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Bigcommerce Review 2024: Is This The Best Platform?

BigCommerce is a popular eCommerce builder that enables building small to enterprise-level businesses. It has various inbuilt and third-party applications to provide the tools necessary to build an online store.

Domain & Hosting

BigCommerce provides powerful hosting with excellent SSL security, ensuring that your eCommerce site is secure and reliable. It also facilitates the process of buying domains directly from their platform. Users can purchase a new domain or redirect an existing domain to the BIgComemrce platform. Users can also redirect their existing website to the new BigCommerce site, making the transition to the new platform seamless and hassle-free.

BigCommerce has a powerful server which excellent security measures in place. There is not much sign of server breakdown as bigCommerce has maintained an uptime record of 99.99%. Their hosting level is compliant with PCI and DDOS standards, ensuring that customer data is secure and protected from cyber threats. BigCommerce platform provides advanced security features for Pro plan users, offering an extra layer of protection for their eCommerce site.

We analyzed the Top 10 Websites of BigCommerce and we found that the avg speed response time, is 375-430 ms.

BigCommerce server speed

Ease of Use:

The BigCommerce website platform is user-friendly and straightforward to set up. It offers a 15-day free trial before subscribing to one of its monthly plans. To try and test the platform, users need to signup for an account with BigCommerce. The platform’s dashboard is extensive and contains numerously inbuilt features that are easy to access. BigCommerce offers a wide range of product-related features, including product filtering, gift wrapping, purchasability, etc which may only be available as third-party apps on other platforms.

Setting up a bigCommerce store is a straightforward process. Adding products can be done manually or through bulk import, making it easy for users to manage their inventory. The platform also allows for easy customization and website design through drag & drop elements, enabling users to create a personalized look for their online store. If users encounter any issues while setting up a store they can refer to resources or get a hand to hand support from the support team.

Plans & Pricing

BigCommerce has 4 plans

Monthly SubscriptionAnnual Subscription
Standard – $29/moStandard – $39/mo
Plus – $79/moPlus – $105/mo
Pro – $299/moPro – $399/mo
Enterprise – $2000+/moEnterprise – $2000+/m0

BigCommerce offers four plans among which the first three plans have fixed pricing. The fourth plan is designated for enterprise-level businesses and its pricing can vary based on the volume of business.

Additional charges may apply for themes and third-party apps. These are optional charges that may or may not be applicable. While there are no transactional charges, credit card rates are applied with each transaction. Check the detailed blog on big commerce pricing

BigCommerce pricing

BiCommerce pricing

Themes & Customization

BigCommerce offers over 150+ themes, including 10+ free themes and several other paid plans ranging from $150 to $300. All of these themes are designed to be responsive on mobile devices. BigCommerce users are able to preview the themes on both mobile and tablet devices. The themes are organized by categories, collections, and prices to help users find the right fit for their needs.

BigCommerce themes

BigCommerce themes

The BigCommerce editor provides more than 10 web elements including Text, Images, Video, and layouts which can be easily dragged and dropped onto the home page. Each of these web elements can be customized for various styles, colors, and other attributes.

BigCommerce also offers global style options for product pages, checkout, and home pages. which can be customized with various styles, and colors. Users can download the theme files, manually customize them manually, and then re-upload the files to their BigCommerc store.

BigCommerce editor



The BigCommece platform allows users to sell both physical, and digital products as well as sell subscriptions through third-party apps. They can create various product categories and choose from a variety of product options such as dropdown, radio buttons, swatches, and more.

———————- Payment options & charges—————

BigCommerce offers over 70 payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc. depending on the user’s country. Customers can easily checkout using one-click checkout options such as apple pay, PayPal, google pay, etc,

Bigcommerce doesn’t charge fees on store transactions, The online credit Credit card rates vary depending on the plan 2.59%+49¢ (Standard), 2.35%+49¢(Basic), and 2.05%+49¢ (pro) for each transaction.

————————MultiCurrency & Multilingual—————–

The BigCommerce Platform supports a multicurrency payment system, allowing customers to pay in their own currency. Additionally, users can view the website content in their preferred language.


BigCommerce offers a range of shipping settings that allows users to create multiple shipping rules for different countries. Users can set up shipping rules manually or use the third-party application “ShippierHQ” to automate the process.

BigCommerce offers users the option to set up various static shipping quotes, including free shipping, flat rates, shipping by weight, and local pickup. BigCommerce integrates with carriers such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS to provide real-time checkout rates. Additionally, users can download shipping labels directly from the BigCommerce platform. Furthermore, there are over 100 shipping third-party applications available to assist users with shipping tasks.


BigCommerce has various marketing options to promote and sell products.

———————–Email Marketing———————

BigCommerce apps store has more than 30 apps to facilitate email marketing automation. The store includes various email marketing tools such as Omnisend, drip, privy, etc. While some of these apps are available for free, others require payment.

————————MultiSales Channel——————

BigCommerce has integration with various multichannel eCommerce channels such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. It also integrates with various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more. In addition, it also offers integration with google and POS systems such as Square, clove, etc

——————–Social Media————

BigCommerce provides various good features for promoting on social media. There are numerous apps that help in managing social media ad campaigns, and managing ad campaigns. BigCommerce has integration with popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote its products.

——————–In-store marketing————

The BigCommerce platform is enriched with plenty of built-in features that allow users to create various automation for coupon codes. These Codes can be applied at the customer checkout page. Additionally, users can send abandoned cart emails to recover sales and send gift codes to customers.

SEO & Blogging

BigCommerce has provided good SEO settings such as editing titles, meta descriptions, and URLs. BigCommerce has SEO-friendly themes, a Strong HTTPS server, an SSL security layer, sitemaps, editable robots.txt, etc. Merchants can perform SEO on products, blogs, and category pages.

BigCommerce provides a blogging feature that enables writing more about the products. The blogs can allow commenting, have the ability to assign multiple authors, and can include tags for each blog. All of these blogs can be categorized. each blog page has its own SEO setting.

BigCommerce blogs

Apps & Integrations

BigCommerce offers an app store with over 1000+ apps categorized as accounting, analytics, marketing, site tools, shipping & fulfillment, etc. Some of these apps are free while others are paid.

BigCommerce apps

Analytics & Reports

BigCommerce offers a range of analytics in its dashboard. Including statistics and metrics on sales, orders, revenue, and more. Additionally, BigCommerce provides an insight feature that analyzes store data to offer valuable insights, though this feature is not free and costs associated with it range from $49 -$249. BigCommerce also provides real-time metrics of the customer’s behavior while browsing the site.

There is a separate dashboard for metrics related to orders, customers, carts, marketing, and merchandising. There is a report provided related to the in-site search of BigCommerce. BigCommerce provides a detailed report on sales tax. BigCommerce offers various charts, graphs, and funnels to visually display statistics.

BigCommerce Analytics

BigCommerce Analytics

Support & Resources

BigCommerce provides 24/7 support through Chat, email, and phone channels. To receive support, Users need to provide a support pin that is located in the help section of the platform. BigCommerce provides various blogs, articles, and tutorials to help users get started with the platform. BigCommerce offers support in more than 5 languages to cater to a diverse user base.

BigCommerce Support

BigCommerce Support

Pros and Cons: BigCommerce Review

BigCommerce ProsBigCommerce Cons
Plenty of apps and themesBigCommerce has Expensive Plans
Plenty of multisales channel integration, payment options, etcThere is a Minimum Sales cap on each plan
Excellent support system & ResourcesBigCommerce offers few customization options for website designing

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