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How Some Dummies Becoming Famous Online & Made Money Quickly?

Hey..! This post will not make magic, but you have to work using the following strategies. It may work for you or may not, but I am damn sure, this will make you a little more famous person online & give some ideas about making money online from another dimension or different way that you may not be heard before. In this post, you will learn the following million dollar questions..!

  • How anyone can get success or famous online without any skill..!?
  • How to become a popular person or an online celebrity?
  • How to become famous Online & make money?
  • How to get more followers in less time?
  • How to make money online from home as an internet celebrity?

You will get answers to all the above questions.
This is one of the funniest ways to make money.
This “online celebrity ” idea got many awards.
Using this idea, anyone can become a celebrity online and you can make money online from home. It is very easy. Technical knowledge is not required.
No influence is needed.
Online celebrity concept is completely different from the traditional celebrity.
What is the difference between online celebrity and traditional celebrity?
Film actors & actresses, popular businessmen, famous politicians are called celebrities. It is very difficult to get big success and become a celebrity. Only a few people can become a celebrity. But in online anyone can become a celebrity. Anyone means anyone, you understand? It doesn’t matter how you are, what is your personality, etc. You may get doubts about why all people are not started to follow this idea? Everyone don’t trust just like you or they find many better ways to start their career. Okay, tell me why all intelligent people do not become a mathematician? Becoz every one’s interests are different. Just read it and think again whether this idea will suit you. I am not saying this will change your life, but some people find it easy. In online you need to present yourself in a systematic manner.
Already there are so many online celebrities enjoying their life using this idea.
Don’t excite. I gave full detail. Before I would like to share a few examples of online celebrities, those who are making millions. Read this Wikipedia link internet celebrity example. 

Logan Paul

Jake Paul

PewDiePie and many Youtube stars.

Below I have given a few more advanced tricks for “How to become famous Online & make money” concept.

Make a personal website & put it online

In this idea, First, you need to make a personal website. If you know how to make a website as your wishes, then that’s good. And put your website online yourself.

If you don’t know, here is the easiest guide. You can create sites without any skill -> How To Make a Website? 3 Different Method Explained for Beginners 2018 Awarded Step By Step Easiest Guide.

You no need to contact Web Designers. So You will save your money.

If you are looking for site builders, then see best website builders Of 2018.

If you don’t have time to do anything, then find some Indian web designing company. I suggest BoomLex. In India, you can get the cheapest deal.
(World’s half of the IT service is coming from India only…!! We can’t get the cheapest deal in America. Because here labor cost is 50 times more. Don’t waste too much money on a website. I suggest  & order amazing personal website. You will get some questions regarding your requirement. You just answer that’s enough, you will get your website…!).

Find a Brand Name For Your Website

You need to give a proper name to your website.
Before giving a brand name, you first define your business.
Here two types.

  1. With girlfriend
  2. Without girlfriend

With girlfriend
If you have a girlfriend, it is better to work together. Always, gossips or lovebird’s news is very attractive and spreadable matter. It’s human psychology. No matter, who you are.
For example, just observe how gossips and love affairs of your friends’ news are always floating in your college?
Why you are always interested to hear or talk about new lovebird with your friends?
Why are Hollywood gossips the most searched keywords in the Google?
Just think..!

If your girlfriend also joining with you, it is easy to get more visitors to your website. Your website name should be containing you and your girlfriend name because you both are together going to become online celebrities. The website name must be short, easy to remember.
For example, if your name is Mark Zuckerberg and your girlfriend name is Priscilla Chan, then give domain name like
If that domain name is already purchased by someone, you need to find other possibilities.,, etc.
Take top level domain as a .com. If you want markchan name, then took other last extensions instead of .com. e.g., or .xyz etc.

Without girlfriend
If you have no girlfriend, I mean your girlfriend is not interested in joining with your business, then your website will grow slowly. If you are a smart enough and you have an ability to make contacts with a large number of people, you can win. Give your name for your website. If you have a nickname, then give your nickname, because website name should be pretty & easy to remember.

Present yourself in online

How to become famous online.
Start your business now. Present yourself at online in a systematic, attractive manner. How?
Write what are the thoughts you have. Write anything. It may be crazy or social issues, or about yourself & your dreams etc.
People are always interested in others dream, opinions, behavior, etc. That’s why social media’s become popular quickly. Today So many social networks are getting a huge number of accounts, traffic within very less time.
People are more interested in love affairs. Write your own love story. One side uploads your photo, other side upload your girlfriend photo. Write when did you met your girlfriend for the first time?, how your love began?, who proposed first, how?, etc. Upload your photos.  You can’t feel this is a job or hard work. You can make money in 5 ways with this website. In the end, I explained how you can make money.
Now just read how to do your job.
Don’t upload video’s in your website. It will take more space, Bandwidth also consuming more. So you need to upgrade your website. Um…. you need to spend more money. We have a plan to save your money. Upload your videos on YouTube, then insert that videos into your website. Read carefully, I’m not saying give links of your videos. If you are using WordPress, then you no need to get any knowledge. You just paste your URL in the text field, it will automatically show YouTube videos on Your website. You can also get so many YouTube plugins.
If you don’t know how to insert video’s, just take help from us or comment below. Usually, most of the nontechnical people don’t have a knowledge about this type of work. It requires some WordPress basic knowledge. So don’t hesitate to ask.

Write in a systematic manner.

Below I mentioned a few points. It seems very crazy, but once you finish reading this article, you will understand why I mentioned these particular points. If you write just your love story, you may not get good profit. But if you write all points what I mentioned below, You can get high profit in terms of millions if and only if, you write enough text. Make separate pages or categories for each point. Don’t mix all points on the same page or category.
First write about yourself very briefly
Next, follow my points.


  1. How many apps you are using?
  2. Which online app you are using to chat?
  3. Which app is easier to impress your girlfriend?
  4. Your recommended apps for your followers
  5. Your Favorite Apps
  6. Your favourite apps


  1. Which dress did you like the most? With photos also.
  2. In which dress, your girlfriend looking so sexy?
  3. According to you, which dress company producing dresses with scientifically?
  4. Which is the best cloth company?
  5. Your recommended dresses for your followers
List your favourite dresses


  1. Which food item you liked most?
  2. Which are the best food items to eat when you are in dating with your lover?
  3. Write something about food.
  4. Recommended food items for your followers.
  5. Mention the names of food items and also store or company name.
  6. Write about Your Food

Tourism & Hotels

  1. Write about your tour & travels.
  2. Give details about hotels in your tourist places, and also suggest the best hotels for lovers.
  3. Write tickets, discounts and other useful information from your experience.
  4. Your favorite tourist places
List Your-favorite-tourist-places



  1. Write your love story.
  2. You and your girlfriend’s interest and other things and stuff.
  3. Tricks, tips, and tools you have used to discover your girlfriend.
Online coaching classes or tutorials or guides


  1. How to save money, when you are going out with your girlfriend.
  2. Other recommendations to your friends and followers.

How to make money online as a Celebrity

If you write a systematic manner as I said above, then you can get more advertising related to food, Clothes, Apps, retail, online shopping website, Matrimonial sites, Gifts, lawyers, and also a few news sites.
If you have particular knowledge in a certain niche topic, you can start blogging on a separate website.

How to get more followers?
Daily upload something and share in social networks. You will get followers slowly.
Make a fan page on Facebook for your website.
Why are people addicted to watching seasons or serials on TV? Some people have no idea what to do? How to time-pass after their job. They are just searching on the internet, log in to Facebook etc.
In the beginning, you may not get more likes, but daily if you write, it will create some psychological temper towards you.
If people see the same thing again, clicks rate increases to 50% & third time clicks rate is increased to 90% according to the web link analysis.
After getting enough followers and visitors, you can earn mainly following types

  1. Affiliate marketing related to your topics like food, books etc. You can try Amazon affiliate program. So many people made millions of dollars within a year. If you don’t believe, see Amazon affiliate program success stories
  2. Google Adsense, and other Adsense like programs.
  3. Direct Advertisement
  4. Infolinks
  5. Sell your products( If you have any. E.g. ebooks, home made toys etc)
    For example, if you write a novel, it is easy to sell.
    or if you started a new blog or online business, you can get success very fast by promoting your business on your website and sharing with your followers.
  6. Every website has a potential value.
    If you are earning $1000 per month (Except your products), this means, your website’s value is $1000X10 months income= $10,000
    If you want urgent money, you can sell your website. (Using your website, buyers can get profit for a long time). So you need to consider this advantage also.
  7. Once your website is famous, you will get a lot of opportunities for big companies with a big salary. Ha-ha.
    Usually, you may get the high-level jobs like the manager, online strategy department, advisor, Online Marketing, Advertisement, etc.
    If you know web designing and SEO, then you will kick-off to the sky. You will get a high-level job.

This post I purposefully write as a funny. Only intelligent people can understand what I actually mean.

Thank you.

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    • Haha…!! You can also make money online by writing about Cotton Candy Girl! I was present at the baseball stadium Las Vegas when the Cotton Fairy Floss Girl went crazy for the pink cube cup cotton candy instead of the red one. If you want to become famous for writing Cotton Candy Girl, Then you should publish your Book with her publicly at the next baseball championship!. So that you can make money and enjoy without any side effect or human sacrifice….
      All The Best!


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