How To Make Your Wix Website To Load Super Fast (7 Easy Task)

Is your Wix website loads very slow? do you want to speed up Wix site?  Many site owner wasting so many hours to boost the website speed to load faster than their competitors. But a few easy tricks can boost your Wix site & it takes just an hour..!! This post is for beginners and also experts who don’t know about this simple task to make a website load faster than other sites. Everybody wants to make a website, but nobody thinks about its loading speed. If your website loads slowly, then Google will take your site’s index in their backlists, Also, the user will bounce back. Today, Fast Loading websites are getting higher ranks in google.

Why This Post Is Special For You? & Why This Is More Superior Than Other Posts?

  1. All These tasks are easy and simple. Anyone can do this. It takes just 1 hour. So no Time-Waste.
  2. All these points are prepared with real-time test results & confirmation. I also posted speed test result screen shots. So there is No-Doubts
  3. I wrote tasks one by one with sorting most important. So the first points are very important. So you will get Preference-Sense in website speed.
  4. There are 100s of ways to boost your site loading speed. But I found only these 7 points take account more than 95% to make a website faster. So no Dump-Works
  5. I gave all task with very detailed explanations with examples. So there is No-Confusion.

Wait..! What Is My Website Speed? Is It Load Faster?

Wait, Before everything, I Highly recommended to read This  10 Minute Awarded Tutorial

How To Make A Website? 3 Completely Different Ways..!
With Step By Step. Choose The One You Liked
(2018 Awarded Easiest Guide)

 How To Make A Website? 3 completely Different Ways Showed..! With Step By Step. Choose The One You Liked (2018 Awarded Easiest Guide)

(In the above awarded tutorial, you will know how anyone can use easy drag & drop site builder more powerful than Wix..! In 5 Minutes..!!)

If I said something, it is not my guess, but it is proved experiments. I analyze, make tests & confirm. That’s why I write something after confirming everything with left nothing.

I want to test some random website to know, how much speed they have.

Let’s See America’s a few Hotel’s Website Speed.

Mandarin Oriental Is One Of The Hotel I picked randomly from the hotels list. Then I tested its website speed. See the result.

Sample test for slow loading website
Sample test for slow loading website

Only 67%. It is really bad for them. It loads very slow. They are losing so many customers just because of their website speed. 20% of people will bounce back if any web pages loading takes time according to web data analysis and report from Blomberg Business. People will not wait, because, there are so many hotels. People bounce back and go for another website. There are so many results in google. At least 20% People don’t care.

If people bounce back, Google considered, those websites are making the bad experience to users. So it will make those websites in its backlist. It’s SER (Search Engine Rank) will reduce.

If page speed is too slow, Google evaluates its SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Day by Day, the harmful effects will increases. So website speed is very important. Google announces it will give more importance to website speed in coming years. Because, you know, We have no time. We can’t wait for anything at anytime…!!

Let’s test another hotel’s website loading speed

I picked another hotel randomly. It was Lotteny Palace. See its website speed.

Slow Page Speed website
Slow Page Speed website


It is too slow. Only 64%. I don’t want to explain more about this. I already explained everything above.

Do you want to know, What is my website speed?

Let’s check my website speed.

WebsiteBuilderLy Loading Speed Test
My site WebsiteBuilderLy Speed Test

Are You Surprised?

My Website Is

Faster Than 97% Of All Tested Websites.

How was It possible for me?

At the first time, I created a new website and named it as, because I guide people about how to build a website and I review and finalized the 10 best website builders in the world. That’s why I gave a name to this site as

Quickly I understand, just building a website is not enough & building an amazing website is also not enough, But creating an awesome website without slowing the page speed is defines a great web designer. Website Speed is very very important. But my website was very slow. I researched several technics & finally made the top 7 list that accounts or influence the majority of the speed.

You can also apply these techniques on Weebly sites, Squarespace sites Jimdo sites, GoDaddy sites or any other sites

After finished following 7 tasks, My website speed increased 43% to 97%

read the following steps to increase by more than 90%.


Use This Method To Optimize Images Without Losing The Image Quality. This Will Boost Your Wix Site Speed.

Note: Wix claims, it will automatically optimize images. But it will not. I already tested many times. Wix image optimization is very poor. So before uploading images to your Wix website, optimize without losing the quality of the image using the below techniques.

(Do you need proof of Wix poor image optimization. look at the first comment at the end of this post & see how I solved Yoav’s problem using this easy image web optimization techniques)

You can upload  HD or even UHD photos to your website, but before uploading it, you should optimize for the web. It will not reduce the quality of a photo, but it compresses and makes images size (bytes) smaller than the original without losing its quality & dimension or length.

Heavy photos take more time to load. It will affect overall website speed performance. Also, it will make a negative effect on users.

No website builder optimize images for the web. (i.e Decreasing the file size without reducing the quality of the photo. So that web pages load faster and user satisfaction, click pages & spending quality time will increases. Bounce rate will decreases. So more conversion. These all things helps to boost the Google rank. Even you zoom, you see the same quality after the lossless optimization. In fact, it will remove unnecessary generated data & repeated data combination on the photo) Image quality, clarity, dimension & data size are completely Unrelated ..!

Many people think the more those 4 factor, then the more image looks good. But it is a Myth. Optimized Images look better than the photo that has higher factors of those 4. So you should optimize photos before you upload it to the website. We reviewed 100’s of tool to optimize images without losing the quality. But almost all tools reduces the quality. Finally, we found a tool, that passed all our & photographer’s requirements. That best tool is surprisingly FREE..!!. & Unlimited..! Do you want to know what it is? The answer is Facebook..!! Yes. Create a separate Facebook account or make privacy only you, then Upload images to Facebook & download it…! Yup. The downloaded images perfectly optimized for the web without losing the quality.

Optimize images using Facebook albums to speed up wix site
Optimize images using Facebook albums to speed up wix site (Just upload and download)

If you have a lot of photos, then create an album under facebook profile -photos section. Make it privacy only you. Upload all photos at a time & download all photos in a single click..!

(Note:- Before upload,  resize the image if you want. But NEVER resize after downloading it from the Facebook or any optimization tool. Because most of the resize tool increases the size & the optimization get destroy after resizing. But you can drag-drop, decrease & increase image length inside the Wix editor.)
If you want to know more about it, then you should check out this guide -> How To Optimize Images For Web? (92%, But lossless & 4 FREE Ways) 

Bonus Tip: Instead of images, Use Wix vector art & shapes whenever possible. It will save a lot. You can drag & drop it from Wix “Add” Menu in the editor.


Don’t Use Too Many Animations on a single page.

Animation takes a little bit more energy or bytes to load. This causes a slower page load.  More you apply animations on your page, the more time it takes to load. It doesn’t mean you should not use animations. If you don’t use many images on a page or the page is very low size, then you can use many animations.

Note: If you want to make an Amazing website with a lot of animations (like these amazing WOW-websites trends 2018), still you need your website should load faster, then you should check out this tutorial


Use Popular Fonts

Use popular web fonts like Arial, San Serif etc. Because most of the websites use these fonts. so it already cached in the user’s browser. when a user visited your website, then his browser cache used for fonts. So your website doesn’t need to load the fonts..! It will boost nearly 6% -8% of the website speed.


Limit Slideshows & Other Effects

If you focused on website speed and not the user interface, then you should not use web effects. It makes little slower to load web pages. Or at least limit the number of the slideshows and other web effects. I recommend minimal website designs. However, if you want everything but your website should load fast, then you need to read the tutorial [The link I inserted on the animation section (2end) above.] 5.

Don’t Use Too Many Frames on a single page. Frames Make Your Website Slow 

If you want to put many pages on a single page, it will make your website slowdown.

An example of many frames in a page.

These types of frames make website slow
Too many frames are harmful to a web page speed.

Remember, Frames means completely different pages, not different designs or tables.

If you put many pages on a single page,

  1. Page speed will decrease
  2. Users may get confused or uncomfortable. This will lead to user bounce back.
  3. Google will devalue your site.

Use grids to make a responsive page. don’t edit separate design for mobile & desktop.  If you want to use too many frames, but you need your website to load faster than average websites, then you should check out the tutorial link given above.


Make clean your header, It Will Boost Your Page Speed

Website header is a location, which will appear on every page at the top. Ideal items to put in the header is your website name or logo. You can also put your business tagline, phone number or write a few words related to your website. Don’t put many items in your header.

Don’t upload the heavy logo.

Here is an example of a slow loading website header.

Slow loading website header example
Heavy header makes website slow

See how facebook’s header looks. It is really cool.

fast loading website header will always clean
fast loading website header will always clean

Facebook’s header is ideal for everyone. Its header is so cool, it makes users no confusion.

Make your header clean. Automatically your website speed increases on every page.


Use External Applications Wisely

Don’t use too many external applications on a single page. For example, if you use gallery app, payment app, event app, store app, booking, design, blog, videos and everything on the homepage or any single page, then your website load slower. Because more apps mean more scripts and CSS. Sothe browser gets more and more requests. This takes more time.

However, If you want to use 100’s of plugins/apps, but you need your website to faster, then you should check out the tutorial that I inserted above.  If you install more than 20 apps/plugin, then your website start to load slow, Ummm.. do you want to know how many plugins I used in this site

It is 105..!! Read this eBook to know everything in 1 hour (How To Make An Amazing Website Without Slowing The Pagespeed..!)

Note: Wix uses heavy javascript & flash. This is the biggest security issue as well as speed issue..! Recently iPhone banned all the flash technology & most of the browser’s pre-configured settings don’t allow the flash. (It is not related to camera flash photos or flash-lights on the website, it is related to programs like C++. E.g. Adobe Flash Player developed using C++ flash techniques. When you are editing Wix, It automatically generates javascript & flash codes on the back end)

If you want to build a perfect & fastest website & also you want website builder more feature rich,  powerful & easier than Wix, then I Highly recommended to read This  10 Minute Awarded Tutorial To Create The Perfect Website

How To Make A Website? 3 Completely Different Ways..!
With Step By Step. Choose The One You Liked
(2018 Awarded Easiest Guide)

 How To Make A Website? 3 completely Different Ways Showed..! With Step By Step. Choose The One You Liked (2018 Awarded Easiest Guide)

(In the above awarded tutorial, you will know how anyone can use easy drag & drop site builder more powerful than Wix..! In 5 Minutes..!!)

Advice: If your website traffic increased suddenly, then your site may load slow. In that case, you need to upgrade your plan. there is no autoscale in Wix, Weebly, Squarespace like site builders. If you want more powerful website builder than Wix and want Google’s pre-auto-scaled serverless cloud function managed web hosting with LXD based container, Then get free live support from us.


  1. Upload to Facebook & download it. So the images are automatically optimized for the web. Then upload to your website.
  2. Make Your Website Header Clean
  3. Don’t Use too many frames on a single web page.
  4. Don’t use too many animations.
  5. Use web apps wisely.
  6. Remove unnecessary functions
  7. Don’t use too many different fonts. Use popular fonts.
  8. Limit slideshows.

Don’t listen to too many suggestions. Make your work very simple and clean. If you read any other suggestion, forget it. Other than these 8 suggestions may be good, but those are not important, those may contribute just 1%. It is simply a waste of time. To get cleaner, Smart & Short posts, Subscribe WebsiteBuilderLy.

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If you got any problem comment below. I will answer within 24 hours.

All the best.

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32 thoughts on “How To Make Your Wix Website To Load Super Fast (7 Easy Task)”

  1. May I ask you how you can use wix with cloudflare? Do you have any tipps how i can augment the loading time when I use wix? I am quite desperate at the moment… its so slow and I already did a lot of things…

  2. hi
    may i ask you to check my wix site and check if there are things i can do to make it much faster, i think it is very slow right now and i need help with it.

    • Hey, Yoav!
      I saw your website and checked the speed issue.
      To the below screenshot of your website speed test
      yoav's website speed test
      You can see in this test,
      Your website is taking more than 21 seconds to load completely.
      After checking the test, I concluded the only one problem causing your website to load very slow. That is Image compression.

      How to solve this problem?
      Very easy. Here I solved for you with an example
      This is your shoe image

      Download that image and see its total size (The size is -507KB)
      I went to and selected following options
      check High DPI
      JPEG option. Then Uploaded that shoe image. It automatically optimizes without losing its quality (Lossless compression)
      Here is after your shoe optimized –
      After its size is 50.1 KB without losing its original quality.
      That is 10 times less data..!! So if you optimized all your image, then your website will load 10 times faster than now..!!
      for more details visit –
      If you need any further help, don’t hesitate to ask us. Because We are rich and we have free times.
      If it solved, Please share our website and help other too.

  3. Hi – we are unhappy with the load time on our website. Time to first byte and time to start rendering are particularly slow. Any ideas?? Link below. Thanks

    www. utilityfair. com

    • Hello Paul,
      I checked your site. Its first byte is good. But rendering time, speed index, user time & First interactive beta are really bad.
      If you are interested in speed optimization for your website, then I can fix it.

        • Hey… Paul. Soon I will post a complete Guide for speed optimization & the best method to make a website at present time using the latest technologies. Stay connected. Subscribe this comment to get notified.

  4. Hi,
    Great article! We went through your suggestions but still seem to have a problem with loading speed. If possible, would you take a peek and let us know if we missed anything?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi Danielle,
      Soon I will post a complete Guide for speed optimization & the best method to make a website at present time using the latest technologies. Stay connected. Subscribe this comment to get notified.
      Thank you for your patience.

  5. The only problem I have with my wix website is the Java Script. It takes 75% of all requests and content. It drives me crazy that I cannot find any help about that.

  6. Please help me fix my website -
    Especially the blog section. I am trying to optimize it from Mobile web perspective.
    Please diagnose it.

    • Hi.. Daniel.
      I assumed you are from China. So I tested your website from Bejing server. After the analysis, I concluded, your website is really slower than the worst websites. It took 47 seconds to load completely & your site speed index is abnormally higher – 26 seconds. This is not a good sign.
      Here is the test result.

      It needed some technical tweaking to boost the speed.
      I checked your site. I can easily boost your site speed more than 300% & up to 500%.
      If you need help, don’t hesitate to reply.
      Thank you.

  7. Hi Jack,

    Thank you at first for the very well exaplained guide. Followed It step by step by reducing size .jpg image content, changing font into Times Roman, removed multimedial content etc but still the result is poor and slow.
    Can you check It?

    Thank you

    • Hi.. Leonardo
      If you want to make a perfect website, an amazing website without slowing the pagespeed, then here is the ebook. Within 1 hour your website will start to load faster than 90% of all sites.
      I highly recommend you to read this ebook. If you still can’t able to make website to load faster, then I will help you for free.

  8. Hi Jack —

    Can you tell me why these two sites are loading slowly?
    sacattorneys dot com
    ljmlegal dot com

    Thank you! You can also contact me via email if you’d like me to hire you to fix…


  9. Fantastic blog! Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost
    on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m totally confused ..

    Any tips? Appreciate it!

  10. I used Wix to make this website. Google site speed gave it a score of 26 on mobile. Can you check it out for me? Thanks

    www dot onorosa dot com

  11. whoah this blog is fantastic i love studying your articles.
    Keep up the great work! You understand, lots of individuals are looking around for
    this info, you can help them greatly.

  12. whoah this blog is fantastic i love studying your
    articles. Keep up the great work! You understand, lots of individuals are
    looking around for this info, you can help them greatly.

  13. Awesome guide! I implemented as much as I could. It has drastically improved my website’s speed, but it still loads a bit slow. What do you think I could do to get a faster site? I really need a good score with Google.


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