Wix Music Review 2019 – Are Musicians & Bands Really Love It?

Wix music review. Separate ratings from musicians. Pros & Cons
Wix music review

Is Wix Music right for you? Let’s see. It is an easy website builder.  It helps to build musician, band, DJ & music industry related websites without any skill or knowledge using ready made web functions & easy drag & drop interface. Many musicians created their own website using Wix. Before trying any service, you should read its reviews. We reviewed all music & its related features.

What Are The Things You Will Miss, If You Don’t Read This Review?

  1. Can Wix Templates Touch Your Fans Hearts?
  2. If It Is Easy, Then How Easy To Use Music Features?
  3. Are Musicians Selling Their Musics Without Any Problems?
  4. Is Wix Music Really Help You To Distribute & Promote Your Music, Albums & All Your Creativity?
  5. Can You Manage Yourself?
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Best Musicians or Band Live Website Examples Those Created On Wix Music (With Their Original Template Link)
  8. 8 Important Things You should Know. Let’s start one by one.

Can Wix Music Templates Really Make Your Fans Aww..ful?

We tested all musician, band, DJ & music Industry related templates. They used the latest web standards.
Templates load faster than the average website. It got an excellent score on website speed test. Here is an example template mobile friendliness, mobile & desktop speed test result.

Wix Music template loading speed test is impressive
Wix Music template loading speed test result

If you look at the above test scores, you can see mobile friendliness scoree is 96 out of 100. This means your website will appear on mobile perfectly without any problems. All website elements will appear on any sized screens.
The second one is the Mobile speed. 97/100..!! Getting above 80 is highly difficult.

Desktop speed is good. 87/100 is really impressive. Because Most of the websites load very slowly on desktops than mobile, but Wix templates loads faster than expected.
All templates are designed by professionals who knew about music tastes & trends.
If you look at templates designs, definately you will find the perfect one that fit your dreams. If you don’t find, you can add free web functions like awesome players, subscribe forms, auto play actions, map, animations, retina ready colors & more.

Wix music is not like other website builders, Because it is 100% drag & drop easy site editor, So you can choose any template & mix with any functions. You can make stunning website even you selected a blank template..!!!! That’s why it is favourate on musician community

How Easy Here To Add Music Elements & Other Web Functions On The Website As Your Imagination?

It is more easier than photoshop, that I can guarantee you..! See its site editor

Wix music website editor is very easy
Wix music website editor

Using Wix Music, any school kid can make amazing musician website..! What you need to do is, just drag & drop the ready made element. Put anywhere on the page.
Here is some ready made music players that you can use free.

Wix Music Different players & apps
Wix Music Different players

you can add different music players. Within every player, you can change colors, design & layout. You can also customize with easy settings. Your choices increase to infinite…! Whatever you imagine, that you can put here wihtout any skill.
It is not enough, there is a big function called Wix music apps
There are Many music related apps. (Not just 15). here is a screenshot.

Wix Music Website Builder Related App list.
Wix Music Apps

See Wix Music Apps
You can insert any of those apps on your web page by clicking the add app button. Not just 15 apps, there are 100s of apps available to make anything possible. You will get lot more benefits on Wix.
You can use 1000s of Free Music Stock Photos & Web Music Background Videos.

These are not enough to describe Wix user interface. You should check out Wix Main Review to know all surpring things those you should know, if you decided to make your website on Wix..

Are Musicians Selling Their Music Here Without Any Problems?

You can sell you music albums, singles or playlist with your own prices. Paypal & stripe services are available. Paypal business account is better for recieving the money without any problems. Here is an example of a musician who sold his albums on Wix Music.

You can sell your music with commission free
album sales stats.

You can create unlimited albums, singles or playlists. Below you can see a screenshot when adding a new album. This will easily recognize Google, because it is in a very systematic way. You can set your music free or fixed price to download, creating discount, offere or bonus item & many advanced options out there. In this screenshot, all settings do not appear.

Wix music price & payment settings. Sell directly from your wbesite.
Wix music price & payment setting

You can sell Your music T-shirts or any items to your fans. Wix store allows you to create your own online store wihtout any skill. If you want to sell any extra items, you no need to approch E-commerce solutions with costly services. Everything is here. You can sell any physical or digital. Here is a sample of Wix store settings.

Wix store payments methods
Payments & other important option on wix stores.

Wix easy payment methods are really helpful for dummies who don’t know anything about website set up. Here is a proof for this. Just look at Wix Paypal app review on Wix app market (It is just like a Google play store, but here wix website apps available instead of android apps)

Wix App Paypal Button Reviews showed 5 stars
Wix App Paypal Button Reviews

Wix paypal app got full of 5 stars wiht 497 reviews with opinions from premium customers. This means no one rated below 5 stars..!! See Wix Paypal App live reviews

Overall, Wix Music is an awesome tool for musicians & Band. Payment & selling your music system is made so easy as well as excellent.


  • 100% commision free.
  • Guest Checkout option available. So users can buy fast without signing up.
  • Price limit per music item is $2000.
  • You can sell your tickets for your shows.
  • You can set up your music album in a different ways.
  • User can download your entire music at once. You can set up allow or not allow to this option.
  • You can sell anything or start your own online store.
  • Sell your merch by adding an online store to your website.
  • One of the best electronic press kit is available.

Cons: We are searching for disadvantages. But still don’t get any one. stay updated.

Is Wix Music Really Help You To Distribute & Promoting Your Musics?

Yes, you can sell, but How you will make money without customers? Wix takes care everything. You can distribute your musics directly from your website in just one click..!! Mainly it distributes Tunes / Apple Music – iTunes Music Store & iTunes Match, iTunes Radio ,Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play Music – Google Play Music Store & Google Cloud, Google Play Music Subscription, Shazam, Spotify, Tidal, 24-7 Entertainment. After that, you can view your approved stores & services on music manager.

Wix music distribution options
Wix music distribution

Is Wix Allows You To Promote Your Music Easily?

You can promote your music in many different ways. But you no need to promote all ways, because Wix distributes your music on 130+ different music stores, services & other platforms. But there is another effective method to promote your music. That is email marketing. You can get subscribers through your website & promote your musics to your subscribers & fans whenever you want..!! You can build amazing email campaign in a minute using easy email editor.

Wix Music promotion get more subscribers using email marketing tools
Wix Music promotion

There are many business & marketing apps there. You can take all benefits.
In Wix, you can promote your music more effectively than any other music platforms.


  • Automatic Music Distribution To 130+ Online Stores And Streaming Services.
    Note:Wix will not directly distribute to 130+,
    It distributes on main online stores. For e.g. 24-7 Entertainment will distributes on many platforms. (Don’t worry. Just one click is enough to make everything automatic, I gave more details just for knowledge purposes)
  • When your fan downloads entire Album, it Automatically download as Zip format, So your fan can get your music albums faster than he expected.
  • WAV, FLAC and M4A (Apple Lossless) files are ‘loseless files’ are supported for distributing your music, but MP3 is not supported to distribute, because Wix wants to keep your music files with original quality & users can download any formates, but if you upload with MP3, it is not possible. Wix Music made with the help of professional musicians, here you will get the best music website practices. So you no need to study more about online stuffs, Just read Wix music guidelines & focus on your music career.
  • You can upload per music track upto 360MB. This means, you can upload without any problem even it is a very long music. (Usaully musicians are not upload directly to their website, they upload on Youtube or musician platforms like spotify. Then they will just insert it on their website using Wix apps. User can listen or see directly from your website without leaving the website. Also it saves a lot of data on your website hosted server. So saves your money as well as your website loads faster without getting heavy load stucks)


  • Sometimes Delays in Distribution When Distributing Music Through Deezer. But it is not everytime & everyone. Only few people reported, But if you got it, you can contact Wix support, They will make it work properly for free.
  • Some people reviewed Wix Music stats delays, but it is not reported widely, only few people experiened, but I think it is not a big problem. Because you don’t need stats of exact present tesnse..!

Can You Able To See & Manage Entire Website & Everything On The DashBoard

You can manage everything from the dashboard. You can change your payment setting, music or main website settings here. In one shot, you can see your live website stats. Here is an example of a musician who sold 18 copies of his music.

wix music statistics like number of sales, downloads, plays etc.
wix music statistics.

Here is another musician, who sold 377 copies. (Just selling copies is not only your income. You cam apply advertisement networks like Google Adsense, Media.net etc to generate more money from ads. So you can make money even you let your fans to download musics for free. In the below example, there are 250000+ plays. This means, around $10,000 – $50,000 may generated by ads.)

wix music stats like number of music sales, downloads, plays & advanced statistics.
wix music stats

Wix Music Review Conclusion

Here is what experts & musicians had opinion on Wix Music in one shot.

Music Templates & Designs


Music Features


Ease Of Easy


Distribution & Promotion


Selling Musics




Final conclusion: Musicians & Bands Are Really Loved Wix Music. Below you can see real musician & band websites on Wix. In my personal opinion, Wix is the best music website builder. I already tried. Don’t waste too much time. Just try Wix Music for free. If you like, you can upgrade with a small amount.

8.Best Musicians or Band Live Website Examples Those Using Wix Music

We recently created a separate page for site examples.

Click here to see 20 Best Musicians
or Band Live Website Examples
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Or How They Created?

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