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10 Best Social Networking Software & Clone Scripts 2024

social network software to create a website
social network software

I have tried 100’s of social networking software. I know the best ones. So you don’t have to waste your time & money.

In this post I listed top 10 social network software to make your own social media website.

Social Media and Social Networking are the stages to Connect with people. It creates a virtual world where people can communicate and exchange data that can be accessible by the internet throughout the world. When we speak about the term Social Networking the first few names which spark out of the collection are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

According to the survey reports OF 2021, Facebook has over 3 billion monthly active users, whereas Twitter reports it has 321 million active users. These social networking sites make advertisement on their site it will reach billions of people hence the revenue of those sites are at the peak.

Photo album sharing on Social media is a trend. Everyone wants to share their best movement which is captured and they want those photos to reach as many as possible. Social networking sites are the best way to share your memories, and best movements with your friends digitally. Social media helps to store unlimited photos. Social networking sites act as a bridge between those persons who lost their connections years ago. These kinds of site give space for people who want to connect with people virtually and globally.

I became a big fan of Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. I created my own social media website & launched it publicly in my college just like how Mark did! It worked. If you are interested in my story, here it is –

How I Created a Social Network Website & Made A Huge Profit In 26 Days

My website launching news is published in the Deccan Herald.

My social network website published in the newspaper Deccan Herald
My social network website published the newspaper DH

If you are trying to build your own Social Networking site? you are searching for the best way to create your website? Take a stop and go through the Article. The below-listed technologies or software are very useful for you to choose from before creating your site.

Best Social Networking Software’s to create your site

social networking website like facebook
Your own social networking website like Facebook

Live example website –

This is free social network software. There is a paid version also. But free version is good enough.

You can install OSSN and run your own social network in Bluehost

Here is its step-by-step guide – How To Make A Social Networking Website Like Facebook For Almost FREE! Within 1 Hour [4 Easy Steps]

OSSN is an easy, quick & free way to create your Social network website.  This Software is written in PHP so this will helps users to build social apps too. The opensource-Social network is a core set of bundled components, But its premium plan is no better than other premium software, But it is the best free software, So we recommend free version to try it.

OSSN free version includes features like Photos, Messages, Groups, and anymore to keep your Social network complete! If you want to add any extra features to your OSSN you can do that by adding freely available as well as premium components.

OSSN is the Perfect CMS that works with multiple languages, which means you can add many languages to your site. OpenSource-Social Network is an Extremely efficient and fastest solution where you can create your website within 50 minutes.

Key Features

  • Provides a strong, secured admin panel
  • User profile pages
  • Newsfeeds help people to know what is happening in the world.
  • Responsive and cross-browser compatible
  • Share photos, videos, files, chat
  • Audio and video calls are also enabled
  • Ban users
  • Can have groups, events
  • Increase your Monetary with Ads
  • Group invitations, Announcement
  • Conduct polling

Try Live Demo

Try OSSN free version on Bluehost

2. WoWonder

Note: Many users expressed their doubts about the right hosting for this script. Bluehost $2.95 plan is enough to run the Wowonder. We tested and confirmed with 1k concurrent bots.

Once you sign up on Bluehost, then follow this tutorial below.

WoWonder is a superfast fully responsive PHP social network script. It provides high performance and security to the system. It also has the capacity to Handel 1million users on the website. Like all other tools and software, WoWonder is also highly customizable with ease.

This top-rated software provides ultimate modern features and supports to increase the revenue by providing various Subscription plans or display ads on site. WoWonder enables users to share videos from video-sharing websites. This also provides all the admin panel features of the social networking website.

Key Features

  • Admin features like settings, managing users and members, announcement, Recaptcha are available.
  • Supports English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish
  • Can build Application with API’s
  • #Hashtags and @Mentions
  • Social video supports
  • Notifications if someone visits your profile
  • RTL support
  • Wonder (new feature for Wowonder)
  • High-level cache system for improving page speed

Bluehost $2.95 plan

Try Demo

3. PHPFox

PHPFox Social networking screenshot

PhpFox is a powerful Social Network software that comes for a 14days free trial. This holds all the features of a Social Networking website, like Its customizable, responsive, mobile-friendly, and many more.

Performance is the key factor for the best user experience. It tells how quickly the content is delivered, how fast the page loads, how fast the uploads have undergone etc… PhpFox has released phpFox 4.7.0 Sneak peek, which is the improved version of phpFox Development that is scalable and has high-performance quality. According to the testing results, phpFox 4.7.0 passed the performance test with 600 concurrent online users, with an average response time of ~7.x seconds. phpFox can handle ~105 Requests/second.

PhpFox has a brand new system to guarantee a swift user experience on caching and loading sites. Hence it is Trusted by around 15000 online communities. PhpFox is the best software to empower your community, it has so many built-in features and suits all types of social websites whether it’s a business or organization or just a common interest group phpFox works with all.

Key Features

  • Improved Cache System
  • Optimize Database Structure
  • Revise Codes
  • Scalability
  • Activity Point feature
  • Support Skins on templates
  • Packed with Brand new design of message template
  • Highly customizable

Try Live Demo

4. Tribe


If you want your Network cloud-based? not so simple then Tribe provides you the place to create your online community platform. It helps to build your social network website which modern, customizable, and cloud-based.

The Tribe is a powerful and flexible solution that enables the user to discuss and connect with your brand. By this, your user can follow, chat, discuss, comment, vote, ask questions, explore, and share multiple types of content. Tribe always provides highly customizable software so you can create your own brand according to your vision.

This provides an activity feed. You can reward your members with virtual currency, and provide services to them when they redeem their currency. This keeps your user attracted and engaged. To keep them more engaged you can add on gamification provide badges and points.

Key Features

  • Categorization of content
  • Onboarding community members to share their stories
  • Custome domain name
  • Notification and announcement
  • Secured Community with regulatory compliance
  • Groups, public and private access
  • Tribe AI
  • Analytics

Strat for free

5. ColibriSM

Colibrism Screenshot

ColibriSM is a highly rated native PHP-based Social media sharing platform. This is cross-browser and mobile-friendly software to create your site. This is a modern platform used for different purposes, like creating forums, social networks, or media portals, etc…

ColibriSM is an analog of modern social network platforms like Twitter or Instagram, which is attractive, convenient, and powerful. This is made with highly adaptable quality, which performs well with minimal requirements. It provides complete privacy for the users.

To test all the capabilities of ColibriSM, you need to register for a demo version of this script. Registration is very simple and won’t take you much time. Once you get registered you can operate the admin panel,

Key Features

  • Powerful, modern admin panel
  • Change visibility mode
  • Privacy for member and user accounts
  • Compiled with GDPR
  • Chat, post, Repost, polling
  • Can embed videos from youtube and Vimeo
  • User block/unblock and Follow/unfollow system
  • SEO Optimization
  • OAuth login
  • Users are allowed to share their stories: Swift System

Bluehost $2.95 plan is enough to run the ColibriSM

Live Preview

6. Buddyboss

Buddyboss Screenshot

Don’t scratch your head with coding! select a simple method to create your social community website with BuddyBoss. BuddyBoss is a theme built on WordPress to create online social community websites. This is perfect for online schools, e-learning, corporate training, to sell your courses, and for online membership programs.

BuddyBoss platform is an open-source solution designed with flexibility which provides full freedom to site builder to customize it. It provides Custom profile types and custom profile fields and you can set the rules accordingly. This modern design allows members to organize themselves into social areas such as public, private, or hidden and creates a platform for the members to have communication like forums with an elegant pattern using bulletin-board.

Profit is the main motive of any business. If your creating your website you will always expect some monetization out of It. you can charge for subscriptions, courses, access and permissions, woo-commerce stores, etc… These things help in increasing the revenue.

Key Features

  • Customize your brand
  • Can Include Gamilfy
  • Online courses
  • Learndash Integration
  • Certificates
  • Revenue with membership integration plugins
  • Connect people with social groups and forums
  • Trusted by 50k businesses

Visit Buddyboss

Try Demo

7. PixelPhoto

PixelPhoto Community screenshot

Are looking to build a platform like Instagram? where you want to mainly deal with photo and video sharing? and create stories? then this Instagram clone script is the best option among all the clones. That is PixelPhoto.

Pixel photo is the best software script that is used to share photos, and to start any photo-sharing website. This provides top-end features which you have experienced on Instagram. Pixel photo includes vast features like face filters, day/night mode, Social login, and it enables users to extend the third-party themes. It’s always up to date and the latest version includes high-speed performance and New API endpoints.

Key Features

  • Strong Admin panel with elegant UI
  • High performance
  • WoWonder integration
  • SEO friendly
  • Face filter
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Native application for both Android and IOS

Bluehost $2.95 plan.

Live Demo

8. Buddypress

BuddyPress Plugin for social communication Screenshot

A super easy method to create your online community is with BuddyPress. BuddyPress is a product or it is an extended feature or a plugin of the renowned CMS WordPress platform. This provides a feature to create your social media website with WordPress. WordPress Provides plenty of themes that give the look n feel of social communities.

BuddyPress is based on PHP and customizable without coding knowledge. It is a fully CMS platform and free open-source. This is a sophisticated, modern social network software allows for add-on feature through an extensive plugin system. BuddyPress is developed for site builders and developers. This is easy to integrate, easy to use, and powerful.

BuddyPress is a robust software, comes with built-in support for Akismet and bbPress. It is also available in multiple languages. This plugin helps keep your users engaged and active.

Key Features

  • Can add custom profile fields
  • Extensible Groups and members
  • Activity streams
  • Private messaging
  • Site Tracking
  • Integrated and smart notification
  • Security and support
  • Creates a platform for discussion
  • Can build micro-community

Bluehost $2.95 plan.

Strat for free

9. HumHub

HumHub Screenshot

HumHub is open-source software for social networking written on Yii Framework using PHP and javascript. This is free software that provides all the toolkit which are necessary to create your social networking website. Humhub can be adaptable from small businesses to big organizations where hundreds and thousands of people can collaborate and communicate.

HumHub is a lightweight source for group and team communication. The website builder can extend the functionalities from third-party tools, it’s a self-hosted, secured solution for your community website which runs on almost all servers and browsers. HumHub provides a feature of V-card where user can create their portfolio.

Key Features

  • Secured and private user profile
  • Activity Stream
  • Powerful dashboard
  • Social tools like a post, likes, comments, follow, etc…
  • Emoticons and much more

Try Demo

10. Social King

SocialKing Screenshot

Creating a social network website is a different experience, when you want to create your network community on your e-commerce website then Social king proves as a powerful method. It comes with a free 15-day trial, where you can look into all the features. This can be used on your Shopify website to enhance the feature of your site.

This extended feature of Shopify enables the shopper to handle the content, they are allowed to add new products, comments, share, and post images or videos. Social King app is highly customizable, secured, and supports multiple languages. This also provides SEO optimization and E-mail notification. Social King is the highly recommended app for your business from the existing users.

Key Features

  • Provides panel for shop keeper and shop admin
  • Provides a platform to connect with the community
  • Helps to create own brand community
  • SEO benefits
  • Total support from the team

Try Shopify

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