers but, at the same time, you get the latest advanced technologies. Recently Wix introduced their own rapid web development platform, Corvid. It helps software engineers or Wix freelancers or any programmers to create any type of website that doesn’t exist before!

    3. Nowadays, what is the percentage of websites created using website builders?

    Most individuals, or small business’, corporate business’, or even ‘corporate websites’ are created using website builders. (I gave proof with examples below). More than 98% of all websites in the world are created without code (codes automatically generates in the backend).

    4. How easy is it to make a website using Website Builders?

    If you use Wix, then creating & designing a website is easier than photoshop. Other website builders are also easier than most people think.

    5. What type of people usually use website builders? 

    Website builders are becoming popular in 2020. School kids, business owners, artists, scientists & everyone else, are launching their own websites in just 1 hour using site builders without coding and no technical web development knowledge! So why not you?

    6. Should I download website building software?

    No, It works fine on the browser itself.

    No one downloads website builder software and there is no worthwhile downloadable software available anyway. Online site builders are faster, efficient & popular. Out of 220 million live websites in the world,  200 million+ or 98.7% of website owners have created their own website online with no skill.

    Note: Site builder, website creator, online website maker, or site building tools all have the same meaning.



    The Best Overall, Beginner Friendly & Easiest Website Builder is Wix

    Try Wix For Free


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