Pixpa Review 2020 – 11 Pros & 2 Cons May Surprise You!


Do you want to know whether Pixpa fit for you? This review will help you to make the right decision. Pixpa is not a general website builder. It is specifically designed for photographers & artists. So if you want to build a photography website, then you should consider Pixpa on your list.

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Let’s see Whether Pixpa gets 5 stars or 1 star.

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Who Visits Pixpa?

Which type of photographers Using Pixpa Website Builder?
Is Pixpa Website Builder Easy For Your level of skill or knowledge? 

Let’s see its demographic.

Pixpa audience demographic
Pixpa audience demographic

In colleges and graduate school Pixpa showing a strong presence. In the workplace, Pixpa is used more than home & school. This indicates Pixpa is getting its customers from high authority places. This is a good sign.

Pixpa Popularity

Pixpa usage by country
Pixpa usage by country

Pixpa is popular in India, USA, Singapore & UK.


Is Pixpa Really a Good Company?

Pixpa is a new startup launched in 2013. Within a few years, it gained 10,000+ customers. Now Pixpa is one of the top 10 Online Portfolio Platform for Photographers and Artists. Let’s see how many people visited in September 2018.

Pixpa monthly traffic
Pixpa traffic per month

100k visits per month. This is huge. Only a few websites get such a massive traffic. This shows Pixpa is a popular company.

Pixpa Goodness Score – 93%


Pixpa Themes – Are Those Templates Photographer Friendly?

There are 38 templates for your portfolios. When you signed up, you will see all the themes and you need to select the one.

Pixpa templates
Pixpa templates


After selection of the theme, Pixpa site builder will load. You can edit the theme. You can change the theme without losing your work. You can view on the tab or mobile size while you edit.

Pixpa site builder
Pixpa site builder

You can get a lot of site settings to customize & operate your site yourself. If you feel difficulty, the Pixpa support team will help you. Unlike general site builder, Pixpa specifically focused on Photographers. So you will get a great support directly from photography web designers.

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Are all themes mobile friendly?

I tested an example of Pixpa built website.  No loading issues on mobile & perfectly fit for any sized screen.

Pixpa template mobile friendly test
Pixpa template mobile friendly test

Pixpa Website Performance

I tested the Pixpa’s Polaris theme. Here is the result.

Pixpa website & template performance
Pixpa website & template performance

Everything got Green Grade except the cache. You can use external free CDN like Cloudflare to get all types of caches. Just add your IP & domain on Cloudflare. Very easy. You get a lot of tutorials on the internet.


Pixpa Templates Score – 92%

Try Pixpa All Features For Free 4.

Pixpa Features – Can You Build Your Dream Website?

Pixpa included all Portfolio related features. Photographers get all the essential tools.


You can add unlimited photos and unlimited galleries up to your storage plan reached the limit.


Client Proofing

You can create a gallery for your clients. You can set up a password and your client can make favorite or buy any photos at any time.

Client album
Client album

You can set up a photography store. there are many payment gateways available. So you no need to worry about the online payment processing.

Pixpa app store (Integrations) included all essential apps for photographers. 46 apps are available for free.

Pixpa apps
Pixpa apps

Using those apps, you can install so many features like customer support chat, social commenting system, connecting printing services for your site.

Pixpa included an inbuilt store for you. You can sell anything from your site.

Pixpa store
Pixpa store dashboard

You can manage your clients easily.

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You can see all messages, comments & everything in a single dashboard. So you don’t forget or miss anything.

Pixpa messages & comments
Pixpa messages & comments

You can set your calendar events, email marketing, building client relationship and more things you can do.


Pixpa Features Overall Score – 95%


Pixpa Site Settings

Pixpa site setting included SEO, connecting the premium domain, Social media, redirects, newsletters, email marketing, Calender events etc

Pixpa Google analytic setting
Pixpa Google analytic setting

You can use Google Analytics to measure how much traffic you are getting, which page is more popular, how visitors are interacting on your website, from which page to which page visitors are going and more. This will help you to improve your website.

You can set image compression levels like 80% or 75%. So whenever you upload, the image compresses automatically. But I don’t recommend this.  Because the Pixpa image compression is not good enough. I already tested. Pixpa image compression is not a lossless compression. That means the image quality will decrease. I also asked Pixpa support team about this. Here is the screenshot of the reply.

how Image compression and client galleries setting works in Pixpa
how Image compression and client galleries setting works in Pixpa

Pixpa image compression makes your image to lose the original quality. By default, the image compression is set to 75%. I recommend you to set it 100% & optimize images before you upload to your site using this method -> How To Optimize Images For Web? (92%, But lossless & 4 FREE Ways)  There are many optimization tools for images on the internet. Don’t use those tools. I already tested 100’s of tools, finally, I found the best method (That link is given above.)

Image compression setting
Image compression setting

How To Optimize Images For Web? (92%, But lossless & 4 FREE Ways) 

(but I don’t recommend to optimize client gallery images even the above-linked tutorial method is lossless.)

You can connect to the Fotomoto store.

Add Disqus commenting system to increase user engagement.

You can include any external script on your site head section globally. You can also add scripts to the body section, footer and many more functionalities you get on the site setting.


Pixpa Settings overal score – 90%


Pixpa Hosting – Does It Run Your Website In a Healthy Way?

Let’s check Pixpa Server availability & speed on different locations.

I picked a random website that is hosted on Pixpa. Then I checked its server availability & response time.

Pixpa hosting server capacity test
Pixpa hosting server capacity test

From the above test shows Pixpa hosted the site’s server available on all places & it performed well in the USA regions.

Is Pixpa site’s hosted server secure enough to protect your website from Malware & hackers?

Pixpa security
Pixpa security

Pixpa hosted websites are secured.

Domain – They don’t provide your domain name. you should buy it from GoDaddy & connect to your hosting. don’t worry. If you don’t know, then the Pixpa support team is very friendly & they will do everything for free.

Backup & Restore – You can recover any items up to 30 days back

SEO – Automatically your site will index on Google & there is a separate site setting for SEO. You can add your targeted keywords.

Security – They provide you with a free SSL certificate. Your site connection will secure. Also, I checked the heartbleed vulnerability test to check the security level. Here are the details.

Pixpa security test
Pixpa security test

Everything is fine with Pixpa security. After this test we got to know Pixpa uses Amazon web services. It is the world #1 in cloud hosting beated Google & Microsoft in cloud hosting race. So this is the plus point for Pixpa.


Pixpa hosting score – 84%

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Pixpa Support – Can You Get The True Help?

Pixpa customer care available for 24X7. So you no need to worry about your time zone.

You can email, call or chat with them. Here is an example. In the below screenshot I blurred the phone number, Because the number may vary person to person.)

Pixpa support
Pixpa support

I asked several questions. I got answers within 2-3 minutes..! Pixpa support is great. You no need to doubt about it. They even give you personalized support to build a great website.

Unlike general site builder, Pixpa specifically focused on Photographers. So you will get great support directly from photography web experts. They also provide well informative guides.

Pixpa support - Quick & highly informative
Pixpa support – Quick & highly informative

Pixpa provides you tutorials. So you don’t get confused.

Once you signed up, they provide you with a phone number for help.

You can call personally to solve your problem. They provide unlimited free help. I didn’t mention the phone number here because the number may vary from person to person.

You can chat or email to support@pixpa.com or you can request a call or ask for the number. The support team is user-friendly and flexible.


Pixpa Support score – 99%


Pixpa Reviews By Web Designers, Masters & Me..!

We invited many web designers in our network to vote in my websitebuilderly.com for helping people to find the best website builders. They reviewed & voted every website builder on our list. Here is the final sum for Pixpa.
Web Designers & Masters Final Review

Features - 91%
Features – 91%

Hosting - 82%
Hosting – 82%

Technical - 92%
Technical – 92%

User Interface - 86%
User Interface – 90%

Web Designers Rank For Pixpa



UI & features






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Pixpa Pros & Cons


  • Great Support. 24X7 live chat, Email support, Call support, Helpful tutorials
  • Client Proofing
  • Sell Your Photo
  • Stripe, Paypal like payment gateways
  • You can add more storage at any time.
  • Print Photos & deliver using WHCC or Fotomoto apps. Your clients can order their photos to print on their mobile case, canvas, many and many more. WHCC provides Prints Proofing Cards, Wall Displays Books & Albums Boxes, Cases & Packaging Display Products Other Products Backdrops Sample Sets. You can utilize all the benefits of Pixpa.
  • You can connect Shopify to Pixpa.
  • No commission will take Pixpa for the payment transaction.
  • 46 Apps/integrations for different purposes like payment, promotion, email marketing, support, booking, scheduling, calendar events, stats and more.
  • You get a 15-day free trial. no credit card required.
  • You can get a free domain name using Pixpa Hover app or You can purchase a domain from any domain registrant like GoDaddy & connect the domain name to your Pixpa site. If you don’t know, then the Pixpa support team will do everything for free.
  • Pixpa platform built specifically to create Online Portfolio websites for creatives like Artists, Photographers. So Pixpa is able to develop more superior tools for Creatives than Squarespace like popular general site builders. You get great & quick support from Portfolio experts in Pixpa. But in the general site builder like Squarespace & Weebly, you may not get such personalized support.  See Pixpa vs Squarespace


  • No drag and drop website builder editor like Wix.
  • You can’t publish anything in the trial period
  • You can’t use the same photos on different galleries unless you reload the photo.

My final words

“Pixpa is a great platform to create an online portfolio website for photographers and any artists. Pixpa included many integrations that give you more power to create, run, promote, sell, and manage your site easily. I liked Pixpa’s WHCC & Fotomoto apps. Using those apps, anyone can easily sell their photos or art and any print products automatically without taking any risk. Pixpa doesn’t take any commission for your earnings. Client proofing & galleries are perfect. I highly recommend Pixpa.”

– Jack Cox / Co-founder of WebsiteBuilderLy.com

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