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Wix Vs GoDaddy – Which Is Better For Your Requirement? (2024)

Wix Vs GoDaddy

Wix and GoDaddy are two popular Website Builders. You can create beautiful websites without any technical skills. They are similar, but they differ in their features and functionalities. Wix can be used by any type of business. Besides Website building, Wix has Ecommerce, Marketing automation tools, SEO optimization tools, etc. GoDaddy is an easy way to build a website. It also has features like CRM, Social Media Management, Marketing Automation, etc. with affordable plans. Let’s see the comparison between Wix Vs GoDaddy.

Quick Summary


  • Popular for its page editors
  • Easy to use
  • Moderate pricing & renewal pricing will be the same as the first payment
  • Drag & Drop, ADI & X editors
  • Free domain with 1-year hosting
  • Modern & A.I. infinite auto templates
  • 600+ Apps & integrations
  • Marketing automation with extra cost.
  • Advanced SEO tools & Dedicated Apps.
  • Better in-built analytics & Reporting
  • Free version & 14-day 100% Refund with no questions asked.


  • Popular for domain registrations
  • Affordable, but costly plans for adding payment or any eCommerce & renewal price is almost double
  • No drag & drop, only block swiping.
  • No free domain
  • Good templates
  • No app market
  • Free Marketing automation.
  • Basic in-built SEO settings
  • Cheaper booking, but costly plans for adding payments
  • free version but complex refund policy & some are 50% refund

What is Wix?

Wix is an all-in-one solution for all types of businesses as well as individuals. It is popular for easiest page editors, Artificial Intelligent auto website maker, Pixel perfect responsive & mobile editors with its new editor X. Wix is not only a website builder. It is also a domain name hosting provider, blogging platform, portfolios, E-commerce solution, logo maker, payment processor, scheduling system, membership management, marketing automation tool, CRM, point of sale, software, and hardware provider with a multi-billion-dollar company with offices all over the world. You can build a creative website that will be stunning and attractive to visitors. It also has robust SEO optimization settings and an app store.

Who uses: All types of Business owners, individuals, artists, musicians, online store owners, Photographers, and more.

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is one of the popular domain name providers. In 1998, they launched their first Website Builder. It is one of the quick and easy Website Builders on the Market. All you have to do is do a little customization. GoDaddy is also an all-in-one solution. It provides CRM, Social Media Management, SEO, Marketing Automation, etc. besides website building, domain, and Hosting.

Who Uses: Beginners, All types of Business

# 10 Main Differences

Given below are some of the main differences between Wix and GoDaddy.

1. App Market

Wix has an App Market. It contains a lot of in-built apps as well as third-party integrations. But GoDaddy doesn’t have an App Market. You can easily install many apps for advanced features such as booking, gallery, store, portfolio, marketing, and 600+ features on Wix, but it is not possible on Godaddy. You can use only Godaddy’s basic inbuilt features.

Winner: Wix

2. Pricing

Godaddy website plans are cheaper than Wix. However, Godaddy’s eCommerce monthly pricings are similar to Wix. But Wix offers more eCommerce features than Godaddy with similar pricing.

Winner: Godaddy

3. Support

Both Godaddy & Wix provides 24X7 support & both have great support resources.

Winner: Tie

4. Templates

Wix has around 500 free templates for building a website. They are categorized in a good manner and every category contains a good number of templates. But GoDaddy has only around 100 templates.

Winner: Wix

5. SEO

Wix has advanced SEO optimization. You can use in-built as well as third-party SEO optimization tools. But in GoDaddy, only built-in SEO optimization is available. We can’t integrate with any third-party SEO tools.

Winner: Wix

6. Page Editor

Wix has 5 types of editors, Original 100% Drag & drop, Mobile editor, Editor X, ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) & Developer mode. All editors are easy-to-use. In GoDaddy, there is no drag-and-drop editor only swiping and also there are a lot of options that are limited.

Winner: Wix

7. eCommerce Business

Wix is good for Online selling. They are providing plenty of eCommerce features and templates. Wix provides in-built as well as third-party apps for the Online store. But GoDaddy is not that good for eCommerce business compared to Wix. It has so many limitations such as only 50 orders/month for Godaddy multichannel and next month’s renewal price is double! Surprisingly Wix commerce is cheaper than Godaddy.

Winner: Wix

8. Small Business

Both Wix and GoDaddy provide in-built tools for creating small businesses like Bookings, Appointments, Event calendars, etc. But Wix also has third-party apps for small businesses. GoDaddy only has in-built apps. It doesn’t have any third-party apps.

Winner: Wix

9. Portfolio

If you want to showcase your works through websites, then Wix provides you with a lot of Portfolio Templates. It provides many apps like Wix Art Store, Wix Photo Albums, and Design elements like Impressive effects, and roll for various purposes. It also has different types of galleries like Pro Galleries, Grid Galleries, etc. But GoDaddy’s portfolio features are limited. They are also not providing any portfolio-related apps to integrate.

Winner: Wix

10. Analytics & Tracking

Wix has advanced analytics and tracking. You can also integrate with so many apps for analytics reports. But GoDaddy does not have an in-built tool for analytics & tracking. You have to integrate with Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, etc.

Winner: Wix


In-depth Review

Spoiler Alert!

Ease of UseWix 5 4.5
PricingGoDaddy 4.5 5
Templates & DesignWix 5 4.5
Website EditorWix 5 3.5
Small BusinessWix 5 4.5
Portfolio &
Wix 5 3.5
eCommerceWix 4.5 4
App MarketWix 5 1
Marketing AutomationWix 5 4.5
SEOWix 5 4
Analytics & TrackingWix 5 4
Customer SupportTie 5 5
Speed TestWix 4 3.5
Our Rating 5 3.5

Ease of Use

Inbuilt Hosting
Domain Provides
Storage & BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimited
Avg Speed Response 280-430 ms 290-340 ms

Both website builders are easy to use. No need for any programming to create a website using GoDaddy and Wix. And also you don’t need any technical knowledge. Any non-techies can simply create beautiful websites.

You can create beautiful professional websites for your business, events, eCommerce, your personal portfolio, or even just a school project, etc. using Wix. You can create beautiful customizable websites without any effort at all. Initially, you may find it difficult if you are a beginner. But, Wix will give you a video tutorial step by step once you sign up. And enter the editor. But If you want to create a quick website without any effort, then GoDaddy is a good option for you. You can create beautiful templates very fast using GoDaddy. All you have to do is just choose a category. GoDaddy will give you the right template and content for your business.

How Wix Works?

You can sign in to your account using a Google account, Facebook, or Apple account. After you sign in to your account, Wix will ask you several questions to know more about what kind of Website you are going to build. You can answer those questions or just skip them. After that, you want to choose how you are going to create your website. Either you can create with an editor or Wix will create a website for you by answering those questions using its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI).

Wix design choosing

ADI is faster and easier to make your website at first. But you will lose the customization freedom that you have. If you are artistic-minded, then I recommend you choose “Create your Website with the Editor”. Because you will get a lot more freedom of customization, after you are done editing your website, you can check how it looks on the desktop and Mobile. You can adjust the blocks to look good on mobile using the mobile editor. It doesn’t change the desktop view. That is cool.

There are a lot of features and options available in Wix. In the dashboard, all the options are well arranged on the left side. So you can easily navigate from one option to another. You will see Marketing & SEO, Analytics & Reports, Finance, etc. You can also change your site language by using Multilingual. After everything is done, you can publish your site.

Wix provides one more website design tool with advanced design and layouts. It is more responsive to other platforms like Mobile and Tablet when compared to Wix Editor. The main difference between Wix and Editor X is that Editor X has a responsive design. It will show different Nd responsive layouts on different devices.

Wix Editor X
Wix Editor X

Mobile Editor: Wix has a mobile editor where you can create mobile-optimized websites. You can optimize your website and make it responsive to mobile devices without affecting desktop devices. You can even hide some desktop elements from mobile devices. Also, you can set up mobile-only elements.

How GoDaddy Works?

After you create your account and sign in to your account, you have to choose a category. There will be some default categories, and also you can type your own category. They are providing a lot of options for you to choose from. Then you have to name your site. It is temporary. You can change that later. That’s it. There is your website with the right template and the right content. You can also change layouts, images, content, etc. if you want. You can add different pages, set your own theme, etc.

There is also a set of templates available. If you want to choose from templates, you can also do that. But there is only limited templates are available. Then you can customize your website the way you want.

The Dashboard of GoDaddy is very simple. They will suggest ways to set up your websites. It will be good if we follow their steps. And also options like Store, Appointments, Marketing, Connections, and setting are present in the dashboard. In Appointments, there are options like Calendar, Services, Categories, Customers, etc are present. In Marketing, Social Media Management, SEO, Email Marketing, etc. are available. You can set up your Shipping, Payments, Tax, Abandoned Carts, etc. from the settings option in the dashboard.

GoDaddy Dashboard
GoDaddy Dashboard

Key Take-Aways: Both website builders are easy to use. But when compared to GoDaddy, Wix is easier and more user-friendly. GoDaddy is a little confusing to understand.

Winner of Ease of Use: Wix

Wix: 1-0 : GoDaddy


Trial Period14 days free trialNo trial (free forever)
Starting Pricing $16/mo$6.99/mo
Ecommerce Plans$27/mo – $59/mo$13.99/mo – $29.99/mo
Enterprise Pricingcustom pricingNo

Wix is an affordable Website Builder. It has a free plan and paid plans. Its Paid Plan includes Website Plans, Business & eCommerce Plans, and Enterprise Plans. You can create and test your website using its Free Plan. Without upgrading, you can go live for free. However, if you want your own domain name instead of the Wix subdomain, then you have to upgrade. If you subscribe to an annual plan, then you will get a free custom domain. There are mainly 4 plans available for GoDaddy. Basic Plan, Premium Plan, Commerce, and Commerce Plus. Its plan starts from $6.99 /mo.

The Pricing Plan of Wix is given below.

Website Plan ($0 – $45): Wix Website builder Pricing is starting from $0 to $45. You will get all the website builder features except eCommerce features in this plan. If you buy the Wix website plan ($16 /month) then Wix provides you website builder, hosting, and a premium domain for free with no additional charges.

Wix website plan
Wix website plan

Business & eCommerce Plan ($27 – $59): If you need a complete eCommerce solution, then you should go for the Business & eCommerce Plan.

Wix eCommerce plan

Wix Pricing – How To Save 40% Every Year?

The Pricing Plan of GoDaddy is given below.

Basic: $6.99 => Website builder, Custom Domain connection, 24/7 support, Guidance, and analytics, 100 emails /mo, 5 social posts /mo, Creating and managing business pages on 1 social media platform, Branded content creator, etc.

Premium: $13.99 /mo => Basic features + SEO, 20 social posts, 500 emails /mo, Create and manage business pages on 3 social media platforms.

Commerce: $14.99 /mo => Premium Features + 5000 List products in an online store, Real-time shipping rates, Discounted shipping, Gift cards, abandoned cart recovery, 50 orders /mo, etc.

Commerce Plus: $29.99 /mo => Commerce features + Unlimited List products in an online store, 1,000 orders/mo, Automated sales tax calculation, Auto-populated tax forms, etc.

GoDaddy pricing
GoDaddy pricing

Refund Policy


Wix is providing a 14-days refund policy. If you are uncomfortable using Wix Premium Plan, they will provide a full refund within 14 days.

If your 14 days are exceeded and you think you need a refund, you can click here and tell your reason. They will review and if you are eligible, then they will provide you with a refund.


For GoDaddy, the Refund policy depends on the product purchased and your subscription. In the case of website builders,

=> For the annual plan, the refund will be provided within 30 days of the date of the transaction.

=> For monthly plans, the refund will be provided within 48 hours of the date of the transaction

Key Take-Aways: The pricing of GoDaddy is affordable when compared to Wix.

Winner of Pricings: GoDaddy

Wix: 1-1 : GoDaddy

Templates & Designs

Drag & Drop
Theme Customization levelGoodBasic
Prebuilt SectionsYesYes

Both Wix and GoDaddy have a good collection of templates. But Wix provides more templates when compared to GoDaddy. Wix provides you with around 500 templates. All are eye-catching and attractive. There are 100+ templates are available in GoDaddy. Besides customized templates, there is another set of templates available to choose from. They are categorized into Fashion & Beauty, Home Service, Health & Fitness, Coming soon, etc.

In Wix, templates are separated into 5 categories like Business & Services, Store, Creative, Community, and Blog. Under that, there are a lot of subcategories like Business, Health & Wellness, Travel & Tourism, Beaty, Fashion, etc. It also has E-Commerce templates, Education related templates, etc. You can also create a website from blank templates. Wix allows you to showcase your creativity. You can create your own colors and themes. So any type of business from students to large corporations can use the Wix Website builder.

Wix templates
Wix templates

In GoDaddy, if you choose one template, there is an option for changing the layout of each section. There where a template changing option once you choose a template before. But now, they removed that option. You can only change the section layout. But that is also a cool feature.

Godaddy Templates
GoDaddy Templates

Logo Maker

Wix has its own logo maker. All you have to do is answer some questions about our site. They will suggest suitable logos for our websites.

Wix logo maker
Wix logo maker

Godaddy logo maker is one of the main features of Godaddy studio which provides prebuilt logo templates and various customize options.

Key Take-Aways: Wix has more templates when compared to GoDaddy. Wix has 500 templates. On the other hand, GoDaddy has only 100+ templates.

Winner of Templates & Designs: Wix

Wix: 2-1 : GoDaddy


Wix editor is advanced. You will get a lot of features within the editor. You can add strips, Text, Images, buttons, galleries, Menus & Anchors, Events, Bookings, etc. All these will be available in different styles also. You can also customize it in the way you want. All you have to do is just Drag & Drop. Simple. After you have done editing your website, you can preview your website in desktop mode and mobile. It will not automatically optimize for mobile phones. You have to do it manually. If you move an object to optimize for mobile, it will not affect the desktop view.

Wix editor
Wix editor

You will get instructions from Wix if you do any mistakes. It is like, they are watching us. For example, If you drag your image outside of the Margin, we will get a notification like “You dragged an element outside the gridline, some of your visitors won’t see it”. That is a cool thing. So you can avoid simple mistakes and can create a beautiful Website.

Wix Warning

For creating mobile-optimized websites, you have to do it manually. You have to move the elements to the correct place to look good on mobile also. That is a time-consuming process and a disadvantage of Wix. But if you edit for mobile, it will not change in the desktop view. That is cool.

You can change the overall style of your site by using “Site design”. You can change the color and text theme. You can also change the page background of your website.

Wix site wide styling

Mobile Editor: Wix also has an app. You can edit your website from mobile also. From there you can create mobile responsive websites. You can change the background, and resize fonts, buttons, etc. without affecting the desktop view. You can also hide some desktop content and you can replace them with mobile-only elements. You can change layouts using a page layout optimizer.

The editor of GoDaddy is like the ADI editor of Wix, but with limited features. GoDaddy will design your website [choose a template and create content for you] based on the category you choose. Then you can customize the layout, style, and content of your website on your own. GoDaddy will not allow any mess. If you change any button color, font style, or something, it will automatically change everywhere. There are three options are available in the editor. They are Website, Theme, and Settings.

Website: You can add different pages from here. There are also website add-ons like Store, Services, Blog, Messaging, etc. will be available there.

Theme: From here, you can change the section layouts, Color then, fonts, buttons, etc.

Settings: Options like Site name, Social media links, favicon setting, cookie banner, etc. will be available here.

There are only limited customization options available in GoDaddy.

  • You can’t move objects where ever you like. What you can do is only align with the object to left, right, and center.
  • You can’t add a single image. Instead, you have to select a photo gallery and customize it. [Add section -> Select Image Gallery -> select Photo Gallery -> Select one Layout -> Delete pre-loaded photos -> Add or change the photo you want within the gallery]. That is a time-consuming process.
GoDaddy Editor
GoDaddy Editor

You can’t change templates once you select a template layout. Instead, you can change the layout of each section. GoDaddy has different layouts for each section. So, you don’t have to worry about changing the template.

GoDaddy layouts
GoDaddy layouts

Once you are done editing, you can preview your site in desktop mode and mobile mode. The website will optimize for the mobile version automatically. That is great. You don’t have to waste your time optimizing for mobile also. [Because there are a lot of design restrictions to accomplish the responsive design]. That’s why GoDaddy is called “Quick Website Builder”.

GoDaddy mobile responsive

Key Take-Aways: The editor of Wix is simple. It has a drag-and-drop editor with a lot of features. GoDaddy does not have a drag-and-drop editor. It has also limited features available.

Winner of Editor: Wix

Wix: 3-1 : GoDaddy

Image Editor

Wix has a pretty good You can also edit an image from within the editor. You can easily edit the pictures that you uploaded. You can crop images, enhance images, add filters, adjust the image by changing brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. you can cut out image portions, add text, etc.

Wix image editor

The Image editor of GoDaddy is also cool. You can add different filters, remove objects, adjust tone, crop, add shadow, adjust opacity, etc. The Image editor of GoDaddy is slightly better than Wix. It provides more options.

GoDaddy Image Editor
GoDaddy Image Editor

Small Business

Both Wix and GoDaddy are good for creating small business websites. By using Wix, you can create beautiful small business websites. There are so many in-built apps for Wix to create small business websites. It has its own booking, Calendar, Events, hotels, etc. GoDaddy is good for creating small business websites. GoDaddy has in-built apps like Bookings, appointments, and event calendars for creating small business websites. But it does not have any third-party apps.

Wix bookings
Wix bookings

GoDaddy Bookings and appointments
GoDaddy bookings

In Wix, you can also use third-party apps like the Small Business Phone System, invoice & accounting, Shirtsy Dropship, etc.

Wix Small Business apps

Key Take-Aways: Wix has in-built as well as third-party apps for creating small businesses. But Weebly has only some in-built apps like bookings, appointments, etc.

Winner of Small Business: Wix

Wix: 4-1 : GoDaddy

Portfolio & Photography

Wix is better compared to GoDaddy in the case of building portfolio & Photography websites. Wix Gallery is cool. There are different types of galleries are available. They are Pro Gallery, Grid Gallery, Slider Gallery, etc. You can showcase your images in different ways and models using this Gallery. So, Creating portfolio websites will be easy using Wix. You can showcase your works in a creative manner. GoDaddy also has Photo Gallery. It also has different types like Slideshow, stacked, Vertical Gallery, horizontal scrolling, etc.

You can use different layouts for your gallery. You can also change the direction, orientation, and alignment of your layout. And also, you can change the Spacing, Density, etc.

image layout settings
Gallery layout

Wix has in-built as well as third-party apps for the gallery. Some of them include Photo & Video gallery, Wix pro gallery, an Impressive slide show gallery, etc.

Wix photography apps

Media Library

Wix has a great Media Library. You will get plenty of quality images. Wix has its own media. Besides, we can select images from Shutterstock and Unsplash. They all are stock images and we can use them for free. You can also upload your own images and use them on your website.


But, there are only limited stock images are available in GoDaddy. You can add your own images from your system or you can connect to different social media like Facebook and Instagram and upload from them.

Godaddy media library
GoDaddy media library

Key Take-Aways: The image Gallery of Wix is cool when compared to GoDaddy. It has a lot of customization options are available. But the Image gallery of GoDaddy is very limited.

Winner of Image Gallery: Wix

Wix: 5-1 : GoDaddy


Starting Pricing $27$14.99
Digital Products
Payment Options70+ payment gateways70+ payment gateways
Transaction fees0%0%
Shipping OptionUSPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. +Third party appsUSPS, UPS, FedEx

You can set up an online store and sell digital products through both Wix and GoDaddy. Using Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. you can set up customer payments.


Wix provides you with various templates for eCommerce Websites. You can create your own online store website using Wix. There are templates like Fashion & Clothing, Jewellery & Accessories, Arts & Crafts, etc. All you have to do is select a template and customize it according to your store. But it comes under different pricing. The eCommerce plan starts from $27 to $59 /mo. It includes:

  • Sell on social channels ($27 /mo)
  • Sell on marketplaces ($32 /mo)
  • Customized reports ($59 /mo)
  • Storage: 50 GB ($27), 100 GB ($32), Unlimited ($59)
  • Bookings analytics
  • Multi-calendar sync
  • SMS notifications
Wix eCommerce, blog & portfolio templates


GoDaddy has so many beautiful templates for creating an online store. The eCommerce pricing starts from $14.99 to $29.99. Its feature includes:

  • List products in an online store
  • Discounted and promotional features
  • Gift cards
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Discounted shipping
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Automated sales tax calculation ($29.99)
  • Auto-populated tax forms ($29.99), etc.
GoDaddy eCommerce
GoDaddy eCommerce

Key Take-Aways: eCommerce feature is better in Wix when compared to GoDaddy. You will get good eCommerce templates in Wix. GoDaddy is not that good for running an online store website.

Winner of eCommerce: Wix

Wix: 6-1 : GoDaddy

App Market

Apps 800+

The app market of Wix is far better than GoDaddy. GoDaddy does not have an App Market. You can only connect to social media like Facebook and Instagram and also you can connect to Google Analytics to your dashboard for website analytics & report. That’s all. You can integrate Wix with plenty of apps. There are so many in-built apps as well as third-party apps available in Wix.

In-built apps include Wix Bookings, Wix pricing, Wix forms & Payment, Events, etc. Third-party apps include eDesk, Coupon X Discount Code Pop-Ups, Custom Background Music, Google Search Ads by Cobiro, and Multi-channel fulfillment with Amazon, Instagram, etc. There are free and also Paid apps available in the Wix App Market. You will get third-party apps for SEO, Marketing Automation, Analytics & Tracking, etc.

Wix integration
Wix integration

Key Take-Aways: Wix App Market is great. You will get plenty of in-built as well as third-party apps. But GoDaddy does not have an App Market.

Winner of App Market: Wix

Wix: 7-1 : GoDaddy

Marketing Automation

Inbuilt email marketing tool
Integration with
eBay, Amazon, etc.

Both Wix and GoDaddy have their own marketing automation. Wix has an in-built Marketing automation tool. It is called Ascend by Wix. It is an all-in-one business tool that allows you to send stunning emails. Using Wix ascend, you can build a strong relationship with your customer and easily promote your product and services through email.

Wix ascend
Wix ascend

GoDaddy also provides you with marketing automation. You can send emails to your subscribers using the Email Marketing of Godaddy. But only limited features are available. The analytics & report on Marketing automation of GoDaddy is also basic. You won’t get an advanced report even if you upgrade your plan. You will get only the open rate, click rate, and bounced rate. But you will get Marketing automation in your free plan also.

GoDaddy email campaign

Wix ascend offers only basic analytics and report. You will not get it in your free plan. It has a separate pricing plan. For better analytics and report, you have to upgrade to the $49 plan. On the lower plans, you will get only the basic information of the deliverability rate, open rate, and click rate. In the report, you can see only the number of automation that you send. That is quite disappointing. You can’t even track your revenue.

Wix analytics & report

After setting up Email Marketing on your website and somebody subscribed, they will get an email like this to confirm the subscription.

GoDaddy email
GoDaddy email subscription

Key Take-Aways: Marketing Automation of both Wix and GoDaddy are good. But email template features are better in Wix when compared to GoDaddy.

Winner of Marketing Automation: Wix

Wix: 8-1 : GoDaddy


Edit Title/Descriptions
Edit Alt text
Edit Permalink
Edit Robots.txt
URL redirects
SEO Apps

Wix and GoDaddy have almost similar SEO. Wix has many SEO settings, Schema, and third-party SEO apps from top companies. So there is a high chance that your Wix website getting a better Google rank. It has a lot of SEO features and SEO options in the dashboard as well as in the website builder. The in-built SEO settings of GoDaddy are somewhat similar to Wix. They will set up meta tags, descriptions, header codes, create site maps, etc. But the only difference is that we can’t integrate with any third-party SEO optimization tools for advanced SEO.

Wix will help you with both On-page & Off-page SEO. You can set up your Title, Meta tags, meta descriptions, etc. with the help of Wix SEO optimization tools. And also Wix will create a Site map and submit it to the search engine.

Wix SEO tools and setting
Wix SEO tools.

GoDaddy SEO
GoDaddy SEO

Wix Third-party apps include Rabbit SEO, rankingCoach Get Found Online, Deepcrawl, etc.

Key Take-Aways: SEO of Wix is better when compared to GoDaddy. GoDaddy has only in-built and basic SEO. But Wix has more advanced in-built and third-party apps for SEO optimization.

Winner of SEO: Wix

Wix: 9-1 : GoDaddy

Analytics & Tracking

In Wix, the reports are provided according to the parameters like Traffic, Sales, and People. You will get the report as a table, line chart, and bar chart. So, you can analyze your business according to the season and trends and can optimize your own strategy. You can learn a lot by comparing your sales performance.

Wix reporting
Wix reporting

For example, given below is a graphical report of Sales by Item. Here the dark green represents your current period and the light green represents your previous period. And here we took sales measure as gross sales. By analyzing this chart you can compare your sales in the current year and the previous year. So that, you can create your own strategy to improve sales in the next year.

Wix analytic report

There are so many third-party apps available for analyzing and tracking your website. They include Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google tag manager, etc.

In GoDaddy, if you want analytics and the report of your website performance, you have to connect to Google Analytics or other analytics tools. You can connect to Google Analytics from the settings by using the tracking ID. Other methods include setting up Cookie banners, Facebook pixel, meta tag, Google AdSense, etc. There is no in-built tool for analytics and reporting in GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Analytics
GoDaddy Analytics
Godaddy analytics nd tracking

Key Take-Aways: Analytics & Tracking is better in Wix when compared to GoDaddy. Its in-built analytics & tracking is good. And also, you can integrate with third-party apps to get analytics reports. GoDaddy’s Analytics & Tracking is very limited. You have to integrate with Google Analytics.

Winner of Analytics & Tracking: Wix

Wix: 10-1 : GoDaddy

Customer Support

Live chat

You will get good customer support using both Wix and GoDaddy. GoDaddy has award-winning customer support. You will get support in different ways. It has phone support, Live Chat, and Forums. Its 24/7 Live chat & phone support is great.

Wix provides customer support via Email and phone. You will get 24/7 support from Wix. No matter what, you will get the response within minutes whatever your query is. That is a great thing. You will get phone support in various languages like English, Spanish, etc. There is also Forum where you can search for your query. But Wix does not provide live chat.



Key Take-Aways: Customer support of both Wix and GoDaddy is great. Both of them provide 24/7 support.

Winner of Customer Support: Tie

Wix: 11-2 : GoDaddy

Speed Test

We analyzed the Top 10 Websites of Wix and GoDaddy to test their Server response and found that most of the Wix website’s avg speed response time is between 180-430 ms, whereas GoDaddy’s website’s avg server response time is 150-600 ms. It means that websites hosted on Wix load faster compared to GoDaddy.

Wix speed
Wix server speed chart

Godaddy speed

Key Take-Aways: The server speed of Wix is good when compared to GoDaddy. Website using Wix loads faster than the Website of GoDaddy.

Winner of Speed Test: Wix

Wix: 11-3 : GoDaddy


I found some errors while performing some marketing actions like Social, Blog, and Email Marketing in GoDaddy. So, I feel difficult to set up some functions. And also, there are so many loading problems for GoDaddy.

14. Pros & Cons


A great number of stunning templates.Wix websites will not show a loading icon in the browser. So, you may not know whether the website is loading or not when you click the second page.
A lot of in-built and third-party integration.You can’t change the template layout if you select one layout.
A lot of customization options are available.You can’t set up a professional email for free. You have to pay for email hosting.
In-built optimization and Marketing Automation tools.
Better analytics & Reporting.
Better customer support.


Quick and easy to build websites.Only limited customization options are available.
You will get Marketing automation in its free plan.A limited number of integrations (No App Market)
GoDaddy is affordable when compared to Wix.
Better customer support.
The website will automatically optimize for mobile devices.

15. Alternatives

Alternatives of Wix & GoDaddy

>> Squarespace

>> Jimdo

>> Google Sites (See Wix vs Google sites)

>> Weebly

>> Webflow

>> WordPress


Why should you use Wix over GoDaddy

  1. Wix editor is a lot of advantages over Godaddy. It has different types of editors and the best thing is you can even switch between editors without losing your work. For example, you can switch from Wix ADI editor to Wix 100% drag & drop editor.
  2. Wix has an outstanding number of templates. All are classy and pleasing and also well-formatted.
  3. You will get better analytics & reporting.
  4. It provides an in-built and third-party SEO optimization tool.
  5. Its App market allows you to integrate with a lot of apps [Paid & Free].
  6. You will get a free domain for a one-year hosting plan.
  7. If you want to downgrade from a higher plan to a lower plan, you will get credit from the previous purchase.
  8. You will get a full amount refund within 20 business days if you cancel your premium plan within 14 days.
  9. Wix is best for all types of business like eCommerce, Blogging, small business, large corporate business, etc.

Why should you use GoDaddy over Wix?

  1. You can build a Website quickly and easily without any effort.
  2. It is affordable when compared to Wix.
  3. You will get marketing automation without paying extra charges in GoDaddy’s free plan itself.
  4. Optimize for mobile devices automatically.
  5. GoDaddy is best for beginners.

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