3DCart Review 2020 – General & Technical Tests (With Proofs)

3dcart logo
3dcart logo

Our 3dcart review will help you to make a better decision for your eCommerce solution. We reviewed, highlighted key points, pros & cons and everything about 3dcart

3dcart founded in 1997. It is not a newcomer. The company has already got a long eCommerce business exposure.

3dcart is not just an online store website builder but it is one of the rare eCommerce platforms that provides everything in one place.

Let’s take a look at a few important things about any eCommerce website builders and platforms that you should know before you buy the plans.

3Dcart – Is It a Good Company?

More than 25,000 merchants are already running their eCommerce using 3dcart. You can see 3dcart Clients here

It is a huge company. 3dcart website traffic is increasing every year. Here is the 3dcart website traffic data.

3dcart website traffic stats
total visits of 3d cart website from past 6 month

From the above data, we can conclude the 3dcart website is getting substantial constant traffic every month. 3dcart website got nearly 200k visits in October 2019.

Here is 3dcart website traffic by countries.

3dcart traffic by countries
3dcart traffic by countries

From the above data, you can see 3dcart is growing in all countries..! It is highly popular in the USA.

Here are some 3dcart customer’s review

3dcart reviews from its customers
3dcart reviews from its customers

How Easy Is 3d Cart?

3d cart is one of the most comfortable online store solutions with all in one e-commerce platform. Just you have to sign up for free.

You can edit your homepage or any page using a 3dcart page editor. You will get a dashboard. There you can access 100’s of settings and customization options.

3dcart page editor
3dcart page editor

In the page editor, you will get ready-made blocks. It will save your time to edit the page. For example, ready-made contact us block.

3dcart editor elements are bundled with all essential settings. You can edit each web element using the different easy settings. For example, the table element consists of background, colors, borders, and layout setting. Using this customization option, you can easily modify your table without any knowledge.

3dcart table style settings
3dcart table style settings

Here is the 3dcart product overview page. You can display your product similar to Amazon.

3dcart product sale preview
3dcart product sale preview

Within the product, you can set up for different variations like color, size, quantity etc.

3dcart Security

Let’s take a 3dcart customer website. I selected a random 3dcart customer’s site – harrysarmysurplus.net

If you inspect, you can see it is using 3dcart that I showed in the screenshot below.

3dcart example website review
3dcart customer example website

Now let’s check its security.

3dcart example website security test
3dcart example website security test

3dcart website provides all the latest security technologies like dedicated SSL certificate, PCI compliance, DDoS defense, Layered measures & Dedicated eCommerce expert for you.

Can You Easily Manage Your Online Store on 3dcart?

You can easily manage your store on 3dcart.

3dcart dashboard
3dcart dashboard

you will get all the information and setting on the 3dcart dashboard. You don’t need any technical skills, but you may need at least 1 week to understand how it works. You get a lot of video tutorials

3dcart product dynamic editing fields
3dcart product dynamic editing fields

3dcart Store Design & Templates

3dcart themes, templates and styles
3dcart themes

Do all 3dcart templates are mobile friendly? Let’s check.

Here I selected a random template.

3dcart template
3dcart template example

Now Let’s check its responsiveness using Google’s mobile-friendly test.

3dcart template mobile friendly test
3dcart template mobile friendly test

According to the Google test, 3dcart templates are mobile-friendly.

Do 3dcart templates develop with the latest technology?

Website speed increases conversion rate and also it determined how well the website developed. So Let’s see the 3dcart template speed.

3dcart website speed test
3dcart website speed test

From the above web page performance test, we can conclude 3dcart templated loads faster.

Google gives more importance to well-represented markup data. Let’s check whether 3dcart store templates automatically make your

3dcart Features

Can You Able To Run The Latest Marketing Automation Tools?

3dcart offers you a lot of marketing tools. You can get it from your Dashboard. If you click the “marketing checklist” menu, then you will see 54 marketing checklist for your online store..! You don’t need to hire an online marketing expert. They don’t just give you checklists, But the real tools that help and automate to complete all the checklists..!

3dcart marketing checklist
3dcart marketing checklist

3dcart checklist included creating an automatic promotion,  showing customers your website is secure, creating, tracking daily visitors, setting up Google webmaster tools,  Running different types of discounts, Live chat and support system etc.

3dcart SEO

3dcart offers you a separate tab to various kinds of SEO settings

3dcart SEO tools
3dcart SEO tools

I selected a random 3dcart store theme to test whether the template codes are optimize for Google structural data markup. I picked the Logan theme and opened a product page.

3dcart store product example to test SEO markup data
3dcart store product example to examine SEO markup data

It will show you related products, reviews, details and you can choose product size, color, quantity, discount and other things just like Amazon. But we don’t know its backend codes.

Now Let’s check its structural markup data inside the code.

3dcart product page SEO Google structual markup data test showed zero errors and 2 warnings
3dcart product page SEO Google structural markup data test

From the above analysis, we can conclude there are no errors, but we found 2 warnings in the product line. Let’s see what the warnings are.

3dcart SEO Google markup data test showed zero errors and 2 warnings
3dcart SEO Google markup data test

In the above the fold, everything is perfect. All the data put in the best way as Google’s recommendations. Google loves this type of data arrangement. You don’t see any errors or warnings here. So let’s dig even more to find out those two warnings.

3dcart template SEO Google markup data test showed brand value is missing
3dcart template SEO Google structural markup data test
3dcart SEO Google markup data test showed the brand value is missing, but you can add your brand. This is not an error, just warning that you need to add your brand.

Yup, we found the warning is missing brand name. It is not an error, but just a warning. You need to put your brand name. That’s it. I tested using 3dcart store themes. On that theme product page, the brand name is not mentioned. It is not the theme code error or SEO tools error or warnings.

Our final word: 3dcart SEO in Google structural data markup is 100% optimized. There are no errors and no warnings.

3dcart total SEO system gives you the power to rank higher on Google within a very little time.

Payment system.

3dcart offers a comprehensive payment system. More than 100 payment gateway, All the major payment integrations and support.

3dcart payment related things
3dcart payment related things

You can add almost any type of payment system available in the world. All the major payment gateways are included.

3dcart Support

3dcart provides you instant chat support on every page. So that you can easily ask whatever questions you want.

While you are signing up, you can check the box “Would you like to be contacted by an eCommerce specialist?”.

3dcart ecommerce specialist
3dcart eCommerce specialist

Later you get a call from an eCommerce specialist from 3dcart. He can guide you with everything if you are a beginner or don’t have any knowledge.

3dcar customer support is available for 24X7.  So it doesn’t matter where you live or when you want help, Always you get a quick response from 3dcart customer care.

3dcart customer support
3dcart customer support

In the 3dcar support page, you can get 100’s of articles, videos, and support resources.

3dcart support resources included guides, videos, manuals,
3dcart support resources included guides, videos, manuals

If you don’t get the answer from the above resources, then you can chat with them. Every page, you see a support chat. However, if you want to communicate via email, then you can shoot an email to support@3dcart.com  or sales@3dcart.com


I liked the 3dcart because of the following reasons

  1. 3dcart is a big reputed company and friendly support team that I can trust.
  2. Already 25k eCommerce website running on 3dcart. So that I can get community support and I can believe my business on 3dcart.
  3. The pricing and plans are really impressive. I can start from $11 per month with almost all features. This is a huge advantage if you compare it with other competitors like Shopify.
  4. 3dcart security is enough to protect my website from viruses and hackers.
  5. It included 100’s of payment gateways and easy payment integration.
  6. So many modern effective free themes are available on 3dcart theme stores.  All themes are mobile-friendly and responsive to all devices and browsers.
  7. 3dcart customer’s website loads faster without any outdated code issues.
  8. Its website is getting good constant traffic.
  9. SEO optimized both inside the codes like google structural markup data as well as outside things that you can easily manage on your dashboard under the separate SEO tab with so many SEO tools to boost your web page ranking.
  10. 3dcart modules connect so many ready-made apps that help you to make amazing things on your website.
  11. The marketing tool is just amazing. Just follow its marketing checklists.

My Final Words:- 3dcart is one of the greatest eCommerce platforms with all in one solution from the online store website to advanced automated online marketing and everything. 100’s of payment gateways. 24X7 friendly support team. Surprisingly the plans are very cheap. I highly recommend 3dcart.

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