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Wix Vs Google Sites – Which Is Better For Your Requirement? (2024)

Wix Vs Google Sites

Wix and Google Sites are two popular Website Builders. You can create beautiful websites without any technical skills. But they differ in their features and functionalities. Wix can be used by any type of business. Besides Website building, Wix has Ecommerce, Marketing automation tools, SEO optimization tools, etc. On the other hand, Google Sites are mainly used by Mom & Pop shops, School students for their projects, or temporary websites. Many people think Google sites give you an extra SEO advantage (NOPE). This is not true. Google search and Google sites operate as completely different companies with no connection at all. Here is a comparison between Wix Vs Google Sites.

Quick Summary


  • Easy to use
  • Free domain with 1-year hosting
  • Lots of modern templates & varieties
  • You can showcase your creativity at any level.
  • 600+ integrations
  • Marketing automation
  • SEO optimization tools
  • Better in-built analytics & Reporting
  • Refund policy
  • Free version available.
  • It is a general website builder and best for all


Google Sites

  • Easy and simple.
  • Free hosting, but not domain
  • Basic templates
  • Can integrate with google tools like Docs, sheets, Calender, etc.
  • Easy to share
  • Even it is owned by Google, it has no advantage for SEO. (Myth Buster: Google will not rank well just because it is a Google Sites. Zero influence.)
  • No in-built analytics & report. Can connect to Google analytics, but NOT Within the website dashboard even it is owned by Google.
  • Best for temporary sites, Mom & Pop shops local listing, and school projects.


The Google Sites Biggest Myth Busted Here!

Most people think that Google Sites ranks well and has slight SEO advantages just because it is owned by Google. But in reality, Google Sites and Google search are completely different departments and they are disconnected. Google has 1000+ services/product websites. Google search core team doesn’t compromise with any other department. Wix has more advanced SEO features and it will help you to get rank better than Google Sites.

What is Wix?

Wix is an all-in-one solution for all types of business. Wix is not only a website builder. It is a domain name hosting provider, blogging platform, E-commerce solution, logo maker, payment processor, scheduling system, membership management, marketing automation tool, CRM, point of sale, software, and hardware provider with a multi-billion-dollar company. It allows you to build a creative website that will be stunning and attractive to visitors. It also has robust SEO optimization settings and apps.

Who uses: All types of Business

What is Google Sites?

Google Sites is a simple website builder that you can use to collaborate and communicate with others. Google Sites are mainly used for school projects and for creating a small websites. It has only limited features. Even though, we can create beautiful websites using Google Sites. You can easily share your website with others and also you can give access to them to edit or view or whatever.

Who uses: Temporary sites for students, Mom & Pop shop

# The 8 Main Differences

Given below are some of the main differences between Wix and Google Sites.

1. Templates

Wix has around 500 free templates for building a website. But Google Sites provides you with only around 13 templates.

Winner: Wix

2. SEO

There is no advantage in SEO of being a Website of Google Sites. The Google & Google sites completly separate department. (Google actually shutdown its Blogsport websites). In fact, Google sites is technically bad for SEO Wix provides you with advanced SEO optimization directly connected to Google Search Console, give you more control and quick process. While SEO of Google Sites is very limited even it is owned by Google! Because Google Sites is a separate small branch with only 12 employees in Google & its Goal is just to list small shops owners on Google places. while Wix has 1000+ employees dedicated team for SEO developments

Winner: Wix

3. Portfolio

If you want to showcase your works through websites, then Wix provides you with a lot of Portfolio Templates. In Google Sites, it is a little difficult to create beautiful portfolio websites. There is only one template is available for the Portfolio and customization options are very limited.

Winner: Wix

4. Page Editor

Wix has mainly 3 editors. Wix ADI, Template-based, and Editor X. These are advanced editors with a lot of features. But the Editor of Google Sites is very basic. Only limited options are available in the editor. Wix uses Artificial Intelligence that designs editale pages based on your interests.

Winner: Wix

5. Marketing

Wix provides its own marketing tool called Ascend by Wix. But Google Sites does not provide you with a Marketing option. You have to do it manually by using other apps.

Winner: Wix

6. Integration

Wix has its own app store with 500+ integrations. It has in-built as well as third-party apps. But Google Sites does not have that many integrations. It is integrated with only Google tools like Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Docs, Forms, etc. while those integrations already present on Wix

Winner: Wix

7. Support

Wix has good customer support. But Google Sites does not have a proper customer support option. We can’t contact any real people. They only provide some Support documents and articles.

Winner: Wix

8. Load-speed

Google Sites has only limited widgets and features. So, it loads faster when compared to Wix. Wix will take time to load. Because it has so many widgets and features. Wix response time is between 180-430 milliseconds and for Google Sites, it is 160-330 milliseconds.

Winner: Google Sites


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Spoiler Alert!

FeaturesWinnerWixGoogle Sites
Ease of UseGoogle Sites 4.5 5
Templates & DesignWix 5 2
Website EditorWix 5 4.5
Image GalleryWix 5 2
IntegrationWix 5 2
PricingGoogle Sites 4.5 5
Analytics & ReportingWix 5 2
SupportWix 5 2
SEOWix 5 2
Marketing AutomationWix 5 0
eCommerceWix 5 1
Blogging & PortfolioWix 5 2
Our Rating 5 3.5

1. Ease of Use

WiX Google Sites
Inbuilt Hosting
Domain Provides
Storage & BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited
Avg Speed Response 280-430 ms 180-230 ms

Both website builders are easy to use. No need for any programming to create a website using Google Sites and Wix. And also you don’t need any coding knowledge. Any non-techies can simply create beautiful websites.


If you’re planning for creating beautiful professional websites for your business, events, your personal portfolio, or even just a school project, then Wix is a really powerful option. It allows you to make beautiful customizable websites without any effort at all. Wix is easy to use. Even though maybe somebody will feel difficult to understand at first. Then you will get easy on that.

After you sign in to your account, Wix will ask you several questions to know more about what kind of Website you are going to build. You can answer those questions or just skip them. After that, you want to choose how you are going to create your website. Either you can create with an editor or Wix will create a website for you by answering those questions using its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Wix design choosing

ADI is faster and easier to make your website at first. But you will lose the customization freedom that you have. I will recommend you to choose “Create your Website with the Editor”. Because you will get a lot more freedom of customization. After you are done editing your website, you can check how it looks on the desktop and Mobile. You can adjust the blocks to look good on mobile using the mobile editor. It doesn’t change the desktop view. That is cool.

There are a lot of features and options are available in Wix. In the dashboard, all the options are well arranged on the left side. So you can easily navigate from one option to another. You will see Marketing & SEO, Analytics & Report, Finance, etc. You can also change your site language by using Multilingual. After everything is done, you can publish your site.

Wix dashboard
Wix dashboard

Wix provides one more website design tool with advanced design and layouts. It is more responsive to other platforms like Mobile and Tablet when compared to Wix. The main difference between Wix and Editor X is that Editor X has a responsive design. It will show different layouts on different devices.

Wix Editor X
Wix Editor X

#Google Sites

Google Sites is available in your google account and it’s for free. It is very simple and easy to use. If you don’t have any knowledge about creating a website, even if you can create a beautiful website using Google Sites. All you need is a Google Account. After you entered into the Google Sites, it will take you to the dashboard. There you will see some templates. Nothing more. To create a Website, either you have to choose a template or choose a blank page.

By using templates, you can save a lot of time. You can change the color and style of that templates. Otherwise, there will be a lot of the same themes used by others also. Because there is only a limited number of templates are available. After you finish creating your website, you can Publish your Site. You can also share with others like sharing google docs and sheets. You can give editing permission to others.


Before these Google Sites, there were Classic Sites also. But Google doesn’t take care of it and it expired in Sep 2021. The Sites that used Classic editor will no longer be viewed by anyone. The people who still want to continue their website, have to convert their site from Classic Site to new Google Sites. If you want to know more about how to Convert, Click Here.

Google Sites classic site
Google Sites classic site

Key Take-Aways: Google Sites are a little bit easy when compared to Wix. Because Google Sites are simple and have only limited features. Wix has a lot of features. So, there is a chance to get confused at first use.

Winner of Ease of Use: Google Sites

Wix: 0-1 : Google Sites

2. Templates

WiXGoogle sites
Drag & Drop
Theme Customization levelGoodbasic
Prebuilt SectionsYesNo


Wix provides you with around 500 templates. All are eye-catching and attractive. In Wix, templates are separated into 5 categories like Business & Services, Store, Creative, Community, and Blog. Under that, there are a lot of subcategories like Business, Health & Wellness, Travel & Tourism, Beaty, Fashion, etc. It also has E-Commerce templates, Education related templates, etc. You can also create a website from blank templates. Wix allows you to showcase your creativity. You can create your own colors and themes. So any type of business from students to large corporations can use the Wix Website builder.

Wix templates
Wix templates

#Google Sites

Google Sites provides you with around 12 templates. It is also categorized into Personal, Work, Small business & education. These templates can use only for small businesses & personal purposes. You can’t use it for large business purposes. You can create your own templates from Scratch also. You can change the layout, color, fonts, etc. of existing templates. So, there will be a chance for being unique from another website that uses Google Sites.

Google sites templates
Google Sites templates

Key Take-Aways: Wix has plenty of Templates. They are categorized into different sections and can be used for different types of websites. But Google Sites has only limited Templates.

Winner of Templates: Wix

Wix: 1-1 : Google Sites

3. Editor

Both Wix & Googles Sites have an easy-to-use and simple Drag & Drop Editor.


Wix editor is advanced. You will get a lot of features within the editor. You can add strips, Text, Images, buttons, galleries, Menus & Anchors, Events, Bookings, etc. All these will be available in different styles also. You can also customize it in the way you want. All you have to do is just Drag & Drop. Simple.

Wix editor
Wix editor

You will get instructions from Wix if you do any mistakes. It is like, they are watching us. For example, If you drag your image outside of the Margin, we will get a notification like “You dragged an element outside the gridline, some of your visitors won’t see it”. That is a cool thing. So you can avoid simple mistakes and can create a beautiful Website.

Wix Warning

You can also edit an image from within the editor. You can apply filters, and adjust the properties like brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. You can crop, resize, cut out, etc.

Wix Image editor
Wix Image editor

For creating mobile-optimized websites, you have to do it manually. You have to move the elements to the correct place to look good on mobile also. That is a time-consuming process and a disadvantage of Wix. But if you edit for mobile, it will not change in the desktop view. That is cool.

You can change the overall style of your site by using “Site design”. You can change the color and text theme. You can also change the page background of your website.

Wix site wide styling

Mobile Editor: Wix also has an app. You can edit your website from the mobile also. From there you can create mobile responsive websites. You can change the background, resize fonts, buttons, etc. without affecting the desktop view. You can also hide some desktop content and you can replace them with mobile-only elements. You can change layouts using a page layout optimizer.

#Google Sites

Editor of Google Sites is very simple and easy to use. There are only limited features available in the editor. You can add Text, Images, different layouts, buttons, etc. You can also add google tools like Google Sheets, Docs, Forms, etc. But Google Sites doesn’t have an image editor, (Yup if you want to change image basic edits, then you don’t have to download re-edit, and upload

Google Sites editor
Google Sites editor

One disadvantage I felt is, that I can’t move objects where ever I want. It has limitations. And also Google Sites does not have a mobile editor.

Wix editor object moving
Wix editor object moving

Key Take-Aways: Wix has a lot of customization options. And also there are so many features available in the Wix editor compared to Google Sites. Google Sites has only limited features.

Winner of Editor: Wix

Wix: 2-1 : Google Sites

4. Image Gallery


Wix Image Library is great. You will get plenty of quality images. Wix has Its own Media. Besides, we can select images from Shutterstock and Unsplash. They all are stock images and we can use them for free. You can also upload your own images and use them on your website.


#Google Sites

In Google Sites, you can select images from your Google Drive, you can give the URL of a specific image. You can also select images from Google Image search. But for that, you can select images that you have confirmed that have the license to use. Otherwise, Copywrite issue will be there. Or you can give credit to the image creator when reusing an image. You can also upload your own photos here also.


Webp is the latest image format alternative to jpg that is created by Google. Webp size will be 5 times less than the jpg and 10 times less than png, but it gives you more clarity than jpg images. But Google Sites itself doesn’t support the Webp image format!

This shows how the Google Sites team is disconnected from the main Google team! But Wix supports Webp format. Also, Wix supports 100+ media formats!

Google sites issue

Key Take-Aways: There are so many Stock images available in Wix. And also we can take images from Shutterstock and Unsplash. But in Google Sites, there is no specific image library. We can take it from Google only. And also we can’t take all the images. We have to check for copyright issues.

Winner of Image Library: Wix

Wix: 3-1 : Google Sites

5. Integration

WiXGoogle Sites


You can integrate Wix with plenty of apps. There are so many in-built apps as well as third-party apps available in Wix. In-built apps include Wix Bookings, Wix Pricings, Wix forms & Payment, Events, etc. Third-party apps include eDesk, Coupon X Discount Code Pop-Ups, Custom Background Music, Google Search Ads by Cobiro, Multi-channel fulfillment with Amazon, Instagram, etc. There are free and also Paid apps available in the Wix App Market.

Wix integration
Wix integration

#Google Sites

Google Sites does not provide you will third-party integrations. You can only integrate with Google products like YouTube, Calendar, Map, Forms, Docs, Sheets, Chart, etc.

Google sites integration
Google Sites integration

Key Take-Aways: Wix has a lot more integration compared to Google Sites. Google Sites are only integrated with some Google tools.

Winner of Integration: Wix

Wix: 4-1 : Google Sites

6. Pricing

WiXGoogle Sites
Trial period14 daysfree forever
Starting price$16/mo$0
eCommerce Price$27/mo – $59/mo$0
enterprise pricecustom pricing$0


Wix is an affordable Website Builder. It has a free plan and also paid plans. Its Paid Plan includes Website Plans, Business & eCommerce Plans, and Enterprise Plans. You can create and test your website using its Free Plan. If you are ready to go live, then you have to upgrade to Paid Plans. You will get a custom domain using Paid Plans.

Website Plan ($0 – $45): Wix Website builder Pricing is starting from $0 to $45. You will get all the website builder features except eCommerce features in this plan. If you buy the Wix website builder plan (Which costs you around $16 /month) then Wix provides you website builder, hosting, and a premium domain for free with no additional charges.

Wix website plan
Wix website plan

Business & eCommerce Plan ($27 – $45): If you need a complete eCommerce solution, then you should go for the Business & eCommerce Plan.

Wix ecommerce plan
Wix eCommerce plan

Refund Policy

Wix is providing a 14-days refund policy. If you are not comfortable using Wix Paid Plan, they will provide a full refund within 14-days.

Know more about Wix Pricing

#Google Sites

You can use Google Sites for Free life long. You will get all the features in its Free Plan itself. You just need a Google account for creating Google Sites. That is great. But Google Sites will not provide a domain name. You have to purchase from Google domains or from Wix or Godaddy or any domain service provider. It cost you $15 per year.

Website Plan

Free of cost

  • Website creation
  • Free hosting
  • Free templates

Key Take-Aways: Google Sites are forever free. Wix has also a free version. But by using that, you create and only test your websites. Some features are not available in its Free plan. You have to upgrade your plan for more features.

Winner of Pricing: Google Sites

Wix: 4-2 : Google Sites

7. Analytics & Reporting


In Wix, the reports are provided according to the parameters like Traffic, Sales, and People. You will get the report as a table, line chart, and bar chart. So, you can analyze your business according to the season and trends and can optimize your own strategy. You can learn a lot by comparing your sales performance.

Wix reporting
Wix reporting

For example, given below is a graphical report of Sales by Item. Here dark green represents your current period and light green represents your previous period. And here we took sales measure as gross sales. By analyzing this chart you can compare your sales in the current year and the previous year. So that, you can create your own strategy to improve in the next year.


#Google Sites

Google Sites does not provide in-built Analytics & reporting. If you want to analyze and get a report on your website performance, you have to use Google Analytics. Otherwise, you won’t get proper reporting. But Google analytics is too advanced and a bit difficult.

Key Take-Aways: Google Sites are not providing any analytics & reporting. But Wix has better analytics & reporting. It will give you sales reports, traffic reports, etc.

Winner of Analytics & Reporting: Wix

Wix: 5-2 : Google Sites

8. Support

WiX Google Sites
Live chat


Wix provides you with customer support via Email and phone. You will get 24/7 support from Wix. No matter what, you will get support within minutes whatever your query is. That is a great thing.


#Google Sites

Google Sites does not have a proper customer support system. It only has some articles based on some common queries. You can’t connect to real persons.

Key Take-Aways: Google Sites are not providing any customer support. But Wix provides you with better customer support.

Winner of Customer Support: Wix

Wix: 6-2 : Google Sites

9. SEO

Many people think Google Sites give you an extra SEO advantage (NOPE). This is not true. Google search and Google Sites operate as completely different companies with no connection at all.


Since Google sites are from Google itself, can I get some SEO advantage over Wix? NO

Google Sites will not give any SEO advantages over Wix. In fact, Wix has many SEO settings, Schema, and SEO apps from top companies. So there is a high chance that your Wix website getting a better Google rank than the Google Sites! Wix has a lot of SEO features and SEO options in the dashboard as well as in the website builder. It will help you with both On-page & Off-page SEO.

Wix SEO tools and setting
Wix SEO tools.

#Google Sites

Google Sites and Google Search may be from the same company, but they are a completely different departments within Google and there are no advantages or reserved quotas on Google rank for Google sites. Because this is not a government, Haha! This is a private company, whose core business is Search Engine, and only a few people on the Google core team know how Google actually ranks. Recent Google Core algorithm and RankBrain algorithm updates made all search results based on artificial intelligence automation. So even the core team doesn’t exactly know how Google is ranking. Because the Google AI search is improving by itself! It has only limited SEO. You can specify your web page title and URL. Nothing more.


Wix provides you with an in-built SEO optimization tool to optimize your website. It will give you tips and tricks to improve your SEO and rank on Google. What you have to do is follow the guidelines. You can edit the Title, meta tags, headings, descriptions, etc. accordingly. It will help you to get ranked on Google. You can also integrate with other SEO tools from the app market.

Key Take-Aways: Wix has an in-built SEO optimization tool. And Google Sites has only limited SEO optimization options.

Winner of SEO Optimization: Wix

Wix: 7-2 : Google Sites

10. Marketing Automation

WiXGoogle Sites
Inbuilt email marketing tool
Integration with
eBay, Amazon, etc.


Wix has an in-built Marketing automation tool. It is called Ascend by Wix. It is an all-in-one business tool that allows you to send stunning emails. By using Wix ascend, you can build a strong relationship with your customer and you can easily promote your product and services through email.

Wix ascend
Wix ascend

#Google Sites

There is no in-built marketing automation are available for Google Sites.

Key Take-Aways: Wix has an in-built Marketing automation tool. Google Sites does not provide you with any marketing automation.

Winner of Marketing Automation: Wix

Wix: 8-2 : Google Sites

11. eCommerce, Portfolio & Blogging Features


eCommerce: Wix provides you with various templates for eCommerce, Blogging, and Portfolio Websites. You can create your own online store website using Wix. There are templates like Fashion & Clothing, Jewellery & Accessories, Arts & Crafts, etc. All you have to do is select a template and customize it according to your store.

Wix eCommerce, blog & portfolio templates
Wix eCommerce, blog & portfolio templates

Blogging: There are templates for creating Blogs. It contains Personal Blogs, Food & Travel, Arts, Business, Fashion, etc. You can write your blog and publish it to your viewers. You can also integrate with Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It also has so many in-built and third-party apps for Blogging.

Wix Blogs
Wix Blogs

Portfolio: If you want to showcase your works, you can create Portfolio Websites. Wix has templates for that also. You can reach more people by displaying your work. You can also earn through that. There are plenty of designer-made templates are available in Wix. You can create a portfolio page, a personal bio page, your CV, offer services, etc. By using Wix Pro Gallery, you can add images, videos, texts, etc. with custom designs. You can make that animated pop-up effect and animations. You can also “Sell your Art” from your portfolio websites. You can let your customers print your work or you can create a custom license.

Wix Gallery
Wix Gallery

Wix is simply aone place for all your website needs.”

Wix ecommerce, blog & portfolio templates
Wix eCommerce, blog & portfolio templates

#Google Sites

It is difficult to create eCommerce and blogging websites using Google Sites. There is no template for that. For the portfolio, there is one template is available. But customization options are very limited. If you want to create a completely different or customizable template, then you have to create from the scratch.

Google sites Portfolio template
Google sites Portfolio template

Key Take-Aways: Wix allows you to create an eCommerce Website, Blogs & Portfolios. It has a good number of different templates for that. But in the case of Google Sites, only one Portfolio template is available. Nothing more.

Winner of eCommerce Blog & Portfolio: Wix

Wix: 9-2 : Google Sites

12. Pros & Cons

Some of the Pros & Cons of Wix and Google Sites are given below.


A great number of stunning templates.The Wix site will load slowly. Because it has a lot of features.
A lot of in-built and third-party integration.You can’t change the template layout if you select one layout.
A lot of customization options are available.You can’t set up a professional email for free. You have to pay for email hosting.
In-built optimization and Marketing Automation tools.
Better analytics & Reporting.
Better customer support.

#Google Sites

It is Free to use.It has only limited templates. So, there will be a chance of having the same website using the same layout.
It will load faster.There are no customer support options available.
It is simple and easy to edit the website. Only limited SEO optimization settings are available.
You can easily share and give editing permission to others. No Marketing automation is available.
Third-party integrations are not available.
No in-built analytics & reports are available in the dashboard.

We analyzed the Top 10 Websites of Wix and Google Sites to test their Server response and found that most of the Wix website’s avg speed response time is between 180-430 ms, whereas the Google Sites’ website’s avg server response time is 160-330 ms. It means that websites hosted on Google Sites load faster compared to Wix.

Wix server speed chart
Wix server speed chart
Gogle Sites server speed chart
Google Sites server speed chart

Alternatives of Wix & Google Sites

>> Squarespace

>> Jimdo

>> Weebly

>> Webflow

>> GoDaddy

>> WordPress


Why you should use Wix over Google sites

  • Wix has an outstanding number of templates. All are classy and pleasing and also well-formatted.
  • You will get better analytics & reporting.
  • It provides an in-built and third-party SEO optimization tool.
  • Its App market allows you to integrate with a lot of apps.
  • You will get a free domain and hosting.
  • If you upgrade to a higher plan and you want to cancel your plan, you can do it within 24 days. You will get a full refund.
  • Wix is best for all types of business like eCommerce, Blogging, small business, large corporate business, etc.

Why you should use Google Sites over Wix

  • Google Sites are easy to learn and simple to use.
  • It has a forever-free version. All you want is a google account.
  • You can integrate with other Google products like Google Sheets, Docs, Map, Calendar, etc.
  • You can easily share and give others access to your site.
  • It will load faster.
  • Good for mom & pop shops, School students for their projects, or for temporary websites.

Top Commercials


Google Sites

Top News

Top Wix websites

Top Google Sites Website

Keep in Mind Before you Choose!

  • You can’t migrate Google sites to Wix and vice versa. If you change your mind later, then you will lose all your creative works. Only you can download and upload your photos.
  • Once you create and connect your domain in any platform and it is NOT difficult to change the platform and changing the domain name server even if you are a beginner.
  • Your SEO may affect if you don’t take proper advice to change the platform

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  1. I found this comparison very helpful! I’m currently deciding between Wix and Google Sites for a small business website, and this post provided clear and concise information about the pros and cons of each platform. I especially appreciated the section on pricing and the infographic that compared the two. It’s definitely going to influence my decision. Thanks for sharing!


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