Wix Review 2020 – We Reviewed Everything & Found 33 Pros & 6 Cons With Alternative Recommendations [You May Get Surprised]


Is Wix really fit for you? This Wix review will help you to know whether Its website builder and the total system is the best for you. If yes, how you can take its maximum benefits? Wix Features, Templates, functions, online tools, Designs, App Market, Loading Speed, Website Hosting, Ease of use, eCommerce,  Support, Security, Users Opinion, Web Masters Ranks, Our final review and everything with their pros & cons. Throughout this post, you can see Personalized advice for your needs & dreams from my 9 years of experience.

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Take a Quick Overview
Wix is the most popular website builder. It supports all the major languages. Wix is not just an easy drag & drop website builder, but it can run your entire online business. Here you can build, run & grow your website without any skill. Wix easy apps made most of the things automatic. You no need to learn a programming language to make a website with Wix. If you know Web programming, Wix allows you to add custom coding. So, both web designers & dummies love Wix.

In this post, I reviewed Wix by Both Generally & Technically with very easy terms. So any school kid can understand everything in minutes. I also inserted proofs for all tests.  I extracted from real data analysis techniques and various trusted sources with its link. This Wix Review Revealed many hidden things..!

Specialty Of This Post

  1. Top 8 things you should know about Wix website builder (You may get surprised..!)
  2. At the end of every section, you can see a Clear list of Wix Pros & Cons.
  3. Separate Review Ratings[See 8th Section Of This Post]
  4. Personalized advice for you..!
  5. Step by step review generally as well as technically with easy words, So everyone can understand. It may help you to get some sense of web creation beyond the Wix.

Who Visits Wix? Or Which Type Of People Are Using Wix Website Builder?
Is Wix Website Builder Easy For Your level of skill or knowledge? You may be heard Some website builders or CMS’s like WordPress are quite difficult. But what about Wix?
Excuse Me..!!
Who Are You?
Are you an uneducated Person?
Are you a Business Person?
Are You a Total Dummy?
Are you a College Student?
Are You a CEO In a BIG Company?

It doesn’t matter. Wix Is Ideal For All. I am not just saying like Air shouter’s style, but I proved it by analyzing the internet data. See This screen-shot.

Wix Is Used By All Type Of People like business, artist, eCommerce, portfolio, personal, blog and more
Wix website builder Is Used By All Type Of People like uneducated, school to office work

(Remember: – Most of the stats of the site are ZERO in some categories, but Wix showed an excellent result)
Wix is currently using almost all types of people.
So one doubt is clear. You can use Wix. College Dropouts, Duckers, School kids, Colleges Students, CEO’s, Teachers are using Wix. In Work-Office, Home, colleges, at every category of people’s interests and everywhere Wix user base is growing very strongly.

This  Photo Is Taken From An Wix Ad

Big celebrities reviewed Wix in its ads
Big celebrities reviewed Wix in its ads
Wix website builder is using everywhere.
Wix is very easy for you to use & It is used everywhere.

Above pictures are from Wix Advertisements. I think, now you understand how Wix is popular in every area.

You Can Create Lawyers Website, Hotel With booking system, management & payment website, Institutional site,  video, Event and any type of site.

Visit Wix & Create
Any Type Of Website For Free!

Now let’s see some interesting things & facts about Wix Company & its website builder, online tools, user experience and everything.


Wix – Is It Really a Good Company?

A company reputation or trustworthiness is the first thing you should know especially in website creation. Because your all information will store on your hosted company servers. If the servers are not protected, managed & maintained in a good manner, then your website may at risk or will not work all the time or open to hackers. Also, many companies making very bad billing practices. So, before building a website, you should choose a good website builder. If the total active users and number of continuing customers or old users ratio or users growth is increasing or at least it is maintaining, then you can trust it. Hmm. What about Wix? read below.

How Many People Are Actively Using Wix Website Builder?

Let’s see Wix total monthly active users.

Wix total users visiting per month is nearly 100 million. this is rwally a huge
Wix active users per month

Below I inserted a screenshot to show unique visitors in Dec – 2019

Wix total users visiting per month is  43 million. This is really a huge number.

Wix Customer Satisfaction Level – Are Its Users Leaving Or Continuing?

This is the most important thing you should know about it. We already know Wix total active users, but how many people are paying or how many people are its old customers?
Let’s see.

wix gwoth rate graph shows how Wix users love the website builder
wix growth

The graph line showing a huge growth without any low strikes. From the above graph, we can conclude, Wix is getting more and more users without losing its old customers.
Wix Reviews By Wix Paying Subscribers.
What is the opinion of people who are running their website with Wix?
It is very important to know opinions about those who are already Wix Premium Subscribers.
Let’s look at a few reviews made by those who are earning a lot of money from their Wix Website

Wix Reviews & Rating by Wix Premium Subscribers. They are impressed with Wix templates & app market
Wix Reviews & Rating by Wix Premium Subscribers.

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They are making millions of dollars through their Wix website..!!

Wix Customer Satisfaction Last Punch

  1. In Wix, 100+ million websites created & more than 6 million monthly active users are there. No one website builder has this much of user-base. Wix is the world No.1 drag & drop website creation platform.
  2. We got positive responses from Wix old customers. (97% of its old customers still love it)
  3. Many celebrities including Hollywood actors/actresses, Forbes top business people, and many more world’s top successful people made their website using Wix. See Wix stories.
  4. You can see all Wix live running websites on Wix explore website examples.

We don’t find any issues on its reputation. To know its all disadvantages read the below sections.

Wix Customer Satisfaction Overal Score – 97%

Wix Templates – Are Its Themes & Designs Good Enough? Or It Is a Waste Of Time?

Over 600 website templates are available and all templates are free..!! But really all Templates are developed by Experts? how to know these templates are good enough?
In this section, you will get the answers to the following questions.

  • How really good are its templates and designs?
  • How is the theme customization & flexibility?
  • How your Wix website will appear on mobile, tablets and other different sized devices with different browsers?
  • What are the pros & cons?
  • Will Wix templates stand out from other top companies templates?
  • How to know, Wix templates are well coded or out-dated?

Below I revealed all secrets with simple tests with easy method. So any school kid can understand this..!! Below clear your doubts now in 5 minutes.

Wix Theme Responsiveness – Do All Templates Are Mobile Friendly?

Can You Make a Responsive Website In Wix?
Does Your Wix Website Will Automatically Fit & Display Properly On All Type & Size Devices With All Browsers? See the test results.

Wix mobile friendly test for an example template showed a good score for responsive.
Wix mobile-friendly test for an example template to know its responsiveness

See Wix mobile-friendly test.
In Wix, all templates made responsively. You no need to worry. I made a test via google developer tool. It got 96 marks out of 100. Really impressive. Also, its mobile speed and desktop speed is showing green color with a surprising result of 97 and 88 scores. This test revealed Wix templates are developed with the superior quality.

Are Wix Templates Uses The Latest Or Out-Dated Technology?

Look: You will get all types of looking pages. All
templates are loaded with stunning designs templates are loaded with stunning designs and retina ready web pages with a professional look. See an example below. (This is a Food & Restaurants Landing page template example)

Wix template retina ready colors & designs are made highly attractive.
Wix template example

If you look at the above template slowly, you will notice the colors are smoothly contrasted to our eye. In a single look, you can grasp all the elements on that page. Your eye can distinguish different items very easily. Even you see it on any retina screen like iPhone display, it will not get slightly blur or unattractive. It can adapt any high-resolution screen. This is a retina ready design. Users spend more time on retina-ready pages than non-retina ready pages. Many business owners are spending thousands of dollars to make retina ready design to get more conversations & profit. But Wix offers free retina-ready templates for you..!

Code: How well coded Wix templates? See here I made a test.

I visited Wix templates, page, then I clicked a template randomly. Then I tested whether it uses SEO friendly structural data markup.

Wix example template google structural data test results showed 0 errors and 0 warnings.
Wix example template’s Google structural data test results

See Wix templates structural data test on Google tool

Most of the drag & drop website creation platform companies don’t care its backend processes. But Wix templates are developed by high professionals & you can’t find any errors. Also, it uses the latest data markup language. This structure is Google friendly.

Blank template Vs Designed Template – A Speed Test To Confirm Whether Templates Are Developed With High Efficiency.
I Made two sample websites with Wix.

  1. The first website with Blank Template. 
  2. The second website with Designed Template

Then I tested Both Website Speed. Oh..! What is the Catch Here?
If a Blank Template speed is close with Designed Template, then Designed template is not taking much time to load.
This means Designed Templates are made by experts or Wix really Cares about its quality in code level or back-end also.

This is a Blank Wix Template Loading Speed.

Blank Wix Template website Speed Test showed faster than 88%
Blank Wix Template website Speed Test Result

This is a Designed Wix Template Loading Speed.

Designed Wix Template website Speed Test showed faster than 85%
Designed Wix Template website Speed Test result.

Blank Template is faster than 88%

Designed Template Is Faster Than 85%

88% — 85% = 3%

Just 3% difference..!!!


Blank Template Page Size        =669.2 KB

Designed Template Page Size  = 1.3 MB

The Designed Template Is Nearly 2 times the size of the blank template.


Blank Template Loading Speed         =1.13 seconds

Designed Template loading Speed    =1.31 seconds

Difference                                       =18 seconds.

Its Page size difference is 2 times, But loading time is NOT 2 times..!! But Surprisingly it is very close to the blank template..!!!!
This means Wix Templates are made with high standard. These templates are coded with high accuracy. I really impressed. I put 5/5 Star.

Theme Customization & Flexibility – Does It give You Full Freedom?

Can You Able Make a Wonderfully Designed Websites Using Wix That Stand Out From The Crowd?
Imagine, A person visits your website, Once he looks at your website, He exhaling without knowing him like Awwwww……….!!!!!

Do you want to make your website visitor feel like Yaay…!!!?
Is really Wix makes your website amazing?
Let’s see how you can customize or change anything.

using Wix Designs flexibility and Customization you can make an amazing website
Wix Designs Flexibility and Customization options

Above picture itself is shouting, How flexible utilities are available to make a website amazingly.

  1. You can Change Your Designs & Themes Anything into Anything.
  2. Wix has thousands of Design.
  3. Within each design collection, you can change thousands of features.
  4. You can change theme design layouts, color, view, background, effects and much more in just a single click with no skill.
  5. You can add your own design
  6. You can change the color, Theme, View & Layouts of your own designs and photos also…!! (This is one of the high-end function)
  7. You can add background video
  8. Every option has every possible option and infinite Flexibility
  9. Hundreds of beautifully, professionally, clickable designs are available. You no need to do anything. You can save a lot of time and also you can build your dream website as your imaginations.
  10. You can create unlimited pages.

(There are a lot of things you will know while editing your website. I will not explain here because everything is easy & you will know it. Let’s talk about important things.)

Wix Template Last Punch

  1. Your Wix website automatically fits for any devices from desktop to small screen smartphones. It got impressive results in Responsive & Mobile friendly test.
  2. Templates Look is retina ready with highly professional designs.
  3. Templates developed without any coding errors or warning. Also, its structure is the latest one with data markup language in programs. This is Google friendly.
  4. Both back-end (Codes) & front-end(Look) are the latest ones, not out-dated like other website builders.
  5. All templates are free. You can sort category-wise. Within the category, you can again sort sub-category-wise.
  6. Modify, add different functions, delete, redesign, drag & drop and anything you can do with no knowledge. You can also add your own programs or third-party codes. Wix gives you 100% freedom..!
  7. You can add effects to your own design & you can attach and combine professional designs with your own things…!

We tested, analyzed over & over to find any issues. But we failed to find any disadvantage here. Wix website builder is the only company that doesn’t have any cons in Template section.
(Many reviewers pointed that You can’t change your template in Wix after designed your website. But they don’t understand properly about Wix functions. You no need to change any theme if you want to modify your website…! This is 100% flexible. you can modify Completely anything into anything in minutes.)

Wix Templates Overall Score : 95%

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Wix Features – Does It Really Make Magic For You?

Will Wix features and Functions really help you? Or It is built simply to show some dummy functions to attract more users & to get more profit for its founders and investors?
Is Wix doing business gimmick?
Long back I created a website with Wix, I got some negative experience & in my mind arises the above doubts, because, I was not understanding how to use all the functions effectively.
But..the next day I understood, Wix has solid features that give you a smooth environment to make your website beautiful and workable. (Take a look at the below screenshot & observe some features that are incorporated with the editor in the front end.)

Wix Functions & Features and Their Customization flexibility included texts, images, gallery, button, box, shape etc.
Wix Functions & Features and Their Customization flexibility

At first, it seems, only texts, images, gallery, button, box, shape etc. But within every option, there are hundreds of settings and customization and much more..!
This is not enough, These are just a showcase. Wix apps will give you infinite features and functions. Wix App Market itself a big function in Wix..!!
In the above picture, I just showed buttons example, but within the button, there are many categories. Within categories, many setting. Within settings many customizations. Wow..! really amazing.[/cs_text][x_custom_headline level=”h3″ accent=”false”]Wix App Market[/x_custom_headline][cs_text]How will Wix App Market help you? Okay Before that I want to ask two simple questions.
How many apps did you install on your Android or IOS?
Why you install apps on your smartphone?
I install apps because,
I want to play games.
I want to read ebooks
I want to listen to music.
I want Online Shopping Application, Maps, study tools, recharge, chatting, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat Oh..! I need hundreds of apps for different purposes. If I want to chat with my friend, I no need to build a new app or I no need to learn codings. there are already ready-made apps are available. In the same way, Wix App Market Works.
It is just like a google play store.
Okay, We want apps for our smartphones to see many websites, but What will do Apps in the Website itself? Oh..! you may know about Web apps. These apps are like plugins. They built for the specific task. For example, If I want to sell it online, I can install wonderful online store apps. So that I can run my website without any knowledge. All payment method will add to your website automatically..!!

In 2012, Wix user-base reached 25 Million & it opens up its app Market for the third party. After that, Wix apps grew exponentially & still, it is growing. Third-Party means Anyone can make Wix apps like android & IOS apps.
This means any companies can start to build a lot of apps for Wix or existing services can start to add them to the Wix Apps Market.
At present (2017) Wix user-base reached 100+ Million..!!! And It encouraging more and more app developers, many Softwares & online service companies to build more apps.
In Wix App Market, You will get Unlimited Apps like IOS & Android..!!! Every your needs, there is an app in Wix.
This will give you the real power of Everything to make Anything with Nothing to build a Stunning Website…!!

Wix App Market Popular Apps like chat system, online shop, blog, photography, business, online marketing and more
Wix App Market Popular Apps

Wix App Market Popular Apps are chat system, online shop, blog, photography, business, online marketing related and more.
Every app, you can see its review also.
For the same task, there are hundreds of apps are competing one another..!!
For each app, Wix introduced app review. So that you can know, which one is the best for you without testing it.
If you use any apps, you can also give a rating.

Wix Apps Review by its real customers. They rated 5 stars for most of the applications.
Wix Apps Review by its real customers

Some apps are downloaded more than a million times..!! It is a surprising thing. Because most of the people can understand easily about the usage of Wix apps. This shows how it is easy to add an app to your website.
Every Month, Millions Of Wix Apps are installing by people. Wix apps are very popular. It is really useful and gives you a great power to build anything you want within a minute..!!
Unlike other website builders, Wix has a large number of apps, so its maturity is also high. If apps are your top preferences, I recommend Wix for you.

E-Commerce – Can You Able To Run An Online Store Yourself?

Wix eCommerce is one of the best online store application. It is one of the most used eCommerce tools.
Let’s See, What is Happening Inside Wix?

Wix eCommerce app market Review
Wix eCommerce apps Review

Wix has a separate App Category For Online Store. And Every App is reviewed by more than 100 users. Totally Wix eCommerce Apps Got More Than Thousands Of Reviews. If you see at these, 90% of apps got 4+ stars out of 5. This means a huge number of customers are satisfied with Wix.
How Many People Added Wix eCommerce Apps To Their Website?
It is also important, because, if no one is using these apps, that means, bugs are not fixed. If more people are using apps, Then Apps are matured with the high standard without any mistakes.
See this photo.

Wix online store app installs
Wix online store app installs

Here is another screenshot.

Wix eCommerce Apps are popular & added millions of people for their online store.
How popular Wix eCommerce Apps

If you see all apps, you will know, Wix eCommerce apps are using millions of people.

Are payment apps really good?

Wix App Paypal Button Reviews showed 5 stars
Wix App Paypal Button Reviews

I don’t want to explain more about this. Do you know why?
I just put a picture here. See first this PayPal rating. How do you feel? 5/5 stars with 220 reviews..!!  That means all 220 people gave 5 stars without missing a single person..!!
I think you understand everything from this photo only.

Wix Features Last Punch

  1. You no need to learn anything to use any function or apps.
  2. Wix included all essential features & all are easy to use.
  3. You can add any features from the editing page.
  4. No restriction, infinite possibilities, customization, combinations of different features, surprising apps and more exciting things, those you can’t get in any website builder.
  5. Wix app market is a magical world. Using its app, you can build anything in minutes.
  6. Wix opened its app market for the third party. So different types of apps are growing exponentially.
  7. Wix apps are got highly impressive reviews from its paying subscribers.
  8. Wix has special features for business, photography, online store, music (See Wix Music Review 2020 – Are Musicians & Bands Really Loved It?)designers, restaurants, accommodations, Events, portfolio & CV.
  9. Monetization or Ways To Make Money – Wix offers you to make money online through all possible ways. There is no restriction. Earn money from Google AdSense, Just selling digital or physical goods, Make a big online store, Different type of apps for advertisement networking, Business apps, Marketing tools and much more.
  10. You can add your blogger, WordPress, Tumblr site to your Wix website..! Read How To Add Your Blogger Site With Your Wix Website In 5 min.  (WordPress & Tumblr also same method)


  1. A huge number of features & apps are there. So you may need sometimes to know everything. (But everything is easy)
  2. A few apps made their premium versions. So you need to pay if you want full versions of those few applications. (Don’t worry. 100s of apps are free. Only a few apps are premium & its prices are dirt cheap)

 Visit Wix & Try For Free


Wix User Experience – Will It Make You Happy Or Give You Many Troubles?

How do people feel while making their website using Wix website builder? I created 100’s of the website on Wix. I also build 1000’s websites on all top website builder. My personal opinion is just amazing. Wix delivers more than you expected. Wix ADI will build stunning websites for you. It is using Artificial Intelligence and it will automatically build websites exactly what’s on your mind..!!.

How Much Cool? Is It Really Best & Easier Than Any Other Website Builders?

Wix zoom-out helps you to design & rearranging the whole page at once.

Once you clicked on Zoom out and reorder button, you see the full page at once & you can rearrange any section.
View & Organize all the section of the page at once

Wix is the only website builder in the world that uses AI with user-friendly in real-time. All functions and apps are available from the front end editor. So you can get access to anything from the front end. This provides you with extra control & smartness while you designing your website. Unlike others grid-wise hard drag & drop Wix made the smoothest drag & drop. You can promote your website. That’s marketing. You no need to hire any marketing experts. Here everything is possible as do it yourself. It doesn’t matter how hard are those jobs, but Wix made everything is easy. This is really a cool website builder.

How Is Wix Dashboard & Other Important Settings?

You can see or change all your website stats, management & everything from one powerful easy dashboard.

Wix Dashboard included all essential settings like edit, view, connecting domain, duplicate, delete, rename, site history (Restore) transfer website, new site, apps and more. Wix gives you full control over your website. That means you will own your website 100%.

If you don’t satisfy, You can get a refund. If you cancel your payment within 14 days of your purchase, you will get the full refund. To cancel your payment is very easy. Go to billing & payments & click on Wix package subscription & click manage to cancel your payment.

After clicking on manage, you will see these options.

You can do your website works, checking stats & everything from your smartphones. Check out Wix apps below.

Wix android apps
Wix IOS apps

Wix User Experience Last Punch

  1. Wix uses Artificial Intelligence. It will help you to design a stunning website in a minute according to your needs & dreams.
  2. 100% drag & drop builder & you will get full control. Even you can drag elements or blocks one above another (Some people say, this is a disadvantage because sometimes elements overlapped one above another. but I think they don’t know Wix toolbar, rulers, gridlines & snap to object tools. When you are dragging, Wix shows you, rulers, gridlines, snap to object & toolbar. So it is easy to arrange the elements. Oh..! If the builder does not 100% drag & drop, then you can’t arrange the function one above another & you can’t able to design an exciting page.)
  3. You can manage everything from a single dashboard.


  1. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is still developing. Sometimes it may not make you happy.
Wix Overall user Experience Score: 97%

Wix Web Hosting – Does It Runs Your Website In A Healthy Way?

How to know, Wix Web Hosting is good or bad? Even, If they cheat, you can’t understand, where they cheated. Because it’s all about back-end tech processes. Don’t worry. Here I made all necessary tests with its results. Within hosting, there are hundreds of factors you need to know. I checked everything, But here I mentioned only the main factors with easily understandable language.

    1. Is It Runs Your Website Smoothly? What about Uptime?:- All Wix websites run in a healthy way. In our test, we found minimum downtime & its uptime is 99.98%..!
    2. Wix Security – Will It Able To Protect Your Debit/Credit Cards & Websites From Black Hat Hackers, Viruses & Malware? :-
      Wix Domain Name Security Test
      Wix Domain Name Security Test

      Let’s check its heartbeat vulnerability.

      wix security test heartbleed vulnerability
      wix security test heartbleed vulnerability

      Wix security test result showed it is safe and protected by powerful antivirus. Wix can protect your website & information. See Wix heartbeat vulnerability test

    3. Domain – You will get a free domain name. You can register different type of TLD’s (Top level domain names) like .com, .org, .net, .shop, .uk, .design etc. See list of available domain names from Wix
    4. Do You Get Professional or Business Emails?:- Yes, You can register unlimited business emails. See more about Wix mailbox.
    5. Backup & Restore – Can It Allow You To Take Backup & Restore Your Website, Incase You Did Something Wrong With Your site?:-  Yes. You can restore your website unlimited times for free. One amazing thing is, everytime you changes your website, automatically it takes backup in website history. You can take any backup at any time in a few seconds with single click & also you can come back to your current site. This means they store your website’s all history on their servers. This is just amazing. This one you can’t find in any other company (Wix specialty)
    6. Wix SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) – Will It Index Your Website On Google Effectively?-Yes. Wix will index your website in a healthy manner. But many SEO experts and webmaster say Wix is very harmful & not SEO friendly. If you get these type of opinion from any people, then just assume they are not experts( Here I proved why Wix is best for SEO). They give reasons like Wix pages URL uses # tag, so it associated with javascript, it’s codes are not SEO friendly etc. If you heard this, you can assume they are old & out-dated webmasters. Today’s Google algorithm does not depend on those things. Google ranks your website based on shares, trust/backlinks from authority sites & website performance, security, pageviews, bounce rate, user interaction & experience etc.
      • Wix will effectively index your site on google Automatically
      • In Wix app market, you will see many SEO related apps (If you are an advanced user)
      • Wix has effective sharing buttons.
      • Wix awesome designs will increase total time users are spending on your page (User experience or bounce rate)
      • Web pages loads faster. It will increases pageviews (CTR).
      • Wix allows you to add a caption, alt text (alternative caption) for images.
      • You can use Heading, sub-heading tags 1, 2, 3 etc.
      • In the dashboard, a Separate SEO setting provides you to set everything.
      • Other 200+ minor factors those you don’t need to know. Because Wix run it automatically
      In our review, Wix built with everything for effective SEO. You no need to worry about Wix SEO.
    7. Website Speed –  Does All  Wix Users Website Loading Speed Is Good Or Most Of The Time Their Website Getting Stuck? (Wix is a Highly dynamic website with lots of web functions. but still, Wix is faster than 90%)
      Wix website page loading Speed is faster than 90% of all tested sites.
      Wix website Review & Speed Test From NewYork

      Wix website speed is really good. It is one of the fastest websites even though it is a highly dynamic website..!! So you need to worry. Wix web hosting is strong enough to speed up any type of site. Also, I already discussed the Templates speed. Both will influence your website loading time. Both are highly superior quality and definitely boost your website speed faster than your competitors.

      (Note: Website overall speed not just depends on the template, but several factors. How To Make Your Wix Website To Load Super Fast (7 Easy Task)           Also see Wix Website Speed Review 2020 – Really Its Sites Load Faster?

Wix Web Hosting Last Punch

  1. Wix web hosting uptime is 99.98%.
  2. Wix is protected by a strong antivirus.
  3. Free domain name
  4. Unlimited business emails.
  5. You can transfer your website to another’s account.
  6. You can do a backup or restore to your website for free at any time.
  7. One of the amazing things is your Wix website history tool. You can view & restore from any changes in your website..!!. That is included every day and every time you saved your website during editing. You can restore those editing also. Your backup will be stored forever on Wix web hosting servers. So if you make mistakes and found after you finished your website, you can restore to any edition. This surprising service offers Wix only, you can’t find this high-level tool in any other website builders even web developing platforms don’t have this tool.
  8. Your website will index properly on all search engines. One surprising thing is, Google itself mentioned about Wix on its webmasters SEO page..!
  9. Wix website speed is excellent. Your website loading time will boost its strong hosting with quality templates.


  1. If you hate Wix, Don’t worry. Just migrate your website to any web hosting or builder company you love. You can use Wix to WordPress plugin for migration to other companies and also many websites migrating software are available. But you will lose the design, animations, apps and other functions. Only text, images, video, and website structure can be transfer.
  2. One Critic news:- In 2015 Google bots are updated entirely & released a new version. After that suddenly Wix sites are not getting indexed on Google. Because Wix uses Ajax for rendering. (Quickly Wix noticed this issue to Google. Oh..! Even Google feared because In Wix already, billions of websites are created with 100+ million users..!  But Bing and other search engine bots are not got this issue. After a week Google modified and make a special entry for Wix..! Many magazines published this as a critic news but I believe This is the power of Wix Because Google itself changed its bots for Wix..!) Wix is a big company. You no need to worry about anything.
Wix Site Hosting Overall Score – 85%

 Visit Wix & Try For Free



Wix Support – How Good Their customer Care & Help?

Will you get smooth help from smart people?
Are Wix users getting good support from experts?
Usually, you no need any support to build any type of website. Because already so many tutorials, video training, blogs, and much more references & resources are available for free. For every problem, don’t contact the Wix team. just search on google. you will get the right answer. If you can’t find any solution, then only contact them.

Wix Customer Care Contact Numbers

Universal +1 800-600-0949

From the U.S dial toll-free 1-800-6000-WIX (949)

From the UK dial toll-free +44-808-164-1677

From all other countries dial +1-415-639-9034

If you are outside the USA & UK, your phone call may get a higher bill.
For the Outside USA, call this number:- 1-415-639-9034
But the above number is not toll-free. Outside the USA toll-free offer is not available.
You may get quite higher charges. For example: If you call from India, 16Rs/Min.
You can schedule phone calls. But I suggest you get help from the ticket system or use VOIP services. call them via Skype, This allows you to call for free.

I recommend you go for an alternate way to contact Wix team instead of phone calls. You will get a lot of answers with screenshots, videos, and good blogs. So you can understand easily. But if you call, they may suggest something, You can’t find that easy. It is totally messing up. So always use the ticket system. It is a convenient way to get help in the areas of web creation or any online tool support.

What are the ways, you can get help from Wix?

You can get help through 11 different ways. I listed all on the Last punch box below.

This is WebsiteBuilderLy.com, you will get free help. If you have any problem, comment below.
If you want to contact me personally, then mail my personal email : – jack@websitebuilderly.com

Wix Support Last Punch
Pros:  You can get help from Wix by 11 different ways..!!

  1. Wix Support Center has a vast number of guides
  2. From Wix Ticket System, you can give the details of your problem with the screenshot. Wix webmasters provide you the easy solution. (This is the best support system. I prefer this way over phone calls)
  3. Wix Blogs give you updates.
  4. Wix Forums discussions may help you to solve common mistakes.
  5. Wix App Third-Party Support. In the app market so many companies providing applications for different purposes. They will give you support for their app-related problems.
  6. Wix training Videos for beginners.
  7. Wix Arena  – Here you can get amazing web designs and everything from Freelance designers. But you need to pay extra for this support. (Remember, most of the website builder doesn’t have any freelance developers. If your business jump like the skyrocket, then you may need them.)
  8. Wix Lounge (Wix provides you support personally..! You can discuss your online business with experts for free. You can get offline help..!)
  9. Wix Customer Care by phone. You can request a call back from experts.
  10. Wix Community Meetup
  11. Me..!!! (Comment below, you will get a response within 24 hours)


  1. Sometimes, you need to wait for phone support. (But the ticket system is the best way to get help in any type of IT related problem like software, website, application etc. Because phone call is not convenient. Its presence is instant only. But, if you get help from the ticket system, you can see it again at any time. I think that’s why Wix recommends its ticket system. But most of the time, you will get the answer from any 10 ways those I mentioned above.)

Wix Pricing & Plans – Is It Worth For You?

For more information see – Wix Pricing –  How To Avoid Wrong Plan & App combination For Your Needs & How To Save Money?

Wix is the easiest website builder, surprisingly it is also affordable..!

Wix’s basic plans start at just $5/month. For all higher plans, you will get a free domain name worth $15, enough storage & bandwidth. The Unlimited Plan is the most popular. Besides the pricing, you can try Wix for FREE.

  1. Basic plan – $5/month
  2. Combo plan –  $11/month (Recommended for beginners, Because you will get a free domain name & the domain name set up automatically. You don’t need to purchase a new domain & connect it)
  3. Unlimited plan –  $14/month (Highly Recommended for all. This gives you full freedom. Everybody enjoying with is plan & definitely you will enjoy)
  4. eCommerce – $17/month (This is really cheaper than Shopify’s starter plan..! Wix provide full eCommerce features just for $17/month while Shopify charges you $299/month..! & almost all good eCommerce solution charges you heavily. Wix provides you the easiest online store as well as cheapest Because user base is growing & Wix IPO or stock is skyrocketing. So they don’t need to make a high profit, instead, they care about customer satisfaction with little profit.)
  5. VIP – $25/month (This is just amazing, experience the real unlimitedness)
wix pricing and plans starts $5/month
wix pricing and plans

Wix Pricing & Plans Last Punch

  • Wix all plans are really really worth if you compare with other website builders. It doesn’t mean Wix is poor quality, But Wix got a huge investment, So they give cheaper plan while they just make a little profit. Even the little profit can sustain Wix business Because their user base is growing & customer is not leaving. So this boost investors confident & Wix is updating, innovating faster even they don’t make the profit.


  • For the basic plan, they don’t provide free domain name, You have to purchase & connect a separate domain. If you are a beginner, you may find difficult to connect it.
  • For basic plans, they put Wix ads in the footer. (But it is too cheap & Wix is not actually charge for unnecessary things. You can give your credit card & you can trust it)

Wix Reviews By Web Designers, Masters & Me..!

We invited many web designers in our network to vote in my websitebuilderly.com for helping people to find the best website builders. They reviewed & voted every website builder on our list. Here is the final sum for Wix.
Web Designers & Masters Final Review

Features - 98%
Hosting - 87%
Technical - 93%
User Interface - 99%

Web Designers Rank For Wix



UI & features





 Visit Wix & Try For Free


 .9 Wix Review Conclusion: Personalized Advices For You..!

When Not To Use

When To Use?

View -1

If you want to build a website for

View – 2

If you want your website

  • Quick & Easy to create, modify, manage & promote
  • should load faster.
  • latest trending designs
  • Retina ready
  • Multi-language support
  • Want to sell digital or physical or anything with your any type of website without knowing anything…!

I hope you got all the information about Wix. Now the decision is yours. If you got any doubts, then Comment below & get a response within 24 hours directly from the author Jack Climax.


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