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BigCommerce Pricing – 10 Clever Ways To Avoid Extra Cost (Save 40% Per Year!)

BigCommerce Pricing

BigCommerce offers 3 plans, it doesn’t charge transaction fees on any of the plans. BigCommerce has lowered the payment processing fee by partnering with Braintree. Whereas other payment provider charges $2.9% per charge, BigCommerece In association with Braintree charges processing fee of 2.59% + $0.49 on the $29 plan, 2.35% + $0.49 on the $79 plan, 2.05% + $0.49 on $299 plan.

I recommend you to visit the Bigcommerce pricing page & come back here. So that you will understand this page quickly.

Just enter your estimated revenue from your Bigcommerce online store, and see how much transaction fees and total costs are with different plans & payment providers.

Conclusion of this calculator: We only recommend switching to the pro plan once the monthly sales go past $145k that way you can save a little more from the Braintree special credit card rates which are 2.05%+$0.49. (Because in the Plus plan, it is 2.35%)

FAQ: BigCommerce Pricing

BigCommerce Plans

BigCommerce has 4 plans

  • Standard ($29/mo)
  • Plus ($79/mo)
  • pro ($299/mo)
  • Enterprise ($2000+/mo)

All The 4 Plans Included The Following Features

  • Hosting – All hosting plans include Free Sitewide HTTPS and dedicated SSL for free, also unlimited products, file storage, and bandwidth.
  • Editor – All plans include a drag-and-drop page editor with mobile responsive themes, they also include built-in blog editors.
  • Cart Features – All Bigcommerce plans include excellent cart features like single-page Checkout, Multi-Currency checkout, and Carrier Shipping quotes at checkout.
  • Marketing & Sales Channel – all plans include integration with sales channels like Amazon, Walmart, google shopping, Facebook, Instagram, and the Point of Sale feature. Also, you can enable discounts, coupons, gift cards, ratings, and reviews.
  • Payments & Charges – On all plans of Bigcommerce you can enable single-click checkout through google pay, apple pay, and amazon pay. there are no transaction fees on any of the plans.
  • Other features – on all plans of BigCommerce you can access unlimited staff accounts, professional reporting tools, and 24/7 support.

let’s see all the plans briefly before knowing 10 clever scenarios to save money.

Standard ($29/month)

The Bigcommmerce standard plan is the first plan and it costs around ($29/month), This plan consists of almost 80% of all the features of Bigcommerce. There is no cap on storage, bandwidth, or products but they do have a cap on 12-month sales value which is $50k for a standard plan, if your 12-month sales extend this limit you will be forced to choose the pro plan($79).

There are limitations in features like product filtering, customer segmentation, and abandon cart saver

Save 30%: You can access these features through third-party apps from the BigComemrce app store, which in total might cost you an extra $20 only.

There are no extra transaction charges on sales and also they offer Special credit card rates on Braintree which is 2.59%+$0.49 for the Standard plan $29.

Plus Plan ($79/month)

BigComerce Plus plan costs $79/month. If you buy the annual plan you can save 10% per month and it will cost you $71.95/per month. The plus plan consists of all of the features of the standard plan and in addition, it offers a few more features like Customer groups and segmentation, Abandon cart saver, Persistent cart, and Stored Credit cards of users. These features can be accessed from third-party applications of BigCommerce. BigCommerce has put a cap on 12-month sales of $180k once it reaches it they will enforce you to choose the Pro plan.

We personally don’t recommend switching to this plan to access one of these features as they can be accessed through third-party apps.

Braintree offers a special credit card fee of 2.35% + $0.49 on the Plus plan, If your store makes more than $25000/month then you can switch to the Plus plan.

Pro Plan ($299/month)

BigCommerce Pro plan Costs $299/month and the annual plan saves 10% and costs $269.96/month. This plan consists of almost all features of the Plus plan and in addition to that has three more features Google Customer reviews, Product Filtering & Custom Product filtering.

Enterprise Plan ($2000+/month)

Shopify’s Enterprise plan is for larger businesses and Enterprises. This plan has Custom pricing which mainly depends on the sales volume of the business, you need to enquire with the BigCommerce sales team for the custom Pricing. It consists of all the features of the Pro plan and in addition to that it offers Multi-Storefront, Price Lists, Unlimited APIs, Priority Support, Express routing,

11 Clever Ideas To Save Money Up to 60% Every Year?!

1. Save $270 On Product Filtering

If you want a product filter option, then you have to choose BigCommerce $299 plan, But If you are in the $29 plan, then it is not fair to upgrade to the $299 plan just to get the product filtering option

Then how to save $270 per month?

Solution: The product filtering feature can be enabled through apps like Sema(Free), and FreshClick ($16/month). Within the $29 plan. So if you are after this one feature you can access it with the standard plan and save lots of money. However, BigCommerce has put a cap on 12-month sales of 50k, 180k & $400k once it reaches it they will enforce you to choose the Plus plan, Pro Plan & Enterprise plan. But it is better to upgrade the next plans as the revenue reaches 50k, 180k & 400k because you can save a lot on lower transaction charges by upgrading the plans as you see in the calculator on the top.

We only recommend switching to the pro plan once the monthly sales go past $145k that way you can save a little more from the Braintree special credit card rates which are 2.05%+$0.49. (Because in the Plus plan, it is 2.35%)

2. Save $50 + 30% Off on Abandon Cart Recovery ($0)

BigCommerce abandon cart recovery feature stars from the pro plan ($79), this is an essential feature through which you can recover customers who have added to the cart and left without purchasing. but for this one feature, you have to upgrade from the $29 plan to the $79 plan, That means you need to spend an extra 50$/month which is not fair.

Solution: Instead of upgrading your plan & paying $50 per month extra, you can use Cart recovery apps like Abandoned Cart Saver by Cartio, Ominisend, and Privy. Bigcommerce provides 30% off for 12 months on Omnisend. This offer is only for Bigcommerce users.

Abandon Cart saver by Cartio

Abandon Cart saver by Cartio

3. BigCommerce Offers

BigCommerce Provides 1000s of offers for different services and integrations. You can find all the offers here – BigCommerce offers

4. Save on POS

Bigcommerce doesn’t have an inbuilt POS system but has a lot of free and paid Point sale integrations to do that. It offers POS systems like Paypal Zettle, Clover, Vend, Connect POS, etc. With Bigcommerce you can get a 90-day free trial on Clover POS. Normally you get a 30-day free trial, but The 90-day free trial is only for Bigcommerce users.

BigCommerce POS Integrations

BigCommerce POS Integrations

5. Save 10% on BigCommerce Annual Plans

If you choose the BigCommerce annual plan you can save 10% on the plus and Pro plans, Whereas the standard $29 plan is the same for the monthly and as well as annual plan.

BigCommerce Monthly Plan

BigCommerce Monthly Plan

BigCommerce Annual Plan

BigCommerce annual Plan

6. Get a Business Email for $0

Bigcommerce doesn’t offer email hosting, but you can third-party email providers like Zoho, google workspace to get a custom domain email, we recommend using Zoho as it provides a forever free plan for up to 5 users.

7. Save with a Credit Card Rate

Online credit card rates
2.59% + $0.492.35% + $0.492.05% + $0.492.05% + $0.49

BigCommerce provides special credit card rates on Braintree which is way less than the other card providers as well as other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify & Wix. The credit card rate keeps declining from the standard plan to the Pro plan. These credit card rates look normal but they will haunt you once the sales value increases. That’s why we highly recommend Bigcommerce when you care about transaction charge

When to shift to the next plan to save money on Transaction plans

If your store makes over <$25000/month use Standard Plan,

If your store makes $25000/month<Sales>$146,280/month use Pro Plan (Because even if you pay $50/month more for the Pro plan, you can save much more money on its lower transaction fees as revenue is bigger than 25k)

If your store makes >$146280/month use Plus Plan

8. Save $50/month + 30% Off on Customer Groups and Segmentation

BigCommerce Customer groups and Segmentation starts from the pro plan ($79). This feature lets you segment customers based on avg value, products, promotion conversion, etc. You can access this feature on the $29 plan itself through apps like Ominsend, Klaviyo, Privy, etc. Bigcommerce provides 30% off for 12 months on Omnisend Marketing Automation

9. Save on Multi-Channel integration

BigCommerce provides lots of offers on multi-channel integrations service providers.

CedCommerce is a cart plugin to connect other marketplaces like Amazon,eBay, wish, etc with eCommerce stores and automates syncing products, prices, inventory, and orders.

  • Get a 30-day free trial with CedCommerce to connect with the marketplace
  • 50% off on CedCommerc’s annual plan for connecting more than 2 channels like Etsy, Walmart, bonanza, etc
Bigcommerce CED commerce Integration

Codisto another cart plugin connects marketplace Amazon, and eBay with eCommerce stores.

  • Bigcommerce offers 90 days free plan with a co-distro.
BigCommerce Codisto

10. Save on Apps

The BigCommerce app store has over 1000+ apps, it will provide a list of free and paid apps, here every app provides a trial period and may also have a free plan. So you can test it before Continuing with the paid plan, also some apps are free forever.

Visit BigCommerce apps

BigCommerce apps

If you see Free, then the plan is “FreeForever Free, IF you see “Free trial“, then the trial will be 30 days to 90 days.

11. Save with Plan Credit and Cancellation

If you were to select the Standard plan($29/mo) at first and pay the full amount then be willing to move to the Plus plan($79) a credit would not be provided. Instead, you would be charged the difference between the two plans($79/mo – $29/mo = $50/mo). That means that you would take the total for the Plus plan and subtract the cost of the Standard plan to determine what the amount would be for the annual as well as a monthly plan. 

If you want to downgrade from plus to the standard plan then you need to talk to the support team and if your yearly sales value falls below the cap limit then they might consider downgrading.

Note: If you want to cancel the subscriptions with Bigcommerce you have to inform them 2 days before the plan term ends are else they would charge your next billing period.