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Convertkit Vs ActiveCampaign – Which Is Better, Cheaper and Easy In 2024?

ActiveCampaign Vs ConvertKit

ConvertKit Vs ActiveCampaign! Choosing among these two is a big decision. Both ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit are pretty different email marketing software. So, it really depends on what exactly you want for your specific business. ActiveCampaign is more focused on Salespeople and ConvertKit is mainly focused on bloggers and content marketers. Below is a comparison between ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign. By the end of this comparison, you can decide which one is the right option for you.

Quick Summary


  1. Built-in lead capture pages
  2. More versatile forms
  3. High deliverability rate
  4. Built-in email Sequences
  5. Text-based Emails
  6. Affordable
  7. Free version Available Forever
  8. Good for content Marketers, Bloggers, & Single Business owners
  9. Website:


  1. Great visual automation
  2. More integrations
  3. Anti-spam policy
  4. SMS Marketing
  5. Built-in CRM
  6. Good analytics & Reporting
  7. Split testing for different versions
  8. 14 -days free trial with limited features
  9. Good for large corporate business
  10. Website:

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is one of the fastest-growing email marketing companies in the world. It’s easy to use, its visual automation workflow is great, and so many other features make ConvertKit unique. They are providing customizable landing pages and sign-up forms.

Who uses: Single business owners, Bloggers, Content marketers

Ease of Use
: Easy
: 24/7
: 99.7%
Pricing /mo
: $0 – $25
: 5+
: 5/5
Trial Period
: No
: 100+
Refund Policy
: 30

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing, CRM & Chat system with sales automation software. You will get the all the features like sending simple emails to complex multi-step automation. ActiveCampaign is mainly focusing on automation. On its lowest price pricing plan, $9 /month, you will get all the basic features for email marketing. In its higher plan from $49 /month to $258 /month, you can access pro features like lead scoring, A/B testing, Sending SMS, etc. ActiveCampaign has features beyond email marketing and automation such as CRM and Chat systems.

Who uses: Large corporate businesses, ECommerce, Complex automation

Ease of Use
: Moderate
: 24/7
: 97%
Pricing /mo
: $9 – $149
: 150+
: 5/5
Trial Period
: 14
: 800+
Refund Policy
: No


Main Difference Between ActiveCampaign & ConvertKit

  • ConvertKit is more affordable than ActiveCampaign. You will get so many important features for a low price in ConvertKit than ActiveCampaign.
  • ActiveCampaign has more templates than ConvertKit. ConvertKit is mainly focused on Text-based templates.
  • ActiveCampaign has a drag and drop feature that ConvertKit doesn’t have.
  • ActiveCampaign is mainly focused on Email automation. It has more advanced complex features than ConvertKit. However, in ConvertKit you can build simple and quick automation.
  • ActiveCampaign is best for Online marketers and sales-oriented people. ConverKit is best for Bloggers and content creators.
  • ActiveCampaign has a Built-in CRM. In ConvertKit we have to integrate with third-party CRMs.

Why you should use ConvertKit over ActiveCampaign

Here’s what’s great about ConvertKit:

  • They have Built-in lead capture pages: ConvertKit has customizable and attractive landing pages for capturing leads. You can save some money by not having Lead Pageservices like Unbounce, Leadpages, Instapage, etc.
  • More versatile forms: ConvertKit has more options in its form builder than ActiveCampaign does.
  • Built-in email Sequences: To create something like ConvertKit’s Sequences on ActiveCampaign, you have to manually create an Automation, which is an inconvenient process compared to ConvertKit’s Sequence builder.
  • It has an easy-to-use editor for simple emails. ConvertKit makes it very easy to compose plain emails or text-based emails.
  • ConvertKit has an interface for adding and uploading images.

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Why you should use ActiveCampaign over ConvertKit

Here’s what’s great about ActiveCampaign:

  • An extremely powerful Automation builder: You can build about any automation you can imagine with it. It is visual. So, you can see exactly what you’re building.
  • More email templates: If you want many design options for email templates, ActiveCampaign easily beat ConvertKit.
  • Gmail Extension: Sometimes people from your list reply to your emails. With ActiveCampaign’s Gmail extension, you can view all of that person’s information in your sidebar itself.
  • Built-in CRM: This is for $49 and higher plans. If you do any sort of online sales, ActiveCampaign is a clear choice. You can bring leads into your email campaigns, and score those leads based upon links clicked and emails opened.
  • SMS Marketing: This is also for $49 and higher plans. If you want to send a discount code to a customer if you want to alert a sales agent to follow up on a lead. You can do it with SMS marketing.

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Current Customers

ActiveCampaign vs ConvertKit customer current customers

Market Share

ActiveCampaign vs ConvertKit Market share

Let’s check out these comparisons also.

Some of the common features & their rating are given below.

Email Marketing FeaturesConvertKitActiveCampaign
Ease of use 5
Easy to use. Best for beginners.
A little bit difficult to use at first.
A/B Split Testing 3
Only for the subject line
You can split-test everything like subject line, email content, title, automation, etc.
Apps & Integration 4 4.5
Automation 4.5
Great visual automation. But a limited number of triggers.
Great automation workflow with various features.
Analytics & Report 3
Basic reporting
Better reporting with visuals.
Contact Management 5 5
Deliverability 5
Around 99% deliverability rate
Around 96% deliverability rate
Email Builder 4
Limited customization option
Sign-up forms 4 4.5
Visual editor. But comes under a higher plan.
Templates & Designs 3.5
A limited number of templates
List segmentation 5 5
Customer support 3 5
Value for money 4.5 3
Bit expensive

Features In-Depth Review

1. Contact Management

>> ActiveCampaign

List management in ActiveCampaign is very easy. You can find all the options on the left itself. There you have to click on contacts. From that, you can manage your contacts, Manage Scoring, tags, exclusion, clean up the list, etc. In ActiveCampaign, you can add contacts in many ways. You can add contacts manually by adding them one by one, you can import the contacts from CSV files, and you can also copy and paste the contacts.

ActiveCampaign Adding Subscribers

Activecampaign contacts
Activecampaign adding contacts

You can also import the contacts by using app integration. Also, you can sync contacts automatically. Its expert migration service will help you to move your contacts from the other marketing automation providers to ActiveCampaign. Then you can create different segments to the contact list and also you can give tags to them. Some of the services are given below.

Activecampaign contacts other services
Activecampaign contacts other services

>> ConvertKit

ConvertKit allows you to add only one subscriber’s list. But you can organize the subscribers by segments and tag. You can give tags to the subscribers based on your interest. And also you can create segments of contacts with similar characteristics. If you import more contacts, they all will go to the same previous list. You can add subscribers to the ConvertKit using 3 ways. You can simply add the subscribers manually, you can import CSV files or you can import the contacts from another provider like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, etc. You can also create segments and give tags to the contacts. List management in ConvertKit is given below.

ConvertKit Adding Subscribers

Key Take-Aways: Adding contact lists in ActiveCampaign & ConvertKit is quite the same. But ActiveCampaign provides more services that allow you to add new contacts automatically.

Winner of Contact Management: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign : 1 – 0 : ConvertKit


2. Templates & Design

When talking about the templates, ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit have a lot of differences.

>> ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign has around 150+ modern and responsive email templates. You can create stunning and eye-catching emails using ActiveCampaign. You can also write code to create your own email templates. All the templates are responsive and attractive. You can easily edit these templates and change them as your own. There are basic templates, designed templates, Layouts, and past campaigns. And all these templates are again categorized into different categories. So you can easily find a template according to your need. You can also create the templates from the scratch.

ActiveCampaign Templates

Activecampaign Templates
Activecampaign Templates

>> ConvertKit

On the other hand, ConvertKit is mainly focused on text-only emails. There are mainly 3 options for templates in ConvertKit. They are Classic, Modern, and Text only. Among these, text-only is only focusing on the text. So there are only 2 templates. We can only change the appearance of the font by changing font style, font color, etc. and we can add images and links also. If you are an expert, you can code your own email templates using an HTML editor. ConvertKit is not a design-centric email marketing tool. But the studies are saying that the deliverability of the emails is high for non-design-centric emails. A text-based email will most likely end up in the inbox and not in the Spam folder.

ConverKit Templates


Key Take-Aways: ActiveCampaign has more than 150 templates. ConvertKit has only around 4 templates. Because ConvertKit is text-based. And ConvertKit is more focused on bloggers and content marketers. ActiveCampaign is more focused on online marketers. So we can’t determine a clear winner here. Both are winners in their own way.

Winner of Templates: It is a tie.

ActiveCampaign : 2 – 1 : ConvertKit


3. Campaigns & Email Builder

>> ActiveCampaign

In ActiveCampaign, the campaign creation comes under the campaign option. For creating the campaign, you have to choose the campaign type first. ActiveCampaign provides you mainly with 6 types. They are Standard, Automated, auto-responder, split testing, RSS triggered, and date based.

Activecampaign Campaign Creation
Activecampaign Campaign Creation

The email builder of ActiveCampaign is cool. There are a lot of options are available in the editor section. The drag and drop options are available. You can add images, links, videos from youtube, etc. You can save a content block and you can also hide a content block from mobile devices. You can also customize the fields the way you want.

Activecampaign editor
Activecampaign editor
Activatecampaign email builder
Activecampaign email builder

You can’t use a free email provider like Gmail as senders’ emails. ActiveCampaign will recommend using custom from your website domain. Because there is a chance for the email marked as spam when we use free email providers.

Activecampaign email spam

>> ConvertKit

The campaign of ConvertKit comes under the send option. You can send broadcasts and also sequences. Broadcast is a one-time email to your customers. By sequences, you can create multiple emails that can be sent in a specific interval of time. In ConvertKit, the email campaign is called Broadcast.

ConvertKit Campaigns
Convertkit campaign

Creating a broadcast in ConvertKit is very easy. And also the email builder is easy to use. There are only limited options present in the editor section. The email builders are text-based. So, the customization of only the text like changing font size, font color, and adding images is available. There are no drag and drop options available in the ConvertKit.

You can create an A/B test from the editor itself. There the A/B test is for the subject line. You can create 2 subject lines and test which subject line is performing better.

Convertkit editor
Convertkit editor

Key Take-Aways: ActiveCampaign has so many features in its email editor. It has the Drag and Drop editor. And also, ActiveCampaign has so many campaign options. But the editor of ConvertKit is very simple. It is text-based. You can only edit the font style.

Winner of Campaign & Email Builder: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign : 3 – 1 : ConvertKit


4. Automation Workflow

>> ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is more focused on its Automation. Automation is the feature that makes ActiveCampaign powerful. It provides you with 100+ automation templates. To create automation, you have to provide the web page URL. ActiveCampaign provides you with a visual automation workflow. You can do anything using ActiveCampaign’s Automation. Because it has no limit. You can send emails, SMS, site message, notification mail, etc. You can create various conditions and workflows. You can also create various tasks with the help of plenty of apps. You can create automation from the scratch also.

ActiveCampaign Automation

>> ConvertKit

ConvertKit also has a great visual automation workflow. You can create your own automation workflow as well as you can use templates. There are so many options available for ConvertKit such as Event, Action, and Condition. Automation is available in the $9 and higher plan and not in the free version.

ConvertKit Automation

Key Take-Aways: In the area of automation workflow, ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit are head to head. But when it comes to features of automation, then ActiveCampaign has an edge over ConvertKit.

Winner of Automation: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign : 4 – 1 : ConvertKit


5. Analytics & Report

>> ActiveCampaign

The Analytics and Reporting of ActiveCampaign are better when compared to ConvertKit. By using ActiveCampaign, we can see the open rates, click rate, unsubscribed rate, click-maps, page visit, geo-tracking, etc. You will also get a report of the sales performance because ActiveCampaign has an in-build CRM. If you are integrated with eCommerce websites like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. you will get its report also.

Activecampaign Analytics Report
Activecampaign Analytics Report


ConvertKit is providing only the basic analytics & Report. You can only see the Open rate, Click rate, and Unsubscribers rate. If you are connected to an eCommerce store, you won’t even get the conversion rate. You can’t get the social media conversion and also bounce rate.

Covertkit Analytrics Report
Covertkit Analytics Report

Key Take-Aways: Analytics & Report is better in ActiveCampaign than ConvertKit. ActiveCampaign provides you with Open rates, click rates, Unsubscribed rates, click-maps, page visits, geo-tracking, etc. But ConvertKit provides you only basic reports like deliverability rate, open rate, click rate, and unsubscribed rate.

Winner of Analytics & Report: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign : 5 – 1 : ConvertKit


6. Pricing comparison

>> ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign doesn’t have a free version. It only has a 14-day free trial. The Pricing plan of ActiveCampaign is given below.

Lite: $9 /month Marketing Automation, Email marketing, site & event tracking, Campaign & automation reporting, Chat & Email support, Lead capture forms, etc.

Plus: $49 /month Features of Lite plan + Landing page, Advanced performance reporting Automation map, built-in CRM, Contact & Lead scoring, SMS sending, etc.

Professional: $149 /month Plus plan features + Split automation, Sales engagement automation, Site message, Predictive sending, Pro implementation service, etc.

Enterprise: $258 /month Features of Professional plan + HIPAA compliance, Create custom object via API, Customize your mail server domain, Custom SMS number, Phone support, custom marketing strategy, etc.

Activecampaign Pricing
Activecampaign Pricing

>> ConvertKit

ConvertKit has a free version and as well a paid version. The Pricing plan of ConvertKit is given below.

Free: Up to 1000 subscribers, Unlimited landing pages & forms, Send email broadcasts, Sell digital products & Subscription, Community support

Creator: $9 /month Features of Free plan + Free migration from another tool, Automated funnels & Sequences.

Creator Pro: $25 /month Creator plan features + Facebook custom audience, Newsletter referral system, Subscriber scoring. Advanced reporting.

ConvertKit price
ConvertKit pricing

The detailed pricing comparison is given below.

Main Email Marketing Features

Main Features ActiveCampaign
($9 Plan)
($9 Plan)
Users1 User1 User
Send newslettersYesYes
Email marketingYesYes
Marketing automationYesYes
Landing pages
You can create landing pages $49 /month or higher plans
Automations map
Automation map provided for $49 /month and higher plans
Split automation
Only for $149 /month or higher plan
Build-in CRM
ActiveCampaign provides Build-in CRM for only $49 and higher plans

You have to integrate with Hubspot or Zoho
Contact & lead scoring
For $49 and higher plan

For only $25 plan
Site messages
For $149 and higher plan

For $25 and higher plan
Predictive sending
For $149 and higher plan
Drag & drop email designerYes
ConvertKit doesn’t have a Drag and Drop feature. We can only add images and links in the editor.
Free email templatesYesYes
ConvertKit provides you with only 3 templates. ie. Classic, Modern, and Text only. All are text-based templates
Import existing contactsYesYes
In-depth reportingYes
Only for $25 plan
GEO trackingYes
Conditional content
For $49 and higher plan
You have to use the liquid template for conditional content
Unlimited sendingYesYes
Subscribe by SMS
Only for $49 and higher plans
You have to integrate with Textiful
Inbox preview (Email testing)Optional – PaidYes
You can send test emails. But Email client preview is provided for the $25 plan.
Social dataOptional – PaidYes
SMS sending
Only for $49 and higher plans
You have to integrate with SimpleTexting. You have to pay for that also.
Newsletter Referal systemYesYes

Integration Features

($9 Plan)
($9 Plan)
Auto import from other servicesYes
Subscription formsYesYes
Site & event trackingYesYes
Facebook Custom Audience

For $49 and higher plans

Only for $25 plan
Social media tools & integrations
For $49 and higher plans
API & webhooksYesYes
Database sync
For $49 and higher plans
Customize your application URL (for application access)
For $49 and higher plans

You can do this only if you are using WordPress
(remove our logo from forms)

Only for $49 and higher plan
Create custom objects via API
Only for $258 plan
Custom SMS number
Provides only for $258 plan

eCommerce Features

Ecommerce FeaturesActiveCampaign
($9 Plan)
($9 Plan)
Sell digital products
To sell digital products, you have to integrate with SendOwl. You have to pay again for that SendOwl. That will be costly.
Run a paid newsletterYes
Sell recurring subscriptionsYes
For Sell recurring subscription, you have to integrate ActiveCampaign with ReCharge
Transaction FeeAround 3%3.5%+30c
Ecommerce IntegrationYesYes

Support & Training

Support & Training ActiveCampaign
($9 Plan)
($9 Plan)
Live chat & email-based supportYesYes
Managed email deliveryYesYes
Comprehensive strategic enablementYes
Free custom email design service
Only for $49 and higher plans
Phone support
Only for $258 plan

ConverKit doesn’t provide phone support in any plan
Accelerated Onboarding trainingYesYes
Data migration serviceYesYes


ConvertKit has a refund policy. If you cancel a paid plan, you can request a refund within 30 days. It is applicable in all plans. But ActiveCampaign does not provide a refund policy with any plan.

Key Take-Aways: When it comes to pricing, ConvertKit is more affordable than ActiveCampaign. ConvertKit has a free version. But ActiveCampaign doesn’t have a free version. ActiveCampaign has only a free trial. And also you will get more features at an affordable price in ConvertKit.

Winner of Pricing: ConvertKit

ActiveCampaign : 5 – 2 : ConvertKit


7. Integration

Both ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit provide various numbers of integration. And both of them allow you to set up APIs.


ActiveCampaign supports over 800 integrations. It is integrated with popular apps and websites like Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Woocommerce, etc. It also integrates with Zapier and helps to build APIs.

Activecampaign integration
Activecampaign integration


ConvertKit has around 100 integrations. It is integrated with popular apps and websites like Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Zapier, Woocommerce, etc. But they are not integrated with big CRMs. The list of some integration in ConvertKit is given below.


Key Take-Aways: In the case of Integration, ActiveCampaign has more than 800 integrations. But ConvertKit has around 100 integrations. So we have a clear winner here.

Winner of Integration: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign : 6 – 2 : ConvertKit


8. Customer support


You can access customer support via email, and live chat, with the knowledge base, and tutorials are also available. The customer service of ActiveCampaign is pretty good. They will try to provide proper customer service for all of our inquiries.


ConvertKit offers email support and Live Chat support for all the customers (For free plans and also for higher plans), and also they are providing peer-to-peer support. They are providing limited live chat support on weekends. And also they are providing free quick migration for all plans and free advanced migration for importing 5k+ contacts. But the Customer support of ConvertKit is not that good. Because they are not providing better customer support. They will take time to reply to us.

Key Take-Aways: ActiveCampaign’s customer support is better than ConvertKit.

Winner of Customer support: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign : 7 – 2 : ConvertKit


Alternatives of ActiveCampaign & ConvertKit

>> Constant Contact

>> MailerLite

>> Omnisend

>> Klaviyo

>> AWeber

>> Marketo

>> Drip

>> Pardot

>> Infusionsoft

>> SendPulse

Found inStarted in 2003.
Headquarted in Chicago, Illinois, US
Started in 2013. Headquarted in Boise, Idaho
Customer GeographyActiveCampaign is getting around 55% traffic from the USA and Australia. Given below is the customer geography of ActiveCampaign.
Activecampaign audience geography
And also ConvertKit is getting around 55% traffic from USA and Canada. Given below is the customer geography of ConvertKit.
Convertkit audience geography
Organic Vs paid TrafficActiveCampaign is getting traffic from around 85% organic keywords and about 15% paid keywords.Activecampaign keywordConvertKit is getting traffic from around 90% organic keywords and about 10% paid keywords.Convertkit keyword
Top WebsiteThe top websites that use ActiveCampaign is given below.
>> Mandatory
>> Consequence
>> euronews
>> Eluniverso
>> Brighteon
The top websites that use ConvertKit is given below.
>> Blogging For Devs
>> RecipeTin Eats
>> Sally's Baking Addiction
>> Natasha's Kitchen
>> Once Upon a Chef


ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign are both great services. It just depends upon your wants and needs. ActiveCampaign & ConvertKit varies in different factors. If you are more focusing on advanced email automation, then ActiveCampaign is better. If you need only simple email campaigns, then ConvertKit will be a good option. ActiveCampaign provides you with plenty of Templates, integration, and automation features. ConvertKit is mainly focused sending on text-based emails. You can try ConvertKit for free. ConvertKit provides you with a free version. But ActiveCampaign has a free trial only. There is no free version.

If you are an author, blogger, or have a small business, use ConvertKit. If you are an online marketer, or if you are a salesperson, then use ActiveCampaign.

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