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Make a Business Website Highly Professional? 8 Easy Steps In 2023

Do you want to make a business website? If you give your business website project to web designers, then it may cost you heavily.  But the surprising thing is you can create a business website extremely professionally even you don’t know anything about website creation..! You don’t need to learn codes or anything. Just finish the following 8 steps. That’s it. Using this method you can do any type of website you want. This method the most popular method among web designers..! Also, it is technically easy & your website will load as fast as top websites!
After reading this post, you are eligible to make these types of websites below. This is just a standard example. You can also make awesome websites as your imagination other than these examples below.

Divi builder Website Examples
business website examples

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Let’s dive in.
Step -1
Learn how to make a website using (Not Don’t worry, It takes just 20 minutes

Here is the awarded tutorial -> How To Make a Website? 4 Different Method Explained for Beginners Step By Step Easiest Guide.

After you learned, comeback & follow the below steps.

You can Install many website builders on Site Creation platform & turn it into easy drag and drop site builder more than Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc put together..! (If you need help, or stuck while you are building your site, then you can contact us to get free support or comment below.)

Divi is the most popular site builder plugin. Divi builder gives you nearly 100’s themes for a very cheap price. Just one payment is enough to access all its themes and plugin. You can build or copy almost any type of website you want in just one click..! You can drag and drop web elements on the page

Step – 2

Go to Divi Builder, & See all the features & watch all 1 minute 6 videos.

divi wordpress website builder business features
divi builder features

then click Join to download or you can try for free.

divi builder download
divi builder

After clicking on join to download button, you will see their plans. Then click sign up to download Divi builder and all its 100’s of themes and plugins.

Once you clicked on sign up button, you will see this page.

sign up to get divi builder
sign up to get divi builder

Once the payment is complete, Download the Divi theme you liked from their 87 Premium high quality theme collection. and download Divi builder plugin. The zip file will download. Don’t extract it.

Step- 2

Go to appearance – add a new theme

& upload the downloaded Divi theme (Not Divi builder) zip file

Install & activate the Divi theme.(I explained above how to install themes)

Then Go to plugins –add new – upload

Select Divi builder plugin zip file & install it.

Step- 3

Now go to a page that you want to make it professional

Click Full-Width option. Because most of the professional websites have wider or full-width pages.

Then click “Use The Divi Builder

divi builder page layout setting
divi builder page layout setting

Step – 4

After you will see this page. Click “Use Visual Builder” For live front-end editor.

Use divi visual builder
Use divi visual builder

After Divi builder starts top load. It takes some time.  You need to wait (no more than a minute). Once it is loaded, then everything blazing fast. How fast? Just clicking elements, instantly it changes in front of you…!

Step – 5

At the first time, then provide you a video tutorial. Watch it. Also, provide a tour button. Use it.

start building your business website
start building your website

After watching the video, click “take the tour” button.

divi builder tour
divi builder tour

You can load ready-made professionally designed pages by using that plus button. After continuing the tour, you will understand everything. Below I gave Divi official easy guides links. If you see all its guide, you can make professional sites within a minute.

Step – 6

You can easily add an online shop and sell your products

Click Here see divi builder official quick guide

Click Here to see all divi builder official tutorials

Click Here to see All Divi Theme & its parent Elegant Themes Tutorial

Once you are familiar with divi, you are able to make these types of website

See all divi themes

See a few examples of websites created using divi builder

There is again endless possibilities.

You can add third-party divi builder addon to increase its functionalities even more..!

Divi stuffs marketplace

Divi Resources

After all, you can make professional trendy websites.

Here is a few Divi example site screenshot

All divi websites are responsive. Here is an example

responsive business website examples
responsive business website examples

Here is another business website example.

business website examples
business website examples

a Beautiful Restaurant website example

divi websites examples
divi websites examples

Here are few more examples

divi website examples
divi website example

Coming Soon page examples.

coming soon website page examples or demo
coming soon site page examples

Step – 7

How To Create Business Charts, Graphs, Visual Tables and many Visualizations with mouse hover data viewer On Your website?

We installed, created, tested and compared 34 different charts and graph plugins.

We put nearly 16 hours of work. (So you already saved your 16 hours.)

finally, we found Themeisle Company’s Visualizer Charts and Graphs Plugin

This plugin is recommended by Forbes, Adobe, and many popular companies.

You can find its free version here

After installing this plugin, you can create these charts, graphs, maps, geo areas and more.

See live examples

you can create any type of charts, graphs, maps, geo area and more
you can create any type of charts, graphs, maps, geo area and more

Step – 8

How To Turn Visitors Into Leads Easily

You have to catch up your website visitors in a right way at the right time.
do you want to show exclusive offer when a user tries to leave your site?
Do you ever think to make the countdown timer for that exclusive discounts?
Do you want to show some messages or email subscription or something like that when a user reached on certain time or parts or GEO etc.?
Are you heard about EverGreen countdown timer Offer? This will start to count the time whenever a new visitors visits to your website & that countdown starts for that new person only..!!!
I tried 30+ Free marketing tools like Popups, automation, email marketing etc.
I also tried all the top premium tools. I bought & tried it myself.
Sumo me, Thrive leads, Optin Monster & many more. But all tools have their own cons. I invested 11 days, Finally, I satisfied (Completely Satisfied) with the one tool. That is Convert Pro. Now its time to save your money time & energy from my experience. Forget all. Use only one plugin for your entire lead generation, automation & everything.

Use the following techniques on your business website to increase the leads. The following tasks increase extremely more than 10 times, 20 times.! My website is proof. Before doing the following, This website earning is very less like $3,00,000/month. Now it increased by nearly 1000%..!

  • Reviews & Testimonials – Use All In One Rich Snippet or GD Rating System  Plugins.
  • Fixed call to action while scrolling the page – Use All In One Rich Snippet
  • Show different call to action on different pages – Use widget visibility
  • Chat – Use Facebook live chat or any A.I. chatbot WordPress plugins.
  • Subscribe Envato Elements to get highly professional creatives like templates, designs, stock images, stock videos, audio, graphic presentations, 3d, music and more.
  • Convert Pro or Ninja Popup is for marketing automation, Referral Detection Based call to action or ad or anything to give a personalized experience.
  • Easy Social Share is the best share button for any website that increases shares on both mobile & desktop.
  • FS poster automatically shares your website posts and reschedule the older posts based on different parameters.
  • RnB Booking & rental system is the best plugin for any type of booking feature for your website.
  • Ultimate membership pro is the best plugin for any type of membership-based free/paid services or any kind of activities.
  • Multivendor for Woocommerce shop is useful if your store allows to sell many store owners.
  • Credit/Debit card, Paypal, Bitcoin. Use Woocommerce stripe payment & GoURI plugins.
  • Best Bitcoin & other crypto wallets to receive payments from your Woocommerce are Robinhood (US only), Wazirx (India only), eToro (Worldwide), Binance (140 countries, but it is for advanced users only)
  • Call Out Box & Promotional Box – Divi included these features.
  • Money Back Guarantee – Use Divi banner
  • Free Sample & Cut out on the very Interesting – Use Divi protection.
  • Make Them Addict To Give Free Services if yours is subscription-based business – Use Mailchimp Free services.
  • Featured In Forbes etc – Use Divi section
  • Showcase – Use Divi Images
  • Case Studies – Use Divi features
  • About Page
  • Privacy & Policy Page
  • Coupon, Offer & discounts. – Use Divi
  • Countdown Timer – Use Convert Pro
  • Comparison Table – Use any Table WordPress plugins.
  • Gravitar
  • User Interface Divi ready-made designs.
  • Take advantage of 100’s of Divi business features.

If you need further help or got a problem, comment below or get free support

All the best for your business website.