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GoDaddy Online Store Review 2024 | Will Its eCommerce Fit For You?

GoDaddy online store review will definitely help you to decide whether its eCommerce software or tools fit your needs and imaginations. Also, you will understand its pros and cons. Before doing anything, You should read its total reviews from Users, Expert’s as well as Ours review and recommendations for you..! Don’t worry. It takes just 6-7 minutes to read this post completely.

Important Note
In this post, we focused only on eCommerce. If you want to know full reviews of GoDaddy Website Builder, Trustworthiness, Hosting, Security, Support, Overall Pros & Cons and many surprising things, Go our main post:- GoDaddy Website Builder Review – 9 Things You Should Know

Godaddy eCommerce Features

There are many e-Commerce tools will help you to run your online store easy. But how is GoDaddy’s eCommerce features? Is it included all essentials with latest technology?
Let’s check one by one feature.


In the product section, you can get many options to add, arrange or show your products.
Mainly 3 options you can find here.

  1. All Products
  2. Featured Products
  3. Categories

This is all products page.  I will not explain much about it. Because you will understand everything from below screenshot.

All products
All products

Featured products mean, at the front page displaying products of your online store website. If you have some special products or you assume some products have high demand, then you can show your products amazingly using featured products tool.

Featured products
Featured products

The category is very important in any type of online store. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing always give high rank to those websites have categories. But remember, Don’t make too many categories. This may harm you. You should have 100s of products within a category. then only Google will rank you better. This category is SEO friendly. Because you will see, you can write separately Category name, title and description.

Add Category for products
Add Category for products

But in products section, you can’t find many options like other online store builders. In our expert’s tests and analysis. This section got very poor reviews.

Online Store Design

In store-design section, you will find mainly following options.

  1. Theme
  2. Site
  3. Pages
  4. Navigations

Theme- You can change any theme without losing your previous data. This is one of the big advantage using GoDaddy online store.

But other companies also proving the same functionality. You may feel, there is a lot of options are unavailable.

Let’s see a look on the theme page.

GoDaddy Online Store themes
GoDaddy Online Store themes

You can customize your store’s colors, fonts and many more elements. See below screenshot of customization page.

GoDaddy Online Store Customizations
GoDaddy Online Store Customizations

In Site option, you can upload your logo. You can set how products should display like popularity, high rating, price wise etc.

But it is not amazing options. All options are general and every website builder and online store builder have these options.

In pages section, you can create unlimited pages. but it also a general feature. In navigation section, you can drag and drop menus or pages in any order you like. You can arrange these menus as sub-menus or sub-sub menus. Godaddy is highlighting common functions as premium because they don’t have amazing features.

Promotion And Marketing

GoDaddy online store included promotion tools. Let’s check all its functions.

Promoting Your Store

  1. Sell On Facebook – Before selling on Facebook, you should create an account with  Once you have done all the easy set up in Shopial, you can start to sell on facebook.
  2. Like and Share Button – You can add like and share buttons for all products.
  3. Social Follow Buttons – You can add facebook, twitter and Google plus follow buttons
  4. Product Reviews – You can add review options for all products just like Amazon.
  5. Email Sign Ups – You can collect users email by displaying email sign up form.  Besides this simple email signup form, GoDaddy has separate email marketing section to automate your business. I explained in #3 section. Continue to read.


This coupon will help you to Encourage shoppers to buy with special savings.  When you want to make some business gimmick to get more sales, you can introduce coupons to your users or customers. Who uses those coupon codes while purchasing your products can get more discounts than others who don’t have the coupon code. See this below screenshot how you can launch coupons.

GoDaddy Online Store Coupon Creating Software
GoDaddy Online Store Coupon Creating Software

This coupon feature will help you. But we found it lacks many features. This is a very simple tool and you can’t make anything you want.


You can find your ordered items in the sales section. You can sort it by name, time, email and status, but you can’t sort by price, location, valued customer etc.

Your Online Store Orders
Your Online Store Orders

Our team reviewed it and it got a very poor review.

GoDaddy BookKeeping

Mainly bookkeeping helps you to do Accounting, Invoicing and time tracking, Payments, Schedule C worksheet, Estimated and sales tax.

See this screenshot for an overview of GoDaddy BookKeeping

GoDaddy Bookkeeping
GoDaddy Bookkeeping


  1. You can estimate for quarterly taxes.
  2. You can directly integrate with Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.


  1. You Can’t able to assign from the list of tasks in time entry.
  2. U.S dollar based transaction only.
  3. In project management, there are many functions are unavailable.

It supports tasks management, contractor access, multiple currencies, basic project tracking. But there is a lot of functionalities are unavailable it may harm you after your business expanded.
Click Here To Try GoDaddy Bookkeeping For Free


Godaddy offers you to add many types of shipping methods based on your needs.

See below screenshot. This is an example of a shipping method that I added to review GoDaddy Online Store.

GoDaddy Online Store Shipping Details or Methods you already offered or added
GoDaddy Online Store Shipping Details those you offer your customers

There are 5 ways for shipping. I copied paragraph exactly what is written on GoDaddy official website. But you can’t see. Only premium users can view this. That’s why I copied. So that you will get a clear idea about how GoDaddy shipping methods offer you different types of settings.

Basic Shipping Methods
Set shipping rates based on your custom needs

  1. Free Shipping
    Offer free once order totals reach a certain amount (this attracts customers to buy more stuff)
  2. Flat Rate Per Order
    Charge customers a flat rate shipping fee to their order total (it’s easier for everyone)
  3. Weight-based
    Charge different amounts based on how much an order weighs (lift with your legs)

Carrier Calculated Shipping Methods
More accurate shipping methods based on location (requires product weights and/or dimensions)

  1. United States Postal Service (USPS)
    The official United States carrier for domestic and international shipping (you must be shipping from the U.S.)
  2. United Parcel Service (UPS)
    Package delivery service for domestic and international shipping
GoDaddy Online Store Shipping Options Included Basic Shipping Methods & Carrier Calculated Shipping Methods
GoDaddy Online Store Shipping Methods. Set shipping rates based on your custom needs

In shipping section, GoDaddy got good marks from our reviews as well as expert’s review. Next, and the very important section is Payment collection. Let’s see.


In your dashboard, you will get the settings to collect money from your customers directly to your bank account or Paypal account or you can add custom methods.

GoDaddy allows you to 3 ways to collect payments.

Credit Card
Use Stripe to accept credit card payments.

You need to fill this form to get access strip payment method to collect your money from your customers.
GoDaddy Online Store Strip Payment Authorization Form

PayPal Express
Customers can use their PayPal account, or credit card to purchase. It is very easy to set up.

Custom Payment
Get paid directly through cash, check, bank transfer, etc. by putting in your contact and payment information.

Generally, all online store builder has all types of payment methods. In our review, we found that above all payment methods are very common. It is not a special option.

Email Marketing

This is the dashboard of GoDaddy email marketing.

GoDaddy Email Marketing Dashboard
GoDaddy Email Marketing Dashboard

Mainly 3 option you can find here.

  1. Create a campaign
  2. Import some subscribers
  3. Schedule a live video

Creating a Campaign

See this screen shot. This is the campaign editor. It is just like a website builder editor.

Creating a campaign in email marketing section
Creating a campaign in email marketing section

In the email campaign editing page you can edit, drag, insert, delete and anything you can make. Once you did, you can send it all your subscribers at once or you can make it automate..!!

You can also create Sign Up Forms to get emails from your customers.

Email Sign Up Form
Email Sign Up Form

If you have some subscribers email list from your any old business, you can import it.

Overall Email Marketing System is good enough.

 GoDaddy Online Store 13 Important Smart Features Those You May Searching Right Now.

Below I listed some important smart features. You may want to know whether this or that features included in GoDaddy. So I wanted to remove all your worries. Let’s check it.

1.Rearrange and Add Navigation Items

Rearrange and Add Navigation Items
Rearrange and Add Navigation Items

Need to change up your store’s navigation?  just drag to rearrange the order of items on both your top and bottom navigation. Not enough items? You can add up to 10 pages or links to the top navigation and 5 to your bottom navigation. Go to Store Design > Navigation to get started.

2. Rearrange Your Featured Products

Rearrange your featured products
Rearrange your featured products

Want to customize your storefront display? You can rearrange your featured products in any order you like. Start by going to Products > Featured. You can also turn on/off the home page display of featured products or set how many displays. Find these settings under Store Design > Theme > Product Display.

3. UPS Shipping is Here!

UPS shipping
UPS shipping

In May 2016, GoDaddy added UPS as an additional shipping method your customers can select for their orders. Now, you can ship via UPS with accurate real-time shipping prices based on the address and products ordered. Get started today by going to Settings > Shipping > UPS.

4. Save Time and Sell More Products

Save Time and Sell More Products
Save Time and Sell More Products

you can see all your products in Email Marketing and easily drag them into an email campaign. The product image, price, and description display and automatically link to your store. Try it by clicking Create Campaign on the dashboard.

5. Fabulous Filter and Sweet Search

Fabulous Filter and Sweet Search
Fabulous Filter and Sweet Search

This is located on products page to help you quickly find your products.

    • Filter by category to list all products tagged with that category.
    • Search by name or SKU number to quickly find specific products.

6. Bulk Edit Your Products

Bulk edit your products
Bulk edit your products

Want to quickly edit many of your products? You can! Godaddy new bulk editor lets you save time by simultaneously modifying multiple products on the products page. Go to Products > Bulk Edit to get started.

7. Download Your Orders as a CSV File

Download Your Orders as a CSV File
Download Your Orders as a CSV File

Want to better track your order information? you can download all of your orders in a CSV file. Go to Sales > Orders > click Download All Orders on the top left.

8. Coupons Per Category

Coupons Per Category
Coupons Per Category

To boost your sales, you can create a discount for products in specific categories! From the Promote menu, choose Coupons, click Add a coupon, select Limit to a specific category, and choose the category to apply this coupon. The discount is applied when your customers check out using the category coupon toward a product from the specified category.

9. Automatically Fulfill Orders on Shippo

Automatically Fulfill Orders on Shippo
Automatically Fulfill Orders on Shippo
If you’ve purchased a shipping label on our partner Shippo, you can automatically fulfill that order! Simply go to Shippo > Connect > Edit your GoDaddy settings. From here, you can select the checkbox to automatically fulfill the order. This will notify your customers that the order is on its way and will automatically include a shipping number as well.

10. Order Confirmation Email

Order Confirmation Email
Order Confirmation Email

To give your customers a more branded, personalized experience,  your order confirmation email included a few features.

  1. Customers receive confirmation emails with your email address in the FROM field.
  2. If you’ve added a logo to your store, you can include it in the confirmation email.

11. Bulk Printing Invoices

Bulk Printing Invoices
Bulk Printing Invoices

Need to print a lot of invoices? This tool can help with that! From the Sales menu, choose Orders, and select the order invoices you’d like to print. Select the Print Invoice button on the top-left of the orders menu. You’ll be prompted to bulk print the selected invoices. It’s that easy.

12. Save Money on Shipping Labels

Save Money on Shipping Labels
Save Money on Shipping Labels

For stores in the US you can create and print labels for less than at the Post Office. GoDaddy now offers the cheapest USPS shipping rates through its new partnership with Shippo. Save up to $6 on each of your Priority Mail labels. You can find this new feature when managing an order by clicking Get Shipping Label in the Order Status section. Create your labels on Shippo in 3 simple steps. Ship with USPS, FedEx, UPS, & DHL Express.  You can also learn more here – How do I connect my GoDaddy store with Shippo?

13. Set Per-Item Shipping Fees

Set Per-Item Shipping Fees
Set Per-Item Shipping Fees

You can set shipping fees for individual products. You can even mark a product to always ship free. Products with free shipping automatically display a label on your storefront—making it easier for customers to spot those items. To use this new feature, click Products in the top menu, select products, and click a specific product to edit. Then, click the Shipping tab.

Help me set per-item shipping fees


Godaddy online store lack many features that you can get on Shopify & Wix. Personally, I recommend SiteGround-WordPress- WooCommerce.

However, if you need a quick easy online store, then Wix is the best. Shopify is also good but not better than Wix. Shopify is too costly if you compare with Wix.

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