How To Start An Online Store With No Money | 6 Different Proven Ways

Do you want to start your own online store? But you have no money, right? Then How to Start an Online Store with no money? Most of the people are suffering the same problem. Our “WebsiteBuilderLy” online strategy team introducing a new type of business, that is “Duck To Luck Ecommerce”. This is a new type of Online store business idea. Using this method, you can start a web store with almost no money & you can start it alone. I am not saying this business idea our invention, but we made some innovations to it. This business idea is already using many entrepreneurs.
Now Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Alibaba are partially started this business strategy to increase their revenue.
This is Technology days. You can start your own online shopping website within a day..!
Keep Kalm & read slowly

In this post, you can find following topics

  • Highlights to start an online store with Duck To Luck E-commerce strategies
  • Starting your own online business
  • How to make an eCommerce website without any skill in a few hours.
  • How to sell through your online store with no money & without buying any items (with legally..!!!)
  • How to set-up everything for running the online store by using existing services in 2 hours.
  • 6 ways to start an online store with no money.
    1.  Cracking the Old Business
    2. Display Online store products Using universal affiliate
    3. Local cart zero risks with guaranteed income
    4. Drop-Shipping
    5. Affiliate Marketing program
    6. Start-up Seed Funding Program
  • How to take advantages of your position.
  • How to maximize your business without paid advertisement.

Highlights Of Starting An Online Store With No Money Concept.

  • Online business is not like the traditional business, here your idea plays an important role. Within online stores, there are so many businesses floating & making millions on the internet(Below I gave a few ideas). This is your starting point of online shopping business.
  • People need a good online shopping website with options like compare price, easy navigation, cash on delivery, fast delivery etc. This is your business basics. You can set-up all service in 2 hours without an initial deposit.
  • Many bloggers are making millions by joining affiliate marketing with Amazon, Flipkart & more. These people are selling Amazon, Flipkart product & taking the commissions. Anyone can start affiliate marketing with no money. This is not your idea, but this is your business strategy.

This shows without any investment you can start an online store..!!
Below I gave details with step by step.

Before you must read: 7 Strategies to start Your Own Online Store

Starting Your Own Online Store Business

You No need to follow old long e-commerce Business steps.

You need to set-up your business in online. The very first step is to make an online shopping website. It doesn’t cost too much & no technical knowledge is needed.

Okay, how to create an online store website? You don’t need to be a software engineer to build an eCommerce website. Today’s advanced tools can help you to create anything automatically. You no need any skill. Just read the below quick tutorial.

See this 10 Minute GuideHow To Make A Website? 3 Different Ways
Showed With Step By Step For Beginners.
Choose The One You Liked (2018 Awarded Easiest Guide)
You may already read many ways to set up your own online store. But.. forget everything, just read the above tutorial. The above website creation tutorial is the cheapest and the best. You can set up within $3.95/month. However, if you are ready to invest more money like $300/month, then go for Shopify. (But remember, too costly doesn’t mean good service)

Find a Domain Name For Your eCommerce Website But Don’t Buy..!

Find a domain name, that is your website name or company or brand name. Domain name cost is $10 (standard price). This domain name price may vary from company to company.
But don’t buy a domain name for cheap or without researching the company. It may harm you in many ways. For example, you may get a problem during the renewed period or after the 1-month company will strongly recommend some products like extra domain guard & other expensive unnecessary software products to add to your domain name. I don’t want to discuss more about it.
I suggest don’t buy a domain name early. Because when you are purchasing hosting, you will get 1 free domain name. So automatically it will connect to your website. (If you purchased from GoDaddy or other domain providers, then you need to connect the domain name with your hosting. It needs little bit knowledge)

I mentioned it registering a domain name is the first step, because it is the actual step by step process, if I mention hosting is the first step, it might look like unprofessional for those who know a little bit about online business.

If you felt like Shopify pricing too costly, then I recommend you to read the above orange button tutorial. But it may difficult for at the beginning. You need at least 1 week to learn about Siteground- WordPress E-Commerce website designing.

find a Web Hosting With all E-Commerce Requirements

Find a good hosting company. From your hosting, you can control everything with a single click. Below I mentioned some highly reputed companies and also their prices is affordable.
Best hosting companies for e-commerce business

Visit above websites to see the hosting plan
If you want to start in India
Host in the big rock. They will give standard Cpanel to control your website.
If you wanted to start other than India
Host in SiteGround. Because they give free CDN set-up with 4 continent servers, Free SSL, Free WordPress assistant, Free Cart & Complete E-Commerce Requirement. CDN means Content Delivery Network. This loads web pages very fast. After all this, you can install WordPress on your hosting panel or Cpanel. It is easy. Just one click is enough to install a WordPress. Within WordPress, there are so many eCommerce themes are there. Select the one which you like.

You Can Make an eCommerce website for free in 1 day without coding knowledge just reading the above orange button tutorial.

You can Make any type of Online Shopping Website Without Any skill using web builders or ready-made eCommerce websites.

If you need any technical help or any online stuff, you can comment below or Just send your Query to our contact page & get free guidance.
We will give you the complete online business solution including Web Design, Cloud Hosting, SEO, Marketing, Advertising, Search Localization, Delivery Services, & Every essential thing for the E-commerce website.

Building an e-commerce website is easy, but Search Engine Optimization, Putting your website in the cloud or website Performance needs some technical knowledge.
you have no money to start an online store, but you want to start your own online store, right?
Every problem has a solution, but you need to find out. You can build an online store for free.

Try Shopify Free Trial

But remember, you can use only 1 month free & after that, you need to pay its price. But that is worthy.
You can sign up for free for 1 month after that money back guarantees also there..!!
Shopify is a good online shopping software & it is a reputed company. You can also start an online shop on your Facebook account using Shopify for free..!
It is really easier than Etsy. It gives you more control.

Shopify Advantage

  • No technical skill is needed at the beginning.
  • Easy dashboard.
  • Fast & secure
  • Trusted & reputed company

If you choose other online store builders, you may face several problems like Customization is limited
You need to select the business plan from their limited templates
In the beginning, you will not get any problem, but slowly you need pay high & transfer is also difficult.
Many Unknown problems (I experienced). So I highly recommend Shopify.

After Creating Your Online Store Website, use the following techniques & find which one will work for you.

How To Make Profit Through Your Online Store With No Money?

Now you already knew how to create your own online store website without investment. So you can read the following ideas for your eCommerce.

6 Ways To Get Quick Profit From Your eCommerce Website Without Losing Your Money..!

1. Cracking The Old Business

You need just one online shopping website. In online, learning and applying real-time strategies are more important than your knowledge.
Most of the retailers don’t know how to sell through online. because they just feared to apply new technology to their business. Most of the people never tried to meet any web designers or software companies and some old people’s businesses are running steady & they are not an enthusiast. So they never worried about online. Now your work is to make worry to them about online business.

  • Find some retailers
  • Explain about your business.
  • How can they sell more products through online? &
  • Don’t tell everything at once. First, understand how well they know about online business.
  • Then slowly explain how much difficulty to start & manage an online store.
  • Give a Promise that all Online business processes are taking care of you with free.
  • Make agreements.
  • Show their products on your Online Store.
  • conduct meeting with all retailers that are associated with you.
  • Launch with publicly with taking help from the same retailers.
  • So more sellers will join & also your website will get more visitors.
  • now you will get both at once, more visitors & more products.
  • Make local news, and don’t waste money for advertisements. If you got a lot of investment, then you can start the campaign.
  • Note: Our team is always happy to help for online entrepreneurs. You can contact us for effective online marketing.
  • Whenever order comes, notification will go to respective retailers mobile or email.
  • He will able to see customers address & he will deliver the products.
    Or you can take this process yourself.
  • You need to make proper payment setting.
  • Payment will receive their type. E.g if the customer is using cash on delivery option, their bank account will be credited after shipping the product.
  • For every sale, you will get the commissions.

2. Display Someone’s Online store products For Commission

Display someone’s online store product

The simplest & easiest way to selling through your online shopping website is to show someone’s online store products on your website..! So you no need to take products photo, description, and many marketing works.

  • Write 100s of blogs about the items those you will sell
  • Get backlinks from good websites
  • Automatically your website search result will come on Google.
  • Apply Amazon Affiliate Marketing.
  • Contact small online stores
  • Make agreements through online (If the owner is near to you, it is better to contact personally)
  • Display their products. Every product inserts their affiliate link.
  • For Every sale, you will get the commissions.

3. Local Cart Zero Risks With Guaranteed Income

You can start a Local Online store to fulfill exclusively for certain Institutions or company.
For example, If you are a college student, you can start an online college food store to supply foods to respective classrooms.
When I was at Christ University, Taking the food was a big problem. Launch time of all classes are the same, that means, more than 42,0000 students come out from the class at 1.00 PM. That time full rush in the college cafe.
Some people like to eat in class with friends. They enjoy with friends on the classes than the outside rush. All are sharing their food to one another, singing, playing with many fun games. But when you go outside for food, You can’t get full privacy and it consumes a lot of time. So students are not getting enough time to enjoy. All time is wasting to go and standing in the queue or waiting for their order. It is irritating to all. If you give classroom delivery like home delivery, this business will hit.

  • Just contact all food stores.
  • Tell them about your online business.
  • If they don’t agree, contact another one.
  • Show foods on your website. Whenever any student order, Notification will go. (Tell students to order early, so they will get at the perfect time)
  • If you find necessary, at the beginning you need to take a low commission.
  • Once students are addicted to this, you are a hero, you can hike the commission per sale.
  • If they don’t agree, you have the ability to start your own food store…!! Or you can contact nearest another food store, Because, that time students become your customers. Remember, order receiver is always the king.

Students will order 12.00 PM. That is In between the sessions or periods before the launch time or morning.
Nowadays all having the mobile with the internet. If Mobiles are not allowed in the college, don’t worry. Nobody cares.If one student has a mobile with the internet, then the whole class will order using his/her mobile. Because student life is like that no?
Umm, I think you also got many situations like this.
OR you can give the option to order by Call.
Once user made an order through the internet, a message will go to the respective food shop owner.
He will deliver respective classroom. Remember, You are the king, Because food owners getting the order through your website, if you don’t satisfy food store service, you can change.

4. DropShipping

Read : What Is Drop Shipping

This is the best way to make money online from home.
If you took Dropshipping company services, you no need to worry about delivery & payment collection (Cash on delivery option also). (Or you can start your own DropShipping Company.)
Delivery is the biggest challenge. But it is not a difficulty. There are so many companies provides delivery services. Most of the small online store owners deliver their products with the help of these companies. Just type “delivery services” on Google  FedEx, DHL are the top delivery service providers.
Drop-Shipping is the best option for online stores
You just contact delivery services and make a successful delivery. Even you can give cash on delivery option.
You can also apply this service to above 1 & 2 option.
Once you getting success, I mean once you got more visitors & more sales, You can start to sell your own products.

5. Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon, Flipkart & the most of the online shopping companies started an affiliate program.
Using this program, you can get commissions up to 20% by just referring their products.
This is the best way to make money online for those who have product review blog.

How does affiliate marketing program work?
Apply for affiliate marketing program to any top online store.
They give a unique code link.
If anyone bought products through your link, you will get 5-20% commission. It depends on the item.
You can display their product with your affiliate ID or you can share your affiliate link on social media or you can use any method like the invitation, e-mail Marketing, Blogging etc
You go some product based blog or Facebook page & comment with your link. Some people will click & you can earn money online without having any website or blog & without any investment. But it will not work for a long time/

6. Startup Seed Funding

You can get investment from startup seed funding program. Here you need to make a seminar and you need to have a firm mind in the present and future business. You need to show you are a true entrepreneur. You may get many questions from investors. If you pass all these tests, You will get fund. With no money of yours, you can start an online store or any e-commerce business. If you got a huge investment, you can expand your business. You will become CEO of the company and your popularity will kick to a sky.

How to take advantages of your position?

You can take big advantages of your position or profession.
If you are a college student, You can do as I explained above
To know this, Stay connected with us. “New business ideas for teens, students” this article is coming soon.
If you are an employee of the big company, you can launch within the company environment to serve especially for your company. So Without marketing, you will get success.

How to maximize your business without paid advertisement.

The best method is to maximize your sale is launching your website in public.
It will become news. So without ads, your business will float on media.

If you can’t launch, Start your own affiliate program. There is no risk. It is not like an advertisement. If your product buys a someone from your any affiliate ID, the respective broker will get a commission. So no risk.

Content marketing is a good practice to grow your sales. Google loves more data. If your website has a good information, Comparisons, News etc, Your site will come first in the google search. So automatically your business will grow exponentially.
If you use some tactics in content marketing, you can grow your business successfully.
Read: 7 strategies to start your own online store.

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  1. It was so interesting to read and helpful information. I feel thanks to you for posting such a good blog, keep updates regularly.

  2. A platform like Shopify provides an easy option for setting your online store but it is not recommended If you want to have total control over your online store. But 99% of the time we don’t need full control.
    Also, you need to have some experience before you start in Dropship and Affiliate marketing.
    Am I Right?


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